Tuesday 4 June 2013

Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp For A Steal!

Yesterday my lovely husband and I took an impromptu trip to a salvage warehouse called Halsey's Recycles near Airport West. While just drifting around, I spotted an awesome truly vintage industrial twin floor lamp in the corner. Okay it wasn't awesome when I found it but I could visualise its potential after a clean-up, a paint job and maybe some new bulbs. And for $10 it was a steal!

The lamp was a bit unstable on its feet, quite rusty and not to mention very very dirty. My husband looked quite disgusted when I tried to fit in into our very very clean car. Anyway, when we reached home, I cleaned up the lamp as best I could and then it was off to my favourite light shop 'Lights Lights Lights'. 

They are the same guys who helped me wire my music stand to make it into a tripod lamp.
They tested the lamp for me and gave me the all clear. The lamp's Australian made, so no rewiring required! Woot Woot! I bought a couple of fancy squirrel cage aka a variation of the Edison light bulbs for $25 each from them. And even though the bulbs were more expensive than I had hoped for, I went home all excited!
I already had half a can of matt black spray paint from Bunnings Warehouse. So away I went on a spray painting spree. In 20 minutes I was done! It was time to let it dry! 

After a couple of hours, I bought it indoors, fixed up the bulbs, carried it to the living room, plugged it in and voila! There was light! It looks super after its makeover!

I must have done a million cartwheels in my head while my husband just rolled his eyes and said,"how many lamps and lights do you need in one room?" 

Well, I think one can never have enough light! 

And to list a few great things about this lamp: its truly the real deal vintage; it adds an industrial touch to my decor; I can adjust its height as I like and move the heads the way I want; it goes well with the black, white and neutral scheme of the living room and when I want to move the lamp, it will look just as perfect in the study/guest room as a floor or desk lamp! A vintage industrial floor lamp with so many uses! How can one argue with that kind of logic!

Anybody for a cup of tea?
Vintage tea cups 

So here it is, a shot of the lamp in the living room…
And here's the lamp in the study/guest room…

Not sure where I want to place it permanently. I guess it will just have to settle for a nomadic life in my home!

And to top it all…I did a bit of research and found that on Etsy and Ebay, similar lamps are going for double-triple the price. And for $60 I have a brand new (vintage) industrial adjustable floor lamp! Who doesn't love a bargain recycle!?!

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Monday 3 June 2013

Study Room/ Guestroom Grand Reveal!

As promised I'm back with pictures of the Study / Guest room. 

Previously, I had written about how I put up the floating shelves and done up the study section of the room. Also in a previous post I had mentioned how I had made a custom tufted bedhead for the guest room section.

And here is the grand finale! One project ticked off my to do list. Proceed with caution: Photo Overload!

The artwork above the bed was a simple DIY project. The addition of bare wood adds warmth to this room.
The bookshelf in the corner was one we had and it used to sit next to the wardrobes. But I think it fits better in that corner and you can also use the shelf closest to the bed as an alternate to a bedside table.

This vintage industrial twin floor lamp was a recent find. I will be posting about its mini makeover soon.

Industrial milk can cage to hold all our files and books.

A framed map of Italy from Mag Nation to balance the white space. It adds a bit of muted green to the room.

Used my other ceramic drums tool as a bedside table.

I love that mirror. It goes beautifully in this room. And it's the only full length mirror in our home!

I love this cushion! Its simple and pretty, all white with bright red leaves. I bought it at Spotlight on sale!

Double block out blinds on the window. This room gets a lot of natural light, therefore the blackouts were a good choice.

Close up of the drop cloth bed head. The neutral colour instantly adds a fresh feel to the room.

List of products used:
Bedhead: DIY with drop cloth from Bunnings Warehouse
Bed frame: Ikea
Vintage Industrial Lamp: Halsey's Recycles
White Bedsheet: Ikea
Light peach cushion: DIY project
Grey cushion: Manchester's Heidelberg
Lace and linen pillow covers: A gift from my mother
Bedspread: Manchester's Heidelberg
Throw on bed: Manchester's Heidelberg
Floating shelves: Ikea
Study Chair: Early Settler
Study Table: Ikea
Desk accessories: Ikea
Burlap Moodboard: DIY project
Ceramic drum stool: The Reject Shop
Study chair cushion: Spotlight
Block our blinds: Melbourne Blinds
Provincial mirror: gift
Bookshelf: Already had
Desk lamp: vintage
Framed map: Mag Nation, Frame: Ikea
Industrial File holder: Rose Market, Fitzroy

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