Monday 17 June 2019

Ivy Australia: A Business and Project Management Platform for Interior Designers

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a launch by Houzz Inc., the leading platform for home renovation and design. It was the launch of Ivy, the fastest-growing business and project management platform for interior design firms and other home design companies, in Australia. 

Ivy, which launched in the U.S. in 2016, was acquired by Houzz in March 2018 to provide home professionals with software that helps them run their businesses more efficiently, effectively and profitably. Since then, Ivy has become the most used business management software by design firms in the U.S., growing to 5,500 member firms.

This centralised business management tool empowers designers with cutting-edge technology and solutions to everyday pain points so that they can more easily focus on the creative side of their business. 

Ivy provides interior designers with a variety of tools to help them run their business, including:

Project management
Ivy’s Project Tracker enables designers to manage the products and services for a project in one place, making it easier to track the many moving pieces.

Proposals and time tracking
Designers can send customised proposals, tear sheets, invoices and purchase orders through the Ivy platform. Time and expense entries can also be managed in one dashboard.

Product sourcing
Ivy’s Product Clipper enables designers to save all of the product specs and imagery for a project in their product library, eliminating the need for manual copying, pasting and downloading product information. Ivy’s Room Boards tool enables designers to conceptualise and compile products and services by room for current and potential clients.

Vendor purchase management
Ivy’s dashboard also tracks order status across all projects -- from purchased to shipped to delivered -- in one place.

On-the-go access
The Ivy app for iPhone, iPad and Android empowers designers to manage multiple projects in one place and on the go with features including task management, real-time expense and time tracking, talk-to-text note taking and more. Using augmented reality (AR), the app also captures and stores, with its built-in room measurement tool, accurate project dimensions for designers to reference when selecting products for a room. 

Community connections
Ivy’s powerful community helps designers exchange industry ideas, ask questions and empower fellow designers.

Ivy was built specifically to serve designers’ unique business needs and we look forward to building a strong Ivy community in this design-focused market. Houzz provides more than 60,000 active home professionals in Australia with the tools they need to showcase their work, collaborate with clients, connect with potential new clients and, with Ivy, manage their business. 

Till next time... check out Ivy and make your life easy!


About Ivy
Ivy is the fastest-growing business management software for interior design firms and other home design companies. The platform brings the trade industry into the modern age by streamlining and automating a firm’s workflow and business operations including procurement, client billing, vendor purchasing and time tracking. This ensures that the entire project lifecycle, including profit and loss reporting, are all managed in one easy-to-use application. Ivy has built a thriving community around its platform, including an online forum, trade magazine, educational webinars and member meetups across the United States. Ivy is a subsidiary of Houzz Inc., with teams in New York, San Francisco, Irvine, Nashville and Tel Aviv. For more information, visit
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