Sunday, 29 July 2018

How You Can End Weeds & Waste the Eco-Friendly Way!

Australia is famed for expansive gardens, backyards and unique plant life; however we all know that the maintenance of lush outdoor spaces and beautiful gardens can come at an economic and environmental cost. 

To help reduce single-use plastic in managing these outdoor spaces, gardening specialists, Nylex, are urging homeowners to switch to re-usable products when fertilizing, and managing pests and weeds. We all know how important the planet is to all of us and since almost every nation has a heavy reliance on plastic, there is an urgent need for every individual to consider their personal contribution to waste and landfill that could take thousands and thousands of years to break down. According to the ABC’s data, Australians are generating waste at twice the growth of our population every year. One of the largest contributors to this waste epidemic is single-use plastic items, including water bottles, straws and grocery bags, yet reducing the amount of plastic consumed is often easy to implement through small habitual changes.

According to the Product Manager at Nylex, ready-to-use weed and pest sprayers are notorious for being thrown in the bin after mere minutes of use, yet one bottle of concentrate lasts the equivalent of 32 on average single-use spray bottles – significantly decreasing the amount of plastic you throw away. These single-use sprayers also cost on average 76 per cent more than buying a good quality sprayer and concentrate, so in choosing an environmentally friendly option you also get more bang for your buck.

The same sprayers can also be easily washed and re-filled for different tasks. The beginning of spring is the best time to fertilize your fruits, as a good fertilizer should hold effect for up to four months, while winter is the best time to get rid of weeds to avoid them taking over in the warmer months.

Woody weeds like blackberries or vigorous vines such as ivy or lantana are tougher to remove, however, clever ergonomic design means serious gardeners can easily get the job done quickly. For example, the Nylex 16L Heavy Duty Sprayer can be worn like a backpack so garden enthusiast can easily cover large areas of tough vegetation in a single session.Alternatively, the Nylex 500ml Trigger Sprayer is ideal for spot maintenance of prized blooms and maintaining indoor plants.

Nylex sprayers are available nationwide at Bunnings Warehouse stores and all good garden and hardware retailers. 

So take a look at the Nylex website and think about how you too can reduce single use plastics in your garden!

Till next time... end weeds and waste the eco-friendly way!


About Nylex
Nylex watering products are the product of choice when looking for durability, reliability and affordability. From market leading anti-kink garden hoses to a multitude of watering accessories, Nylex has a product to cover all your watering needs. Every item in the Nylex range has been specifically designed to make watering a breeze and are sure to add beauty to every Australian garden. Visit their website to see the full range of products:

Monday, 16 July 2018

We're Open - 8 Tips for Moving Into a New Office!

Growth and expansion are critical components of any business plan. Business expansion means new opportunity, new staff members and often, new premises in which to fit them! It is a heady and exciting time but can also be costly. To avoid potential pitfalls and protect your investment, here are eight tips for moving offices successfully.

Office Design
Picking the right space is a crucial and critical step. The right office plan and design can motivate employees and increase productivity, creativity and collaboration. Office spaces also needs to be stylish and contemporary to create a formal but comfortable environment. Ergonomic furniture, plenty of natural light and a neutral and industrial colour scheme and accessories are all important elements of a good office design.
Secure the Premises
Securing your new office space is of paramount importance. Not only is there significant value to the equipment and infrastructure in your office space, but your intellectual assets are the heart of your business. It is a wise move to invest in a high-quality business security system. Many companies choose to combine door security and an office alarm with a card access system. This allows you to manage staff access throughout the building.

Prepare Your Staff
A happy employee is an engaged and productive employee. Studies have found that when staff enjoy being at work, they are 20% more productive! Some important considerations for employees include available parking and public transport, nearby facilities for coffee and lunch and the office interior. Consider introducing some plants, creating a comfortable chill out zone and making sure you have a welcoming lunch space to boost employee morale.

Update your OH&S Procedures
Protecting your staff in their new environment and ensuring that you are legally compliant is vital when relocating. Has an ergonomic assessment of the new workstations been completed? Do staff know where the emergency exits are and the location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits? It is probably worth scheduling a fire drill in the first week, so everyone feels confident about the new procedures. 

Set Up and Test Your New Systems
Downtime is costly for any company, so the last thing that you want is to get to the new premises and find that the phones or internet aren’t working! If possible, have them up and running a week beforehand and check the systems thoroughly so you can iron out any issues. 

Move Like a Well-Oiled Machine
Most companies will hire a professional moving company to carry out the move for them, but even so, a lot of work generally goes into the pack up and set up. It is worthwhile appointing a Relocation Coordinator to manage the project. They can check who will supply boxes and labels, what packing and prep need to be done prior, and all the small details that might get overlooked.

Set Up New Staff Access
If you are relocating because your business is growing, chances are you have new staff members joining the team. Remember to arrange both their physical office space and their computer set-up – do they have a login, an email, data security and access to any specific programs required for their role? Smooth and professional staff onboarding has a positive impact on the ongoing relationship with new employees, so start out on the right foot! 

Tell the World
Now you have all your relocation ducks in a row, make sure you communicate with your clients! It is worth giving them as much notice as possible, with several reminders just before the move. You can also communicate via social media. Make sure that your website is updated in a timely fashion and that you have new business cards printed and ready to go. 

With some careful planning and forethought, you can minimize disruption to your business and be fully operational in a new and chic location in no time.

Till next time... have a great start to the work week!

Friday, 13 July 2018

5 Table Styling Tips To Make You The Envy At Home & Online!

I recently invited my closest girlfriends over for a Christmas in July outdoor luncheon and as much as I love entertaining friends and family at our home, let’s face it – entertaining is no longer just about guests and food. It’s also about table settings, cutlery, place cards, decor, linen and of course instagramming your beautiful tablescapes. So, you want to make sure not only your food but your table settings really impress as well.

Corelle, known for their super durable, easy to stack yet stylish tempered glass dinnerware, have released three unique new designs, Modena, Dalena and Florentia – three unique styles to suit every foodie’s taste. With so much to choose from (Corelle has over 2000 patterns!), it can get difficult when it comes to picking dinner sets and table styling. So today we have Corelle’s Vice President of Global Design -Tania Aldous sharing her five key tips for choosing and styling your tableware.

Throw the rule book out
According to Tania Aldous, an industrial designer who grew up in Australia and now works in the US, it’s so much more fun mixing and matching patterns and shapes for casual dining.

Many patterns can be blended together on one table, or mixed with white ware. It is however always easier to start with a blank canvas- plain white table settings and then build using different shapes, squares and rounds on the one table. Bring in other patterns for bread and butter plates, serving bowls and accessories to create a visual feast.

Tania's top tip: Put two table settings together and mix with vintage finds of the same colour as the patterns for a truly unique tablescape!

Pick a theme, colour family or occasion
For a contemporary feel you may wish to choose a geometric design such as Corelle’s new look Modena, inspired by natural fractals and angular contemporary elements or a particular colour.

Modena’s geometric design paired with soft pink or peach colours and natural materials such as linen to juxtapose the angular lines with softer elements creates a luxurious Scandinavian feel.

Tania's top tip: It’s easy to mix and match when you have a theme in mind, then other accessories can be added such as complementary serviettes or glassware.

Invest in different tablecloths or table runners
According to Tania, a long centre table runner of brown paper, or even colourful wrapping paper can be used to set the mood of the table for a special themed dinner. It can also be rolled up later and recycled.

Corelle’s Florentia design is inspired by travels through Spain with its classic navy colours and is perfectly paired with strong, bright coloured tablecloths and contrasting serviettes, or it can bring sophistication to outdoor dining when the setting is paired with washed natural linens, oversized Sangria pitchers and weathered cutlery.

Choose an unusual centre piece
You can use something from another part of the house or even use holiday travel souvenirs and build a setting around them for a special occasion.

Tania's top tip: Travel finds paired with vintage silverware can become conversation starters for beautiful meals shared with friends.

Say it with flowers
Flowers are always the perfect accessory to dress a table, even a simple garden posy makes a meal special.
Corelle’s Dalena pattern was inspired by a trend called “Ethereal”, a dreamlike, watery floral on a contemporary shape. Since Corelle's always exploring new ways to capture floral beauty, this design celebrates the mystery of flowers in ever popular blues and aqua colours.

Tania's top tip: Use succulents as table decorations for their subtle colour and intriguing shapes or you can just choose tableware with a floral pattern.
I hope theses 5 styling tips inspire you to craete a table setting that will make you the envy of every guest  at your party and also of those on social media! If you do use any of our tips, please tag us by using #lmjtableenvy.

The new Corelle dinnerware designs are available through Big W nationally. The Modena 16-piece dinner set is priced at RRP $59, Dalena 16-piece dinner set at RRP $89 and Florentia 16-piece dinner set RRP $59.*

Till next time... do share your tablescaping tips with us and have a wonderful weekend!


Ultra-durable, ultra-light Corelle dishware made its pioneering debut in the kitchen in the early 1970s. For more than four decades, inspired cooks have been using it to make a statement about how much they care about the people they serve — even when it’s a Tuesday night dinner at home.

Corning recognised the practical qualities of Vitrelle glass when they created the Corelle brand — its light weight and combination of thinness and strength were sure to be appreciated by households. Yes, it’s durable, but Corelle dinnerware has earned a reputation as a premium product because of its in-touch style and design. For more information, please go to

*Some individual plates and bowls sold separately

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Starting Your Day Off On the Right Foot!

Wake-up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work, repeat; everybody has their own morning routine. Whether they get up straight away as soon as that alarm goes off, or they hit snooze and fit a small nap in, each person is aware of what they have planned that morning. With that said, what about if you're not quite feeling up to it? You may plan to wake up at 6:30 am and have a healthy breakfast, but find yourself rushing through the McDonald’s drive through after waking up two hours late, sleepy and tired. But how can waking-up feeling awful be fixed? Isn’t it just a consequence that comes along with sleeping? Here are a few ways in which you can pump-up your pre-morning ritual to result in a better morning and a fantastic day!

A Comfy Bed and Bedding!
You can’t possibly expect sleeping on your parents old mattress that's been in storage for five years or an old lumpy one to result in a relaxed spine and muscles ready to power through the day. If you're really expecting to wake up in a comfy bed with your body feeling like its been treated well, you need a bed with sheets that are comfortable and soft, as well as keeping you at the optimal temperature.

For a comfortable sleep, it's necessary to have a quality mattress, soft sheets and a quilt with amazing insulation and temperature control, such as goose down quilts. Using these quality quilts will ensure a comfortable sleep that's mandatory for the perfect start to a long work day.

Keep Those Electronics Away
Reading or using LED screens before bed can have major effects on your ability to fall asleep, which results in being tired the following morning.

You should try limiting the time you spend on your devices to a minimum of at least 45 minutes before bed. That way, the blue light emitted from electronic devices that keeps you from sleeping won’t affect you, and you can finally get to sleep at the desired time. 

Warm Shower before Bedtime
Although you may enjoy a nice refreshing shower in the morning to wake you up and get you ready for a stressful day at work, showering the night before may be essential to keep you from allergies and ensure a good night's rest. After a day out your clothes, hair and face become covered in dust and pollen particles and just because you can’t see them, doesn't mean they're not there. To make sure you're not inhaling these allergens during the night, and to avoid waking up with itchy red eyes and a stuffy nose, shower at night to get the micro-particles causing allergic reactions off your skin and out of your hair.

Exercise Before Bed
Many people like to have a session of yoga, pilates, cardio, stretching and exercising to feel refreshed early in the morning, but you could also do the opposite. Instead of using exercise as a way of waking yourself up, how about using it to have a better night's sleep?

It has been found in the past that people who exercise an hour before bedtime, sleep better than those who don't. More that three-fourths of exercisers said their sleep quality was either fairly good or very good. Those who exercise vigorously report sleeping the best, and are less likely to have sleep problems, whereas 44% of non-exercisers showed a moderate risk for sleep apnea. A spot of meditation or light yoga before bedtime is also a great way to relax tired muscles and promote sleep.

Waking-up in the morning is never fun for anyone, but you don't have to suffer from a bad night's sleep. Hope these tips were useful! Do you follow any daily night time rituals to wake up feeling energised and ready to take on the world? Do share with us in the comments below.

Till next time... have a great sleep and a wonderful day!


Sunday, 1 July 2018

How To Personalise Your Walls To Showcase Your Creative Side

Are you bored with your walls? Are you thinking of personalising your walls? Well, there are innumerable ways of adorning the walls of your home that are creative and unique and will often create a beautiful feature. Let's have a look at some of the different ways you can get creative with boring ol' walls!

Hang plants on your walls
Are you a lover of greenery? Hang a bunch of potted plants on your walls so that you can wake up feeling refresh. Imagine a green wall in the corner of your bedroom to create a secret oasis or a modern feature wall.

Attach your bookshelf to the wall
Are you a bookworm? Do you have an extensive collection of books collecting dust somewhere? In that case, you can attach a bookshelf to your wall. Sort by the colour of the spine or cover the books with ombre coloured or brown paper to create a feature wall and visual interest.

Obsessed with nature
Do you often receive flowers? Do you throw them away when they dry up? Then maybe think about framing some pretty ones or hanging bunches of dry flowers up on your walls to create an unique nature art gallery. 

Wall of memories
Hang your precious memories up on the wall to create a truly one of a kind feature wall. Frame them for a more structured trendy look or keep them unframed for a boho chic vibe. You can also get creative with custom printed fabric, to use as matting when framing the photos and upholster a single piece of furniture or hang curtains in a similar print to create a seamless flow of design in the room.

Wall of antiques
Are you someone who loves collecting antiques? Showcase your collection of vintage mirrors or vintage art in gilded antique frames by hanging them up on the same wall or group sculptures on shelves. Showcase your treasured antique collection and complement with good mood lighting. Match them with some creative chandeliers to create an unforgettable interior space!

3D wall murals 
3D wall murals is a great way to adorn your walls. You can always hire a painter to get it done for you. Decorate your walls with a landscape of mountains or perhaps the beach or maybe a misty forest. Instead of getting a mural painted on your wall, you could also opt to buy a wall mural of your choice online. This is one of the trendiest wall décor options currently!

So get started and showcase your creative, artistic side and personalise your walls! What are some of your favourite ways to decorate boring walls? Share with us in the comments below.

Till next time... have a lovely day!


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Styling A Christmas In July Soirée With Corelle & A Festive Giveaway!

Every year I organise an intimate Christmas in July luncheon with my close friends and this year is no different; except this year to celebrate the onset of the winter season, I'm also doing a special giveaway! But more about that later.Anyone who knows me, knows how much I like to style and set my table! This year I've partnered with Corelle and I have to say it's made me rather nostalgic! My parents have used Corelle dinner sets for as long as I can remember! As kids, my sister and I used to eat breakfast cereal out of Corelle bowls every morning and I have followed the tradition with my daughter as well. So needless to say I was thrilled and proud to collaborate with an amazing brand that has been around since the early 70s!I'll let you in on a little secret. The reason why, my mother was so nonchalant about two little tomboys in pigtails using her pretty plates and bowls is because Corelle is ultra-durable, ultra-light and chip and break resistant! Yes that's right - Corelle is resistant to breaking, chipping, scratching and staining! Complete peace of mind if you have young children or a clumsy partner (like me!)!!!It’s the revolutionary material that its made of, a special three-layer glass laminate called Vitrelle glass, that makes it light and strong. It's also not a clunky material but super thin and delicate, which makes it easy and effortless to transition from the everyday family dinner table to a sophisticated dinner party!Other than looking stylish and beautiful, it is also extremely convenient to use with it being microwave, pre-heated oven, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe. That makes it so much easier to use in today's busy, almost multitasking lifestyle!To create a simple yet effective tablescape, I prefer white sets as I feel it's easy to mix and match with different decor and design styles and various holiday and special occasion themes. To style my Christmas in July luncheon table, I used the square set in Pure White from Corelle. This 16 piece dinner set has sleek squared shapes with rounded corners and flared rims to fuse perfectly with the traditional rounded inside making it sophisticated to suit a myriad of occasions and effortless to style. Layered with fresh gum tree leaves as a centrepiece, matte gold placemats, linen dinner napkins, brushed gold cutlery and a tapered dinner candle, laying a simple, natural yet really pretty festive table was quick and easy! And now for the AMAZING giveaway that I'm super excited about... I've collaborated with Corelle to give away a gorgeous and ultra chic 16 piece dinner set in the pure white style (as shown in my photos) and a stylish and very useful serving tray to one lucky winner!

You can enter this awesome giveaway HERE!

The Pure White 16 Piece Dinner Set includes: 4 dinner plates, 4 entrée plates, 4 soup/cereal bowls, 4 white porcelain mugs and Corelle have also included a bonus serving tray in the similar stye (as you can see in my photos) to complete your festive table!

Entries close on Monday 2nd July at 11:59 AEST and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 3rd July on my instagram account. (So make sure you follow along!) The giveaway is open to all Australian residents over 18 years of age. Good Luck!!!🤞🏼For those wanting to check out these beautiful plates, bowls and platters, Corelle has a range of gorgeous designs and patterns available through Big W stores in Australia.

Do you celebrate Christmas in July? What is your favourite way to set up or style your festive table? Any special tips? Do share with us in the comments below!

Till next time... it's time to plan your Christmas in July soirée!


This giveaway is in collaboration with Corelle. As always, all design choices, thoughts and opinions are all mine and genuine and I only ever work with brands that I love and I think you will too.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

5 Signs It’s Time To Redecorate!

Your home should be the one place that makes you happy. Spending time at home; amidst all your personal and treasured belongings, various decorations and furniture ought to bring a smile to your face. Other than providing shelter for you and your loved ones, your home should give you a sense of pride.

Keeping the original design, you liked for your humble abode years ago may not be an option anymore, especially if it no longer makes you feel happy. If you like the look of your friends or relatives homes but not your own then you know there is something wrong.

A surefire way of knowing things are due for a change is when you’re left wondering how your home would look if more current design themes were applied. Your current design might have been all the rage before, but it may be high time for an update when you experience any or all of the following signs. Today we're chatting with guest contributor Emma who shares her top five telltale signs that it's definitely time to redecorate!

Too Plain
Living in a house that has had the same colour since you first moved in can be tedious. More so, if all the walls are the same tone of white or beige. Sure an all-white backdrop for your home may look clean and fresh for a while but having the same tone throughout the home for years can also be tedious and boring especially if you are into what’s hip, contemporary or trendy.

In case any of the above statements are true for you then it may be time to personalise the colours of the walls in your home. Choose colour tones that you enjoy looking at and can see yourself being happy with for the next seven or eight years.

Keeping the paint outside your home looking good is also important. If the exterior paint of your home looks faded or some areas look worn, then it is time for a fresh coat of paint. In case you see bubbles in the paint of your home that usually indicates a problem with the sealant.

The sealant may have already worn out which will cause moisture and the elements to get into the material of your home. These will eventually end up damaging your property, so a new coat of paint and sealant are essential to shield your property from the harsh elements. 

Worn-out Furniture
When was the last time you bought a new sofa set or a dining set? You can still repair your leather couch if it is peeling or has a tear or two or maybe even reupholster your fabric lounge to give it a fresh facelift or relocate it to your garage, TV room or even the guest room.

In case your home is filled with pieces of furniture that follow no particular theme then it might be a good idea to have a garage sale and buy some new furniture that complements your current style and design.

Once you’ve bought new furniture, make sure you look after it to keep it in great condition for as long as possible! Completely re-furnishing your whole house will be costly, so the longer each piece lasts, the better.

Happy Factor
Being at home should always make you feel comfortable and happy. Each decoration piece should make you feel joy and proud to have them showcased in your house.

If something no longer makes you happy then sell it on eBay or Gumtree, give it away or donate it. In case you cannot bear the thought of losing a particular item from your past then store it somewhere safe or perhaps upcycle it.

Choose a design theme that you know will make you happy or at least keep you content for the next decade or so. Take your time when selecting the best idea to incorporate into your home. Redecorating is a big decision which will be a part of your life for a while, so don’t rush it.

If for some reason you are not sure of the design you want, to try to picture your home with the various themes in place. It’s also a good idea to get the opinion of your partner or the input of close friends and family before you take a hammer to the wall!

Behind the times
When was the last time you redecorated your home? Maybe you never really decorated your place when you first moved in and just unpacked everything you had. In case you did decorate your place to represent what was trendy a long time ago, it may be time for an update.

Most people redecorate their home every seven or eight years. Even that may be stretching it; seven years is already an awfully long time to stare at the same design theme. If your Pinterest board looks nothing like your home, then that is a sure sign to start redecorating!

Lifestyle changes
Making design changes based on how you live your life is critical as well. For example, If you had a playroom for the kids five years ago, but now they are teenagers, then you hardly need that playroom anymore. You can convert the playroom into a home office, or even turn it into a home gym. Your needs change with your lifestyle and your home will also need to reflect and complement those changes.

Having your home stuck in old decor can be draining. There are many reasons to get your home decor updated. Take a moment to reflect if any of the above signs are true for you. If one or more is true for you, then it is time to redecorate your home.

Choose a colour palette that you and your family will enjoy. Keep it neutral and add pops of colour and visual interest with unique decor accessories and indoor plants. More importantly, choose furniture, decorations and a design theme that makes you happy!

Till next time... it's time to redecorate!


About the Author
Emma is a part-time property developer who loves sharing how others can make their homes amazing both inside and out on her blog Fixtures and Flowers. You can chat to Emma on Twitter.
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