Saturday 13 December 2014

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments!

A few days ago a close friend and her two gorgeous kids came over to the house for afternoon tea and one thing led to another and suddenly we were knee deep in paper strips making Christmas Ornaments!  
I love the way the light filters through pretty!
All you will need are colourful card stock, pair of scissors, double sided sticky tape, standard drawing pins and some string. 
These are so pretty and they look so sweet hanging on the tree or as a bunting. 
An easy DIY for kids to create special Christmas ornaments for the all important tree of the season and for the whole family to create some sweet memories!

Have a lovely weekend!


Tuesday 9 December 2014

Sprucing Up the Bathroom!

Have you ever felt that in a gorgeous hotel bathroom, the bubble bath is always more special, the shampoo smells sweeter, the soaps feel more luxurious and you feel all tingly with anticipation? Sigh!!! A soak in the tub becomes a sweet relaxing experience and not just something routine.
Recreating the same look at home, with space constraints and on a budget can be challenging. Challenging but not impossible! It is possible to create a luxe look with just a few key pieces.
Here I shared all gorgeous bathroom decor bits that I'm secretly coveting (well, not so secret anymore). Our bathroom has a neutral colour scheme...timeless white subway tiles, light and dark grey cabinets and lots of white and wooden accents. Keeping with the contemporary scandinavian theme, the natural Round Stump Stool from Edgar Home was a no brainer. It's a stunning piece of organic furniture that fit in seamlessly with our design. Check out their hand carved Stump Bowl made from cypress stumpage salvaged from logging beautiful!!! And those timber lamps... LOVE!
Just look at those natural 'im'perfections in the grain, the cracks and the different shades of golden brown, gorgeous!
Continuing on with recreating my hotel bath fantasy, a gorgeous sweet smelling hand poured scented candle from Provincial Living and lavender scented hand-cured soaps from our holiday in Marseille, France last year. I picked up a whole lot of them when we were there, they smell just divine. 
Finishing off with a touch of bling, garden greenery in my gold dipped bottles (a spur-of-the-moment DIY project from a few months ago)!
My favourite top hanging from the gorgeous shelf that my husband built for me a couple of years ago.
I'll probably move the stool around my home in a few months. I'm already thinking of the possibilities, maybe in the living room as an occasional table or in the guest bedroom as a quirky bedside table. [Just a note of caution, since this is a real log stump table, it's very heavy and you need to be careful when moving it around. Especially watch those precious toes!]
There's a lot more to come in the Bathroom Series, BUT, I'm off for a long soak in my 'hotel' bath with some acoustic music, scented candles, a good book and my gorgeous bath table! 
See you all later!


A huge thank you to Edgar Home who kindly sponsored the Round Stump Stool, however the thoughts, images & opinions expressed in the post are all mine. 

Monday 8 December 2014

How To: Make a DIY Rustic Star Wreath

17 sleeps till Christmas! It's almost unbelievable how this year has just flown by.

This year apart from all my other wreaths, I decided to make a natural and rustic star wreath...a quick and easy DIY project made with bits and pieces from around the home and garden.

Have a lovely week!


Monday 1 December 2014

Drama in the Bedroom: Master Bedroom Makeover: PART 2

The master bedroom is almost ready for grand reveal!

The exposed bare bulb trend has been on my radar for quite sometime. A couple of exposed bulbs on either side of a bed can really elevate the space and add a touch of drama!

In my earlier post I had mentioned coveting these gorgeous wooden Edison light pendants from VintageLed, a homegrown Melbourne brand that specialises in Edison bulbs and wooden, metal and ceramic pendants and light bulb kits. Their website is full of functional, energy efficient and gorgeous light bulbs and pendants kits. You can have a look at their amazing collection here! If you're into light pendants as much I am...I highly recommend these!
It was quite a dilemma deciding whether or not to hang the pendants from the ceiling (which would have been quite expensive since they would have had to be hard wired by an electrician) or a DIY option that was cheaper but might not have the same effect!

In the end I decided to go ahead with a bit of both. I took the pendants to my local light shop and had the wire extended quite a bit with a plug at the end instead of the default hardwiring fixtures that the pendants usually come with.

A trip to Bunnings was made to get a couple of large white ceiling hooks. The hooks were secured to the ceiling using plaster screws and then the wires looped around the hooks. 

Ta da...desired effect achieved at less than half the cost!

The king size bedspread is from Dainty Red Bird. The stunning Royal Bliss bedspread is a part of their eco range - pure white soft organic cotton with translucent organza cutwork, hand stitched magic!

The wooden pendants are so beautiful that I wanted to keep the space as minimally decorated as possible. Subtle colours of white, black and grey with a colourful throw and some greenery. 

Industrial chicness!!!

The pendant lights are up, the bed linen on and the art is on the walls. The only element left to complete in the Master Bedroom Makeover are the window dressings which unfortunately means a trip to IKEA unless I can come up with another option! 

I'll post a few more photos in my next post after the window dressings are up!


A huge thank you to VintageLed who kindly sponsored the pendant light kits, however the thoughts & opinions expressed in the post are all mine.
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