Sunday 15 July 2012

Happy Bastille Day and blossoms!

Hope you all had a fantastic Bastille Day! 
Yesterday, we were invited for a Christmas in July & Bastille Day dinner at our friends' place....and I was thinking of what gift to get for them. And it had to be French!!!...So I thought what could be better than French hand and body lotion....divine aromas of lavender....from Castille De Fleur. 

Hand lotion, body lotion, a small sachet of lavender for your drawers and handmade castille soap.

Nicole (Castille De Fleur) blends them herself to create nostalgic aromas of Provence!!! And there is so much to choose from...I reckon I could spend hours in her store drinking in the aromas!!!! Some of them smell good enough to eat! Nicole keeps laughing and warning me..."don't drink it Rani!!"...or "don't eat it Rani!!"
Needless to say, our friends absolutely loved their gift bag!!!!

On another note...our ornamental pears have started to flower and I couldn't help but capture the beautiful are a few of my favourites.

I could be nuts, but just looking at them...makes me feel all happy and 'springy'!!!! :) 

Thanks for joining me!!!! 
Have a super Sunday...and I'll see you all next week!!!



  1. beautiful blossom photos!

  2. You chose a wonderful gift Rani!! And your ornamental pear pictures are absolutely stunning!I hope you had a great weekend and that your week has been fabulous so far:)

  3. Hay Rani, thanks for stopping by. I sell the Paris knobs they are $3.50 each. x Sandy


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