Friday 30 August 2013

A Display Cabinet Makeover Part 1: Pick A Colour!

This blurry picture is of a blank wall in our dining room… and the bottom line is…I need to fill it with something. I know its not completely blank, I do have an iron wall art up…but it needs furniture!!!

I used to have to study desk below the wall art, but now its been moved closer to the window and very soon it's going to be out of the dining room.

So getting back to furniture, I saw a beautiful antique display cabinet on gumtree and we went to see it yesterday. 

I just love the detailing on it!

And I'm happy to say we bought it! Woohoo!
Now, I just have to arrange for delivery, clean it, sand it down, paint the piece, seal it and arrange and display all my crystals and vintage items and plan a dinner party to show it off. Right!

Step 1: Pick A Colour

Choices choices choices…I went through a lot of colours  on Pinterest…and narrowed down on a few…

Light aqua blue…




So decision time…
and I'm thinking white! 
Since the dining room isn't that big, it's a good thing the display cabinet has a mirrored back.

My inspiration would have to be these 2 lovely examples…

Yes, I think let's keep it simple and white!

Lets see what happens! I might just change my mind last minute! I'll keep you updated on my progress!


Sunday 18 August 2013

Have a lovely Sunday!


Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

It's a lovely cold winter's day in Melbourne…and I'm cosying up on the couch watching a movie. 

I've added a few new items to my Etsy Store…La Maison Jolie Etsy.

A special item in the store is the …'you inspire me…' clay gift tags for Father's Day.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Thursday 8 August 2013

I Am Back And New Clay Tags in Etsy Store!

Hello All

Hope you all have been well. I have been missing blogging for 2 months now. We had a family tragedy and had to fly overseas in June. Now we are back and trying to settle into our lives again.

I have been busy making a few new things for my Etsy Store and getting ready for Christmas orders.

I have been making my own stamps using my own handwriting and designs. 

Peace, Joy and Love Christmas Gift Tags

Vintage Bicycle Clay Gift Tags

I love clay tags…there's something special about adding a clay tag to a present that makes it unique and more personalised.

Sweet Cupid Heart Clay Gift Tags

Pretty French Ballerina Clay Tags

I have started a new 'Griege' collection like this embossed heart and the Christmas star below. I love the way they turned out…the colours are beautiful and remind me of the quaint villas in Aix-en-Provence…and the penthouses in Paris!

Embossed with vintage lace heart clay gift tags…perfect for wedding favours and romantic tablescapes

 Christmas Stars

The French Mannequin Clay Gift Tags

Sweet Little Sparrow Clay Tags

There will be lots more added to my store soon. My head is pounding with new design ideas and my hands can barely keep up!

I'm making a few changes around the house as well. I'll share them with you soon…

P.S. A huge THANKS to Andrea from The Cottage Market for featuring my Coffee Table Vignette in her gorgeous and inspiring Take 5 posts! I'm thrilled and honoured to be included! 

Have a lovely Thursday! 
I'll see you all soon!


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