Monday 23 July 2012

Limited Edition Photo Frames in French Pastels

Just popping in quickly to tell you all about the limited edition photo frames in French pastels now available on the Good Deal Marketplace!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great week!!

A design fair, walk in the park and a sign for our backyard!

Yesterday we went to the Design Made Trade fair held at the Royal Exhibition Centre. It was inspiring and amazing to see the various ways people express their ideas and creativity. I wish I could have taken a few photos of all the amazing exhibits but photography was not allowed inside.

And since it was a beautiful sunny winter's afternoon, after the fair, we decided to walk around and take a few pictures of the gardens and fountains surrounding the exhibition centre.

Now on to our backyard pictures again. I made a little sign board with some sample paints from Dulux and hung with twine. A beautiful shade of green!!! The colour of spring!
And I think looks cute!


Have a fantastic week! I'll be back later this week with a project that I have been working on for sometime now!

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Sunday 15 July 2012

Happy Bastille Day and blossoms!

Hope you all had a fantastic Bastille Day! 
Yesterday, we were invited for a Christmas in July & Bastille Day dinner at our friends' place....and I was thinking of what gift to get for them. And it had to be French!!!...So I thought what could be better than French hand and body lotion....divine aromas of lavender....from Castille De Fleur. 

Hand lotion, body lotion, a small sachet of lavender for your drawers and handmade castille soap.

Nicole (Castille De Fleur) blends them herself to create nostalgic aromas of Provence!!! And there is so much to choose from...I reckon I could spend hours in her store drinking in the aromas!!!! Some of them smell good enough to eat! Nicole keeps laughing and warning me..."don't drink it Rani!!"...or "don't eat it Rani!!"
Needless to say, our friends absolutely loved their gift bag!!!!

On another note...our ornamental pears have started to flower and I couldn't help but capture the beautiful are a few of my favourites.

I could be nuts, but just looking at them...makes me feel all happy and 'springy'!!!! :) 

Thanks for joining me!!!! 
Have a super Sunday...and I'll see you all next week!!!


Monday 9 July 2012

Colour & Design!!!

I have to say I am so happy to be finally commencing on the course of my dreams...colour, design and interior styling!!!

I signed up for the course last month with the International School of Colour & Design (ISCD) and this weekend, spent painting the colour wheel and a grayscale tool. My head is full of colour, tone and value.

Brings back a lot of lovely memories of my art class at school!!

I am also working on a small project for the home...I'm thinking of painting a narrow wall in my hallway with chalkboard paint...but I can decide on black or green. I don't want the hallway to look too dark...but I do want a different look! My house is mostly neutrals contrasted by black accessories. But the green is so beautiful! Arrrgghhh!!! I'm so confused! What do you all think- black or green?

That's the wall I want to paint....not a good picture I know, will try and take better ones.

Have a great week!!! 
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Thursday 5 July 2012

La Maison Jolie Product Launch- 30th June 2012

As promised here are a few pictures that we took during the product launch, right in the beginning. After about 30 minutes the room was full of people and since I wanted to talk to each and everyone, I forgot all about taking photos. So here are a few for you to enjoy!

It was such a great day! (sigh!!)

Also, The French Laundry coat rack got sold's one of those pieces that's hard to let go of...but I'm happy it's going to a very nice home...and will be hung with love on an exposed brick wall in the beautiful will that look? 

Thank you for all your lovely comments!!!

Also if you like my posts, I would love for you to follow La Maison Jolie (via GFC).

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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Setting up for the product launch

Finally the product launch is over and I can sort of relax...still lots to do but the stress of preparing for the launch is over!!! Here are some of the pictures that I took right after setting up for the launch. Couple of my dear friends came over to help me on the day....!!! I am so grateful that I have such lovely friends!

Before I knew it, my dining room was transformed into a French Provincial boutique store! We lit lots of candles and scented diffusers....played some lovely French music and chilled bottles of French champagne to set the mood for the launch!!!

Placemats crackle glazed...- SOLD!

 Paintings, photoframes and a wooden bookcase

 A rustic bed bench, vintage bucket, burlap moodboard, paintings and The French Laundry coat rack

 Vintage birdcage, chalkboard and frames

 A guest comment book that I customised for the event.

 Lots of Grace bow cushions...

 Wreaths for every occasion! 

 Antique coffee table with beautiful turned legs!

 More paintings and photo frames!

 In case you are wondering that's a painting that I did. (my favourite one!)

 Shabby chic vintage mirror with original chain...lightly distressed

 Hooks and coat racks

 A keys and letters useful...SOLD!

 Old French books for decorating

 Roses and silverware

 Small heart chalkboards and wall plaques- SOLD!

 A book on French cuisine! Such beautiful pictures!!!

 Jars with chalkboard paint for lemonade

 Aprons....and tea towels
 That's my friend...she took care of all the food for the event!!! What a trooper!!!

 Love her to bits!!! (Apologies for the blurry pictures, they are courtesy my lovely husband...who is a terrible photographer but THE very person you want on your side when it comes to handling stressful situations and events!)

And my other friend...who helped me set-up!

Profiteroles with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce, cucumber sandwiches and French champagne for guests!!!
Lots of things were sold and I got a lot of orders that I now need to fill. We had such a great time!!! In case you are interested in any of the items you see here, email me.

I'll put up pictures taken during the launch soon. 

Also, a big thank you to all of you who left me such beautiful comments about The French Laundry coat rack!!! I loved reading them...!!!!

Hope you like this post too....! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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