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How To Breathe New Life Into Your Backyard

When you’re bored with your backyard it becomes easy to overlook the fact that it can be one of the most social or relaxing spaces in your home. Dinner parties, lazy afternoons reading, sunbathing or gardening to grow fresh food are just some of the many benefits to having a backyard. Not to mention, if you have a family, the backyard can be the setting of countless cherished memories as you watch your children play and grow.

Updating your backyard doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Here are a few simple ideas put together by our guest contributor Kayla to breathe new life back into your garden!

Lively lighting
The easiest way to give your backyard an entirely new feel is to play with the lighting. Sure, you can enjoy the sun all day, but at twilight or night, a little mood lighting can go a long way. Garden lights, whether soft hanging lights or functional illuminating lights, set the tone for your backyard after dark. Hang decorative string lights for a more romantic or festive mood or a feature light for a swoonworthy designer look. For safety and functional purposes use overhead or ground lighting to illuminate your backyard for night time entertaining and fun.

Go green
Some strategic gardening can turn your backyard into an enchanting and functional space. Whether you choose a vertical garden on a deck, a few hanging plants or an entire garden bed, plants will add new life to your outdoor area. Grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs or vines to cover your yard in greenery. Moreover you’ll have the added benefit of fresh greenery, whether as a centrepiece bouquet or as a meal for your table! 

Refurbished floor
Give your backyard a facelift (or a foot lift) by changing up the flooring. If you already have a deck, add a patterned rug on top of it. If your yard is just grass, try building a deck for outdoor entertaining. Is your yard not so much a yard as it is a courtyard? Lay down some fake grass for a fresh, outdoorsy upgrade in the midst of city living or pave a part of the lawn with some rustic bricks for a provincial country appeal. A new surface under your feet will completely change the look and feel of your outdoor space! 

A cozy corner
Lounging in the sun, reading in a hammock and drinking a cocktail doesn’t have to just be reserved for vacations. Set up your own backyard retreat by choosing a relaxing corner of your yard to hang a hammock. You’ll be able to have your own little getaway, any time you want! All you have left to do is find someone to bring you those cocktails...!

Bold and bright
Generally, the colour scheme in a backyard can be pretty limited to greens and browns. Add some strategic colour to your backyard upgrade. Colourful accent pieces add bold and bright texture to your landscape. Add colour with furniture, cushions, hanging lights, sun umbrellas, flower beds and various decorative pieces. Pops of colour make your backyard feel festive, and you won’t even have to decorate for those summer barbecues

Stepping stones
Do you feel like your backyard is just a bland patch of grass? Is keeping all that grass fresh and watered a nightmare? Add a stone patio or pathway to your yard! Stone will break up your yard in an interesting way, especially combined with a few gardening features, making you feel like you have your own little private park. Also replacing grass with stone will keep your water bill down and help the environment as you won’t have to waste as much water trying to keep your grass green. 

These are some fantastic and easy DIY tips to upgrade your backyard design from just functional to designer worthy in just one weekend! So don’t let your backyard continue to bore you with mundane practicality. With a few simple upgrades and style tweaks, your backyard can become a functional yet elegant retreat you won’t want to leave! 

Till next time... create a stylish oasis in your backyard!


About the Author
Kayla is a versatile content writer with a penchant for the world of digital marketing. With work spanning a variety of fields and businesses spanning across Australia, Kayla is always looking for something new to get excited about.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Elie's Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 Scooter

With our daughter Elie literally running before she could even walk, we knew that we would have to get her a scooter or a balance bike before long. We got the Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 Scooter for Elie for Christmas. And since our return from our overseas trip earlier this year, we've used it every weekend to ride to the park and back and Elie absolutely loves it!
This stylish scooter is really compact and weighs only 3.7 kgs, which is like carrying air especially after carrying a toddler in your arms all day long! The supports on the front wheel is mounted on ball bearings making it easy for us to steer Elie along the bike path, park or the beach.

I guess our foremost concern like all other parents was safety when we were steering the Globber Scooter or when Elie learns to ride it herself. The Globber Scooter has a rear brake which allows for quick and smooth braking and the handlebar grips are made from a very durable material making them comfortable for us to hold and steer Elie. The Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 Scooter has a low centre of gravity making it very stable and is less tiring on longer rides. 

Our other concern was getting a scooter that would last for the next 4 years at least. The Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 scooter easily converts to an age appropriate scooter starting from 12 months to 6 years! The height adjustable T-BAR handlebar can be adjusted to 3 height positions as Elie grows. How great is that! Total value for money!

I was also worried about Elie learning to ride a scooter or a trike or bike and actually enjoying the learning and riding experience. I was happy that the Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 Scooter was so easy for Elie to get started on. The scooter has a steering lock button on the front for safe and simple handling to make learning to ride as a bike or a scooter so much easier.The Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 can be switched from a push bike into a scooter in literally a few seconds! For all the details on the 5 stages have a look on their website. The Globber scooter is available in 3 colours - Dark Blue, Green and Pink. We chose the green only because its gender neutral and in the future if Elie has a brother, it would suit the little bubba too! If you think your toddler would love one for his or her birthday or Christmas, here is the link - Globber My FREE 5-in-1 ScooterTill next time...scooty on!



This post was created in collaboration with Globber. A big thank you to Globber for sponsoring the awesome Globber MyFREE 5-in-1 Scooter. As always, all design choices, words, thoughts and opinions are all mine and genuine and I only ever work with brands that I love and I think you will too. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Also a big thank you to Blue Canary Photography, for the wonderful and detailed photos. To see more of Blue Canary Photography on Instagram, please click here.

Renovation Revival - 5 Ways to Modernise Your Home

We all want a home that we can be proud of; a little kingdom which never fails to elicit a smile when we return at the end of a long day. It is always nice if you can add a bit of extra value too, even if comfort and warmth are your top priorities.

However, it is surprisingly easy for well-worn interiors to start showing their age and looking shabby, no matter how much love you give them. When this happens, it is time to usher in some positive change. The good news is that you do not have to be a DIY hobbyist to get that sparkle back.

Keep reading for some simple and easy ways to reinvigorate and spruce up tired interiors for a fresh new look that our guest contributor Noelle has compiled for you.

Create the illusion of space
According to property experts, open plan living is very popular right now. Families are not looking for formal dining areas and separate lounges. They want fluid, seamless interiors which encourage shared time and communal activities. The best part about this is that you can fake it without any DIY. All you have to do is strip things back and try minimal décor. Use subtle, soft colours to create flow, join rooms and focus on one or two key pieces rather than having lots of furniture. Also having similar styles of furniture flowing from one room to another helps to create that sense of fluidity and fakes open plan living even if you have walls.

Update the cabinetry
Nothing dates kitchens and bathrooms faster than chipped, worn, or outdated pulls and knobs. It costs so little to replace them too, so there’s no excuse not to liven the place up with some fresh details. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it can make to the look and feel of interior spaces. Don’t be afraid to opt for something quirky. Big brass drawer pulls are magnificent when paired with unique tiling, faucets and other unusual features. Or go for an updated seamless sleek look by filling the drawer holes on the cabinet doors with wood putty, installing soft close pulls inside the doors and paint them to camouflage the holes.

Reinvigorate the bathroom
Generally, the most value can be added to the bathroom. This is where prospective buyers look for those little touches that make it all worthwhile. Think powerful, but affordable changes like a broad, rainfall shower head, a dramatically lit vanity table, and plenty of sleek, multipurpose storage solutions. Some impactful changes are swapping your shower curtain for a clear, transparent pane, fresh paint, feature tiles, complementary bath accessories and some greenery in pretty pots. Implementing any one or two of these changes will make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom!

Transform your entry
It does not take much to revive the entranceway or porch because it is usually quite a small space. Nevertheless, it can really benefit from a fresh coat of paint or removable wallpaper and some carefully selected items. Instead of making furniture an afterthought here, look for a distinctive,  striking pieces. It is quite easy to find unusual hat stands, mirrors, coat racks, and shoe holders if you browse local flea markets and second-hand stores.

Invest in outdoor blinds
One common mistake which homeowners make is to focus entirely on the inside and disregard exterior spaces. In fact, interior designers love finding ways to integrate the two, so that homes feel spacious and the garden is appreciated. All weather blinds are a stylish way to do this because they create a protected, enclosed area which can be utilised as an extra room, sunroom, conservatory or patio.

Let the hard enhance the soft
If you have big, bulky furniture then team it with soft velvets or minimalist accessories. Pair bright colours with subtle ones. Good design is all about balance, and you can achieve it without having to learn how to use a power drill or replacing all your furniture.

Modern décor is what you make it
With rising popularity of vintage furniture and up-cycling, the divide between old and new has become rather blurred. It is possible to combine different styles in one interior space - modern bohemian, coastal Scandinavian, contemporary french provincial, the list goes on. Just remember the secret is in the balance!

As compiled by Noelle, this list of 5 inspiring ways to modernise your home shows that creating a modern and fresh look does not have to be expensive. Update, streamline and adopt a few modern styles to refresh your home and renovate without picking up the power drill or breaking down structural walls.

Till next time... modernise your home with a renovation revival!

About the Author
Noelle is a freelance interior design writer working for a variety of digital marketing agencies across Australia. Currently travelling the world, she is constantly on the lookout for inspiration and new animals to pet.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Breaking Down the Kitchen Renovation Journey!

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? You’re in the right place!

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re utterly obsessed with renovations and kitchen designs. If the huge number of viewers for shows like House Rules and Reno Rumble are anything to go by, our passion for revamping our homes and our lives isn’t set to dwindle any time soon.

Yet, when it comes to something like a kitchen renovation, you cannot assume that just because you’ve watched every episode of the last season of The Block that you’re going to be able to revamp your kitchen. With that said, we would like to help you get one step closer to kitchen renovation success, so our guest contributor Rebecca along with the legends at Brentwood Kitchens, leaders in kitchen design has put together a few fundamental tips for you.

When you invest the time in learning how to renovate your kitchen properly you’ll enjoy being able to get maximum impact for minimum spend - and you’ll enjoy the investment you make for years to come. Take a look at these simple tips and before you know it you too will have a kitchen you’re proud to call your own.

Design with use in mind
You have to think about your kitchen, not just as a new work of art and a wonderful place for you and your family to spend time, but as the heart and soul of your home. Think about the way in which you are going to be using your kitchen and consider what you need to maximise.

Perhaps you have always wanted a butler’s pantry, or you really want a marble bench top or a herringbone splashback.

Maybe you’re keen on having an indoor-outdoor space where you can grow a kitchen garden, or maybe you just want a nice big bench top for all of your prep and entertaining. Whatever it is that your heart desires, you only have one chance to get it right.

Make sure the time spent planning is time spent wisely. You want to cover all bases, and that means fixtures, finishes, wood types, handles, flooring, cabinetry and anything else that you can think of. When you consult with an expert like the experts from Brentwood you can draw on their experience without having to wonder if you’ve missed anything!
Get started
Okay, you got the plans? Great! Looked at all the kitchen inspo you can? Wonderful! It’s time to start ripping out your old kitchen!

Whether you want to get in there with a sledgehammer, or painstakingly remove the fixture and fittings is up to you - Just make sure you have figured all of this out, and thought about how you’re going to dispose of the old kitchen.

Think about cooking
Don’t forget - while you’re renovating your kitchen you’re going to be missing something: a kitchen!

Make sure you’re friendly with your local pizzeria; it helps to have a barbecue or some other kind of safe cooking set up to feed yourself while the renovation is going on.

Install your new kitchen
Time to get the new cupboards, paint, sink, dishwasher, cooker, hob and anything else you could possibly want in your new dream kitchen! Enjoy the process and put up with the sawdust for a bit longer because it’s almost over!
The final flourishes
When you’re putting the lights in and doing the final touch-ups of paint you know things are basically done!

Sit back and enjoy the hard work that your kitchen design company (and you) have done in planning and executing this amazing new kitchen of yours.

Kitchen renovation is one of the most exciting things you can do to improve your home, not to mention one of the most financially clever ways to improve house value, as well.

Have you undertaken a kitchen renovation recently? Or are you planning one? Share your experience or your must haves with us.

Till next time... start planning your dream kitchen!


About the Author
Rebecca is a writer living in Melbourne with expertise in creating witty, insightful and engaging content. Her articles have been published widely and she is a prolific contributor on social media platforms.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Skip Bin Placement: Renovating, Decluttering or Building

When renovating, building or decluttering, removing construction material, household junk, white goods, old furniture and items that need to be recycled, green waste or office clean-ups, it is always advisable to hire skip bins.

If you live in Brisbane, there is a good chance that you have hired a skip bins Brisbane Southside service at some point of time. It doesn’t matter if you are located in the southside or the north, you would have seen people using them. However, if this is your first time hiring skip bins, you probably have a few questions on your mind. You could be wondering about making the right choice in terms of skip size or you could be concerned about the right placement of skip bins. If the latter is your concern, our guest contributor Albert has a few options on placement of skip bins on your property.

Skip bins on your driveway
You can choose to place the skip bin on your driveway but it depends on two factors: the width of your driveway and the gate. This is relevant as the truck needs to be able to deliver and place the bin without causing any damage to your property. The size of the truck varies from one skip bin provider to the other. Remember to check before going ahead with your preference of skip bin placement.

Place them within your property
It is always advisable to have your skip bins placed within your own property. This way you avoid causing possible disruptions to the neighbours and also secure your bin from being used by someone else. You can ask the professional skip bin providers to suggest the best location where you can place the skip bin or you can look around your property and find the perfect spot.

Keep them in your yard
If there is sufficient space in your yard, you can consider placing the skip bins there. We wouldn’t recommend it if you have the habit of overloading your bins because it will affect your yard health. So do keep that in mind.

Keep them in the garage
In case you want to only dump the green waste, instead of skip bin, you can opt for skip bags and place them in your garage which helps in saving up space. Remember, it is only the green (biodegradable) waste that can be dumped in skip bags.

Place them on the street
In case you are unable to find the right spot within your property, you will need to place the skip bins on the street. In such situations, you will be required to obtain a permit.

These days, hiring a skip bin is common practice. Also, if it is the first time you are availing skip bin services, there is a good chance of confusion especially about the placement of the skip bins. Like we said, placing it within your property is the best option. In cases where it is not possible since sufficient space is not available, you can place them on the street.

Just remember, choose the right service provider, find the right spot for skip bin placement and do not overload your bins. 

Till next time... don't forget to hire a skip bin when renovating or decluttering!

About the Author
Albert Clamark is a summer-lover and he takes to the beach to whip up his marketing ideas. He is an experienced marketing expert with diverse marketing ideas on how to boost small scale industries in a short span of time. But he is also an avid blogger at heart!

6 Steps Towards the Perfect Bathroom

Most bathroom redesigns aim to turn your bathroom from a purely functional space to a relaxing escape where you can pamper yourself. While a beautifully designed bathroom can feel luxurious once it’s complete, it can be one of the more complex home renovations to undertake. This is because the initial consideration has to always be the plumbing as the main features of any bathroom will require pipes for the water to run through.

Are you thinking about a bathroom reno? Our guest contributor Emily, has compiled a list of things to do when redesigning your bathroom. 

Seek professional advice
First and foremost, seek proper and realistic plumbing advice and quotes. This will help you to create a workable and practical floor plan and bathroom layout and also give you an idea of what a realistic budget for a mini renovation or a complete overhaul would be. Once you’ve gone through the process of finding a reputable plumber in Melbourne, you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect bathroom! 

Make a plan
Planning the layout of your bathroom is the very next step in a redesign. You might not have a lot to work with if you don’t want to pay the expensive costs of re-routing all of the pipes, but ultimately you should do what you can to get the layout that you want. If you are limited by layout, you can play with the size of the sink and the shower to make the floor plan feel different. A smaller sink or glass shower will open up the room, making it feel bigger. Consult with a plumber and a builder to get an idea of what your options are. Once you’ve nailed down your layout, it’s time to start selecting your features! 

Select your sink
When it comes to choosing a sink, you will need to consider who uses the bathroom and what your habits are. If you’re renovating a powder room mostly used by guests, you might want a more decorative sink. If the bathroom will be shared by all of your kids, you might want a decent amount of storage beneath the sink and a more functional style. For a master bathroom, couples usually choose to have a double sink so they can each get ready in the morning or for bed at the same time and have their own areas. 

Illuminating lighting
Lighting decisions will also require a plan, and possibly an electrician to rewire your current setup. You will most likely want both - some sort of overhead lighting that illuminates the whole space, as well as lights around the mirror. Lights should be mounted on either side of the mirror in order to shine the best light on your face. Your overhead light fixture is where you can be a bit more creative and let your personal style shine with a more decorative piece. 

The tub or shower debate
When it comes to choosing a shower, people can have strong preferences. Some people prefer to have a bath tub with a shower overhead, other prefer an in ground, enclosed shower with no bath tub, while others still prefer a separate shower stall and freestanding decorative bath tub. Again, this largely depends on who will be using the space. Having both a tub and a shower can be a luxurious choice for the master bath. It really just depends on your budget. You could even treat yourself to a spa tub!

The tiling dilemma
Tiling is where you can really let your style choices pull the room together. Tiling can be used on the floors and walls to give the room a cohesive look, as well as being practical since the bathroom is a wet area. When it comes to tiles, there are a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colours, which can all be combined to create interesting and unique patterns.
When it comes to tiling your bathroom, one option could be to choose a neutral tile for the majority of the space and use a bright colour or pattern as a border tile or why not go for a simple white tile with a coloured grout?

Whatever your style is, there will be plenty of furnishing and design options for you to choose from. A bathroom redesign is a great way to refresh a functional space and turn it into your own spa-like retreat at home. 

So are you inspired to get started on your dream bathroom or a glamorous powder room? What are your main concerns when it comes to redesigning or renovating a bathroom? Share with us in the comments below.

Till next time... take the first step towards the perfect bathroom!


About the Author
Rebecca is a writer living in Melbourne with expertise in creating witty, insightful and engaging content. Her articles have been published widely and she is a prolific contributor on social media platforms.

Friday, 17 March 2017

5 Ways to Transform Your Home Into an Interior Designer's Dream!

Anyone who has attempted to give their home a designer makeover will tell you, there is a fine line between sterile vs. minimalist, OTT vs. classy or shabby vs. chic.

We all desire our guests to marvel at the stylish elegance of our living spaces, yet feel comfortable enough to kick their shoes off and stay a while. This effortless beauty ironically can take a great deal of planning and thought!

The fact is, every room is basically just a rectangular shell. Whether you live in a mansion or a tiny shoebox, the basic principles are the same and every room has the potential to be stunning. Just like us, these rooms sometimes need a little cosmetic makeup and accessories to showcase their best assets to the forefront whilst minimising the negatives.

As an interior stylist, I can confidently state that there are a few staple features which every designer loves to work with. Incorporate some of these into your home and you are well on your way to being the envy of all who drop by. Our guest contributor Rebecca has compiled a list of the five most popular features you can incorporate to transform your home into an interior designer's dream!

Warm and inviting
Often sought but rarely found these days is the elegant beauty and ambience of an open fireplace. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love the warm, welcoming crackle and earthy woody aroma an open fire exudes.

Don’t fancy feeding a log fire? Then a gas fire can be a pleasant alternative.

Choosing a fireplace for your Melbourne abode opens up a myriad of choices including:
-  The imperious elegance of French Provincial
-  Italian stone
-  Rustic country look
-  Australian sandstone
-  Georgian
-  Regency
-  Contemporary

The options are as endless as your imagination. One thing is certain, if you a looking to make a statement in your home, a fireplace may just be the best place to begin.

Picture perfect panelling
Panelling goes under a number of different names including wainscoting and beading but they all add up to gorgeous, as can be seen in the below image. Whilst professionals experienced in installing various types of paneling exist, you can also get a reasonable effect through the use of DIY textured wallpaper - at a fraction of the cost. 

Windows - the eyes to your home
Personally, I'm not a fan of aluminium window frames as the aspect of a lovely home can be instantly destroyed by these ‘serviceable’ inclusions. However, there are a few aluminium industrial options that do look good.

Sash windows, french doors, arches and stained glass are essential when attempting to reproduce a classically elegant appeal in your home. Personally, I adore round windows thoughtfully placed to display a picture perfect garden aspect. The arch window has come and gone through various fashion trends but the round window has held it’s ground.

Home salvage sites can be a great source of reclaimed building materials, especially if you are looking to reintroduce period features which may have been removed at an earlier date.

Fascinating facades - adding architectural features
The use of columns in architecture can add a regal charm to any room. They need not be integral to the structure of a house and can be added retrospectively to doorways and entries.
Also consider architectural features such as:
- fretwork in hallways
- stained glass in feature doors or windows
- panelled doors
- vintage door hardware
- window seats
- skylights

Doorways to delight
The first impression of your home is often your doorway. A double entrance door immediately sets the tone and flow of your home which just can’t be recreated with a single door. Double internal doors can provide an open plan feel as well as zoned living, simply by opening or closing them. 

The use of internal glass panelled doors can introduce light into dark, gloomy halls and studies with either clear or frosted glass, depending on your privacy needs.

If you aspire to design or own an enviable home then the above features will definitely put you on the right course. Remember it is all about synergy between your lighting, your colour palette and your features. Get the combination just right, and even the simplest home can be transformed into a breathtaking showpiece.

Till next time... start planning the perfect transformation!


About the Author
Rebecca is a writer living in Melbourne with expertise in creating witty, insightful and engaging content. Her articles have been published widely and she is a prolific contributor on social media platforms.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

How to Discover Your Own Style and Ditch Design Clichés!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering a complementary interior decorating scheme for your home. Whether you’re going at it alone, or enlisting the help of a Melbourne-based property stylist, it’s always good to know how to avoid being sucked into interior fads and design clichés. Not only do certain fashionable yet short lived trends and design clichés fail to stand the test of time, they can often be quite expensive to achieve.

So, if you’re looking for tips on how to achieve an aesthetically pleasing space that you’ll enjoy living in, read on as our guest contributor Emily, discusses five foolproof ways of discovering your own personal style.

Listen to your gut
First and foremost, it’s essential that you listen to your gut when considering how to decorate your home. After all, it’s you who will have to live with your design decisions or interior decoration mistakes. If you see a piece you’d like to incorporate into your interior scheme, ask yourself why.

Why are you drawn to the piece?
Is it just because it’s currently all the rage or will it be something that you will still enjoy in the next 2 to 3 years? What will the piece bring to your interior scheme? What does the piece say about you? Trust your instinct and try to make your design decisions true to yourself rather than what is considered to be currently trendy or fashionable.

Consider your lifestyle
Decorate and style your home so that it suits your family's lifestyle.

Sure, the minimalist rooms in interior magazines look great, but this may be an unachievable style to maintain if you lead a busy family lifestyle. If you tend to have a large number of decorative accessories and objects that you love, don’t feel that it’s necessary to hide all of them away.

Think of creative ways of displaying your belongings such as keepsakes or even the children's drawings or paintings. These special belongings will give your design scheme a sense of authenticity and true personality!

Quality always beats quantity
It can take longer than expected to create an interior design scheme you're truly happy with.

Try to avoid panic buying cheap pieces to fill the space, instead opt for better quality items that best reflect your individual tastes.

If you have fallen in love with a piece of furniture, but it’s a little out of your price range at the moment, go without it for a while and save up instead of compromising and substituting it with a inferior alternative that will not stand the test of time. Doing so will mean you gain a piece you're likely to love for years. Buying less but better also usually works out cheaper long term.

If in doubt, under-decorate
Following on from the previous point, do not feel the need to complete your interior scheme in one go. Take time to identify what the space needs to make it liveable; what’s missing, what needs to go? Edit, edit, edit the space. If you’ve not yet found the perfect art piece to hang on the main wall, simply leave it blank until you find a piece you truly fall in love with.

Be proud of your unique taste
Instead of worrying about what others may think of how you choose to decorate your home, be proud of how you express your own unique personality through your interior scheme. If there’s a piece or colour you love, then use it!

Perhaps it’s a family heirloom; give it pride of place and do not be afraid of letting it influence the rest of the design scheme. Your home should reflect you so stop comparing your home to others. If your choices make you feel comfortable, happy and inspired, then you have succeeded! If you feel relaxed and comfortable, your guests will feel the same. 

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that there is no right and wrong choices when it comes to interior decoration and styling. It is all about balance! Choosing pieces you love, instead of what is considered to be currently fashionable means that you create an inspiring space that both you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Till next time... ditch the clichés and embrace your unique style!


About the Author
Emily is a freelance writer, blogger and dog lover hailing from England. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Emily is constantly looking for something new to get excited about.