Friday 27 April 2012

A Surprise....can you guess???!!!!

Hi All

I have some awesome news...But before I tell you...can you guess which store has been featured today? Have a look at the pictures and see if you can guess...all will be revealed at the end....

A whole range of gift and homewares...

Rustic shabby chic photo frames...I love making these..and I love the fact that each one turns out unique.

Paper wreaths, French provincial placemats and tissue paper kissing balls

Wooden decorative signs for every room in your home...and yes more photo frames...these have a burnished copper look

Diffusers with vintage paper roses...when you soak the reeds, the aroma drifts through the roses!!! I couldn't believe that my hair-brained idea actually worked!!!

More placemats, coasters, wooden signs with hooks and small chalkboards...

Candlestands and coasters

Vintage bottles and chalkboards...

Hooks....this one's perfect for a family bath...

Hand stitched cushions, more signs, antique copper kettle...

Restored antique box to hold wine bottles, magazines, books, tea towels or toys...

 Well....I am thrilled to say I received my official business registration for La Maison Jolie today and I'm already busy organising a product launch on Saturday 30th our home...just for people to check out all the things I create....and maybe even buy or order some!?!

So I did a bit of a mock-up to see how I would lay things out on the day....and did a mini photo shoot to see how things look.... and I'm pleasantly surprised since I'm super self critical...but I would LOVE to hear your feedback.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I'm off to make some more stuff...


Thursday 26 April 2012

Another Cushion & Our Living Room Pictures

An yet another cushion for the living room....I'm quite proud of this one... :)
Made from calico...hand-painted silhouette. Easy project...the stitching took the longest...

Tip: make sure you slip a magazine or cardboard into the cushion cover before you paint to stop the paint from bleeding onto the back.

That's our living's quite cosy (by which I mean small)...however the light and neutral colours and the big windows with plenty of natural feels very light and airy. Seriously the pictures don't do justice to the room.

Candlestand...bought at a flea was a bright golden colour till yesterday...white washed and lightly sanded she now has a new life! Some new crystals and she's all dressed up!

 My other 'picture' cushion!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Lots more on the way!!!!


Master Bathroom Shelf!

Hi All

I'm working on a lot of projects ...multitasking and as promised..posting them one by one.

Here's the master bathroom project that we completed last Saturday and finally dressed it today to take some pictures to show you all. Its a project inspired from a photo I saw on Pinterest. Needless to say I've also been longing for a shelf in the bathroom for a long long time...somewhere to put the towels and decorative bits.

So we went to Bunnings and bought some planks of wood, some wood varnish and wooden wall brackets. Put it all together and then went shopping for some hooks. We had a few dramas with putting it up but I'm so thrilled the way it turned out. The shelf matches with the style I had in mind and colour with the floor tiles. 
It's perfect!!!

 Close up of the hooks...

 A sign I made...

The was a proud moment when we finally nailed all the bits together.

More projects to come....working on some cute ones today! 

A big shout out to all new La Maison Jolie followers....Thank you for your lovely comments!!! You inspire and encourage me every single day!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Cushions, roses and cane baskets

New cushion made with calico, toile and bit of ribbon...

I wanted to make a picture looking out of a window.
I love the image of the lady sitting in the garden so lovely and probably being wooed by the love of her life!!! I love the romanticism of the picture and I wanted to capture it forever.... So no machine stitching just some simple hand stitching and you have one pretty picture cushion. I'm making a few more cushions....will post pictures tomorrow!

Vintage roses that I made with paper and baked with cinnamon sprinkled on them.....decorated in vintage bottles and a rustic shabby cane bottle holder I bought at the local flea market... 
The roses look so real and smell of cinnamon!!! 
And the best bit...they'll remain in full bloom forever....! I love that!

I would love to give my mom one of these for Mother's day....a rose that she can enjoy forever....! Pity she's thousands of miles away! I think I'll keep the prettiest one for her for when she visits next.
Perfect gift for Mother's Day....!

 Another lovely "panier de canne" (cane basket)....very rustic French farmhouse...!!! I don't know if I should paint it white or enjoy it the way it is....what do you all think?

That's it for today...Lots more projects on the way!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!
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