Sunday 27 March 2016

Online Upcycling Furniture Course - Early Bird Offer extended till end of April!

If (like me) you're a fellow treasure hunter at second hand and op-shops, car boot sales or antique markets and upcycling or repurposing your finds to create unique and gorgeous furniture pieces or decor accessories thrills you, then this is a fabulous opportunity!

I'm taking an Upcycling Furniture - MyAntiqueSchool online course and they are currently offering a 15% Advanced Booking Discount on any course booked before midnight 30th April using promo code MAS15.

MyAntiqueSchool is the world’s first online antiques school and offers the opportunity to partake in specialist courses with online tutors who are top experts and advisers in their respective fields from the UK & the US. You may have seen some of them on the Antiques Roadshow US & UK. 

The 'Upcycling Furniture' course with upcycling & upholstery expert and author- Juliette Goggincosts approximately $91 and included in the fees are:

~ 1 video lecture (approx. 30 mins), that you can watch in your own time
~ Optional weekly assignments (max. 2 hours work) so you can practice as you learn
~ Personal feedback from your tutor, all world experts in antiques and collectibles
~ 1 week access to your tutor, from whenever you start your course
~ Chat to fellow students in our online classroom.
~ Access to the classroom forever
~ Course e-book
~ Course completion certificate
~ Badge for your own website or blog

Have a look at the video above for more information. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn from an impressive array of experts! 

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Monday 21 March 2016

Tips for a Budget-Friendly and Stress-Free Home Makeover

Giving your home a makeover doesn't have to be expensive or consume your every waking hour! And you don't have to go all Joanna & Chip (Gaines) on your home (although I would so love that!). A few budget friendly fixes and easy DIY projects are all you need to give your home some instant va va voom!

So here are a list of easy budget-friendly tips, some of which I have used in my home for a quick refresh, mini makeover or some instant gratification!

1. Soft Furnishings
Cushions, throws and rugs are a quick, affordable and easy fix when it comes to updating your space. It's amazing how different a room can look and feel with a few different coloured cushions and a throw or a natural rug like this one here.
Image source
Design Tips: Vintage tea towels and napkins make amazing DIY cushion covers. Incorporate different prints and colours in small pillows and throw blankets for a subtle hint of colour. Introduce texture - velvet, linen, cotton, burlap, sisal, jute...don't be afraid to mix it up! 
A new rug will instantly freshen up your space indoor or outdoor and make it look cosy. Keeping the rug natural gives you a blank yet warm canvas to work with whereas a graphic or striped rug in a white room can be a standout! Have a look at these beautiful rugs from Anthology Home|Garden.

2. The power of paint
Pick a room and paint a feature wall or give your entryway a fresh lick of paint. Pick a piece of furniture in a room and paint it. The options are truly endless.
Image source
Design tip: Half-painted walls will give the illusion of higher ceilings

Or why not paint your interior doors and make them a feature! To create a visual showstopper paint the doors in unexpected shades like 'Broadway Lights' or 'Exotic Sea'.
Image source
Image source
3. Add a Chair Rail
Install a chair rail for instant oomph! Go decorative or go plain, it doesn't matter, since the end result is glamourous!
Image source
There are  stick-on mouldings available that are affordable or you can do it the old fashioned way. Here's a step by step tutorial on How to install a chair rail.
Image source
Design Tip: Paint the areas above and below it with two different shades of the same colour for a 'designer' look!

4. Art
Frame old black and white family photos to create a gorgeous and interesting gallery wall.
Image source
Design Tip: DIY artwork - Frame pressed leaves and flowers, it's easy and free and perfect way to dress up a boring white wall! You could also frame a bunch of them and create a botanical gallery wall. See a step by step tutorial here.

5. Hardware
Freshen up and recycle your existing cabinet handles with some spray paint or decoupage.
Image source
Design Tip: Leather pulls are so easy to DIY. Here's an awesome tutorial by Brick House. For a rich shine or patina you can give it a good rub with shoe polish!

6. Window Dressings
Update your window dressing or add some cute curtain pulls to instantly refresh your home.
Image source
Image source
7. Declutter
We've all heard it...Less is more! Get rid of clutter and take a minimalist approach to really showcase a few feature pieces in the room. In the minimalist room below your eye is instantly drawn to the captivating black and white framed prints. They are definitely the hero in the room.
Image source
8. Go Green
Sometimes a little greenery is all it takes to beautify a room. Indoor plants purify the air and create a softer look so why wouldn't you use them to update your home?
Design Tip: Tiny plants, succulents and flowering cacti lend a pop of colour to any room. Group a collection of tiny plants or create a focal point with one large potted plant.
Image source
9. Collectibles
Everyone collects something - vintage glass bottles, stamps, art, prints, vintage toy cars, old records. Group of collection if items together to create visual interest. Display a collection of coloured-glass jars, vintage bottles of different heights, candlesticks with character, old books, vases or other interesting objects.
Image source
Image source
10. Repurpose
Repurpose and recycle your old vintage or unused furniture and give it new life.
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11. Mirror
Install a well placed mirror on the wall or floor to create an illusion of space and maximise light.
Image source
Image source
Image source
12. Revamp a Lamp Shade
Buy a couple of inexpensive lamp shades or use existing ones and paint the inside with a contrasting colour or gold leaf to create a sophisticated and flattering vibe. 
Image source
Recover an old lampshade with some leftover wallpaper or scrapbook paper for big impact on a tight budget!
Image source
There you go... a few quick and easy budget friendly decorating tips to add instant style and update your home. Hope this post inspires you to give you home a quick makeover to get ready for spring or autumn...depending on where in the world you live!

What is your favourite tip when it comes to decorating on a budget? Share with us, we'd love to know.



This post is sponsored by ANTHOLOGY Home|Garden, however the thoughts & opinions expressed in the above post are all mine.

Friday 18 March 2016

10 IKEA Must Haves to go all Country Glam!

I have a girlfriend who absolutely loves IKEA! She's a huge fan of their neutral, natural and functional Nordic design style. There's a definite spring in her step every time she power walks into the blue and yellow building! And I have to agree...beautifully styled rooms with clever functional storage solutions and decorated with those cute white accessories...inspiring!

Unfortunately, my husband thinks that anything IKEA i.e. flat packed is a recipe for the 3 Ds....Debate (putting in very mildly!), Disaster or DIVORCE!

IKEA is like no other company when it comes down to their scale of economy and that is what helps them maintain their low costs. So they do have a lot of stock standard, run-of-the-mill, no personality, bland and just plain blah items. But sift through all that and you are sure to find some true gems!

So here's a round-up of a few versatile IKEA items to create a Country Glam vibe in your home.
It's easy to paint a pretty picture with these beautiful and versatile home furnishings. Can you imagine yourself curled up on that beautiful story book green STRANDMON wing back chair (and it comes with a gorgeous little matching foot stool) with the playful ÖNSKEDRÖM bird cushion, the versatile VITTSJÖ red laptop table on the side with the RANARP work lamp with its on-trend brass details switched on and a bunch of fresh flowers in the BITTERGURKA watering can and of course your feet all snuggly and warm covered by the beautifully soft URSULA beige cable knit throw? I can! I can totally picture myself there on a cold, wet, windy, wintery afternoon or any afternoon for that matter!

So there you have it - 10 IKEA Must Haves to go all Country Glam...and if you really like the provincial country glamour look with fun, eclectic touches, then these are definitely the 10 MUST HAVES this season! And did I mention the pops of colour are just perfect for the Aussie autumn? Score!

What are your favourite Country Glam Must Haves from IKEA?
Share with us...we'd love to know!

Wednesday 16 March 2016

15 International DIY Bloggers, 15 Gorgeous Rooms & A Bunch Of Creative Ideas!

Recently Voucher Codes Pro UK in collaboration with Homebase, an UK Home Improvement Store, conducted a round-up of 15 expert international DIY home decor bloggers revealing their favourite room at home!

Have a peek inside these gorgeous homes featured in the article here and pick-up some inspiring ideas and creative DIY tips!
Image Source
Here's a quick list of the interviewed bloggers and their favourite rooms:

Iida Emilia - Living Room
Thistlewood Farms - Family Room
Amara The Luxpad - Living Room
La Maison Jolie - Nursery
Boo and Maddie - Office
Dans Le Lakehouse - Kitchen
Heart Handmade UK - Craft Room
In My Own Style - Studio Office
Mamas V.I.B - Bathroom

It was so interesting and insightful reading about all the various rooms. Thank you Voucher Codes Pro & Homebase for including La Maison Jolie in this amazing expert round-up!


Wednesday 9 March 2016

Sensational Splashback Ideas For Your Dream Kitchen!

'A well designed kitchen sells the house!'

We've all heard that a million times! And it's so true... a kitchen is the heart of the home, the social hub, the congregational nucleus, the command centre of the house! In short, whether large or small, the truth of the matter is well designed kitchens sell homes! And it’s always a good idea to invest a little bit of money in the kitchen to update it since it increases the overall value of your home and is a great return on investment.

One of the major features in the kitchen is the splashback. The splashback is at eye level and usually takes up a large chunk of the kitchen space and therefore attracts a lot of attention. An attractive and unique splashback definitely complements your overall kitchen design.

There are so many options for splashbacks nowadays, it's truly mind-boggling! There is a vast array of materials to choose from to create an unique splashback that will be aesthetic, different and complementary.

So here are our top picks for the most popular and unique splashbacks to create the kitchen of your DREAMS!
Image source
Tiles are easy, safe and a very popular choice for a kitchen splashback.
Simple white subway tiles are extremely popular but there's nothing simple about them. In the right space they have the potential to make a kitchen go from drab to fab in an instant!
Image source
More tiles...patterned tiles are making a major comeback. You could easily create a beautiful, bold, bohemian kitchen with a patterned tiled splashback.
Classy Steampunk - a splashback of gorgeous stainless metal mosaic tiles along with a contrasting matte black counter top gives this kitchen a classy but edgy vibe. Throw in a mix of aged cage lights, exposed pipes, reclaimed wood open shelves, black tapware offset by white cabinets and you've got the makings of a classy urban steampunk kitchen that is unique and sensational!

If you like these stainless steel tiles, Alloy has some gorgeous stainless steel tile options.

Image source
Go Retro!
Create a playful retro vibe in your kitchen with some colour in the form of mosaic tiles for the splashback. Complement it with some brushed steel appliances and frosted glass cabinets. Keep it light, airy and playful!
Image source
If you are having trouble deciding between the ever popular white subway tiles or colourful mosaic or patterned tiles or are uncertain about the colour palette, Beaumont Tiles has a fun quiz called "What Style Am I" that you could complete to get a few recommendations!
Custom Printed Glass Splashbacks - Yes, that's right! But it kind of makes sense! If you're renovating or designing a kitchen from scratch i.e. customising cabinets, flooring, lighting, then why not completely personalise your space with a custom glass printed splashback?
Image source
How it works?

Images are printed directly onto the back of a 6mm toughened glass panel. These splashbacks are extremely versatile, hygienic and easy to clean. Glass has a seamless surface, no grouting and you can really customise your splashback to match the style of the kitchen - coastal/beachy like the above image, modern or contemporary.

CreoGlass in the UK creates gorgeous custom made glass splashbacks from hi resolution photos. Just submit your own hi-resolution image for a very personal finish. You super lucky UK people!
Image source

Concrete splashbacks give a kitchen an edgy, raw, industrial vibe. If you like a minimalist design approach, this is it! Affordable, unique and low maintenance, concrete is fast becoming a very popular option.
Image source

Image source
If like me you've ever watched back to back episodes of The Block or Fixer Upper, then you would have noticed that every house has at least one exposed brick wall in it. No surprises there since it is one of the latest trends in interior design! And it works very well as a kitchen splashback. It's economical, durable and low-maintenance and adds a textural and architectural element to the kitchen design.
Brick walls blend well with traditional, bohemian, eclectic, industrial, mid-century modern, country or modern contemporary kitchens and creates an inviting atmosphere.
Image source
Marble oozes style, elegance and luxury. It adds instant glamour to a kitchen. It is expensive, however, everyone I know loves a little marble! You could opt for a look alike marble vinyl backing or quartz, but nothing beats the real stuff!

One large slab of seamless marble does look fantastic, however, small marble hexagonal tiles or marble subway tiles in a herringbone pattern is easier on the pocket and achieve a similar look.

Image source
Image source
Golden Glass is a new and quite a unique design element. Developed in Italy by a designer glass brand, this collection is sold and installed by CreoGlass in UK. It is stunning and luxurious! You can choose from various textures such as animal skins and abstract patterns, which look beautiful and have a flat smooth glass finish.

This designer glass splashback collection combines a lustrous shimmer, drawing inspiration from nature, with the toughness and resilience required from a splashback product. If you’re looking for a design feature that creates drama, is elegant and evokes a sense of sensuality, the Golden Glass collection is ideal.

Check out CreoGlass for more details on the Golden Glass collection.

Image source
Brass is IN, everything else is OUT!
Just kidding! But looking at this beautiful kitchen, it almost seems so!
Emerald green cabinets with a burnished brass splashback, matching countertops and tapware should look totally OTT...but it doesn't! Instead it looks opulent, sophisticated, shimmery and so pretty! This is definitely one kitchen where being bold and fearless with the cabinet colour and brass splashback has paid off in spades!
Image source

Chalkboard splashbacks are so bespoke and versatile! It's affordable, a quick fix for an old kitchen and an easy DIY project. All you need is a foam roller, some painter's tape, a tin or two of chalkboard paint and a glass of wine and you could easily knock it out in one afternoon!
Image source
Image source
Who would have thought plywood would make such an amazing splashback? Stain it, paint it or keep it natural; ply looks modern and bespoke. It's affordable, easily available and easy to DIY!
Image source
Well, there you have it... our top picks for sensational kitchen splashbacks to achieve your dream kitchen! Be resourceful, smart, imaginative and think outside the box! Food for thought?

Which one is your favourite splashback or do you have an unique idea in mind? Share with us, we'd love to know!

This post is sponsored by CreoGlass, however the thoughts & opinions expressed in the above post are all mine.

Monday 7 March 2016

Featured on Houzz!

So something rather exciting and amazing happened last Monday.

Our home was featured on Houzz! Bam! What!

It's absolutely crazy to think that the website that I'm obsessed with, the app that I have on my laptop, iPad, phone, the Houzz Tours that I read and re-read countless times over, now has my house featured in their 'At Home With' series!

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kara Rosenlund, Lee Dewsnap, Eva Burgess to name just a few...unbelievable! {Pinch! Pinch!}

Read the full interview here.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning it is to comment on the article and Houzz will pick the most creative and unique answer as the winner. This fortnight the prize is a $50 voucher from Provincial Home Living
A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by Houzz. They wanted to do a feature on our home and I was so surprised, you could have bowled me over with a feather! I have spent hours admiring the beautiful homes featured on Houzz Tours, Home & Garden, House Beautiful, Country Living and dreaming that one day my home would also be featured and I cannot believe that for a milestone birthday this year, my wish actually came true!
With a million things whirring through my head, thus began a whirlwind of tidying up for the photoshoot! (My daughter's toys magically grow feet and go for a wander around the house and every night I have to go looking for them and put them back in the play pen...if you have small know the drill!)
Anyway the house was finally clean, the toys were for once 'behaving' themselves and the photos got taken.
A Huge Thank you to Houzz & Emily for featuring our humble abode...I am truly honoured, humbled, grateful and thrilled beyond words! I was also extremely lucky to have the talented Tim Naismith take these gorgeous photos of our home. He was so fun to work with!

Tim has the most beautiful photos on his website and he offers custom high quality prints upon client request. If you'd like any, contact him through his website with whichever photo and sizing you require.
Tim Naismith started photography back in 2008 when he was gifted an old digital point and shoot camera. When he realised his passion for the fine art he practiced more and more while travelling across the world with family. Since then he has set up a freelance business with a website and facebook page displaying his photos from across the globe ( He has been requested for studio, travel and animal photography events in Dubai, UAE and Melbourne, Australia. 
You can view his work through any of the following websites

Hope you guys enjoy the interview and the HOUZZ tour!

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