Wednesday 28 February 2018

Hamptons 101: How To Achieve That 'Hamptonesque' Design Style!

I have to admit ever since watching the highly addictive TV show Revenge, I've been drawn to the elegant world of Hamptons style design! Seriously, what's not to love about luxurious over-sized living spaces, cobalt blue accents, lofty ceilings, indoor palms, a gorgeous muted colour palette and accessories in timber, wicker, rattan, linen and all things pretty and natural! If you like coastal homes and their unique inviting style then Hamptons- style home design just ups the ante on it!

Whether it’s the classic weatherboard look, or deep shadow lines, the Hamptons design is an inspiration for contemporary or traditional weatherboard-style homes. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it right. So to help you nail the ultimate mix of relaxed coastal living and sophisticated luxury, today we have interior designer and Scyon ambassador Natalee Bowen sharing the quintessential key elements for creating a dream Hamptonesque home.
Hamptons – just this one word conjures images of relaxed coastal living, families enjoying light and spacious living areas; and entertaining in sophisticated elegance reflective of the summer retreats of affluent New Yorkers along the Hamptons coastline.

It is the attraction of this easy-going elegance and coastal charm that appeals to a growing number of Australians looking to capture this slice of paradise for their own dream home. Despite its popularity, it can be easy to be led astray from the defining features of a Hamptons-style home. Whether it’s the high-end, antique look, the relaxed coastal charm, or the mixed classic and eclectic feel – a Hamptons-style home is not complete without the neutral colour palette, light and spacious living spaces, detailed touches in cabinetry, and the hallmark exterior look of weatherboard cladding.

It Starts Outside
Synonymous with relaxed coastal living, it’s no surprise that Australian homeowners gravitate towards Hamptons-style home designs. While particular elements, such as neutral colour palettes, natural textures, internal panelling, high ceilings and traditional cabinetry all remain definitive features of a Hamptons look, nothing is more Hamptonsesque than the hallmark weatherboard exterior.
Paramount to Hamptons architecture, exterior cladding provides clean, horizontal lines that instantly evoke a sense of classic, coastal charm. Given Australia’s harsh climate, traditional timber weatherboard cladding can be prone to splintering, fading, warping and collecting moisture.

With the same charm as timber boards, but more durable, Scyon Linea weatherboard cladding is hard-wearing, low maintenance and resistant to damage from termites, rot, moisture and fire. It can also be gun nailed, is easy to cut like timber and seamlessly captures the Hamptons look.
Perfectly complementing Scyon Linea weatherboard cladding is Scyon Axent trim – a thick and versatile edge treatment for windows. Scyon Axent trim is the finishing touch to internal and external corners, as a design enhancer at butt joints – plus Axent can be used with any Scyon cladding and any domestic window, eliminating the need for special window orders to match different cladding.
While weatherboard cladding exteriors may be associated with living by the sea, it doesn’t mean it can’t be brought to life in places far from the coast. What makes Scyon Linea weatherboard cladding a popular look is its versatility in capturing resort-style luxury and easy elegance anywhere in Australia – be it the country, a leafy suburb or a family home in the hills.

The Right Palette
Mimicking the neutral colours of the coast is one of the defining features of a Hamptons-style home. A focus on neutral shades of whites, creams, linen tones and greys provides the foundation palette for this look, while blues in a range of tones, from duck egg to a rich navy, offer the ideal contrast.
For the exterior of a Hamptons-style property, the lines of the cladding take centre stage so a muted palette is best. As well as the more muted colour palette, exterior cladding colours see blue and white proving popular among those looking to carry the nautical-inspired colour scheme.
Transitioning from exterior to interior, neutral tones help open spaces up and bring an instant feeling of freshness, while also providing a blank canvas for decorating. From here, Natalee suggests adding accents of colour in the form of soft furnishings and greenery, particularly palms and orchids, and finding a colour scheme to bring the entire home together. “Find a colour scheme that flows through your home,” Natalee says. “For example, if you love blue tones then use navy, duck egg and cobalt blue in different areas as accent colours.”

Light and Breezy Living
Traditionally, Hamptons homes were designed for easy living and entertaining, with interiors evoking sojourns by the sea. Recreating this look depends on two key elements – light and space. Natural light can really transform a room, so it’s worth spending time at the start of a Hamptons-inspired build or renovation to consider key ways to maximise light all-year round.
Think expansive open-plan living areas with soaring raked or coffered ceilings, oversized bi-folds and large windows, to bathe indoor areas in natural light. High ceilings are the most effective way at boosting natural light when paired with tall windows.

To maximise light, lightweight voile curtains that drape to the floor will increase sunlight and give the illusion of height. A gabled roof will promote higher indoor ceilings and superior spatial awareness, while the lightest shade of white paint for the ceilings is the final step in maximising space within.
Whether it’s a new build or renovation to create a dream home, the Hamptons-style look offers an ideal design blueprint for capturing Australia’s love affair with the outdoors while ensuring a relaxed and stylish space for entertaining family and friends.
Inspired by the sea and our coastal location, Hamptons-style home remains a winner amongst Australian homeowners. And the best thing about this style is that, while it looks expensive, it's actually quite affordable and accessible. 

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to create a Hamptonesque dream home. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer yoru queries.

Till next time... have a wonderful day!


About Scyon Walls
The Scyon™ brand is owned by James Hardie Technologies™ Ltd and was invented in the research and development facility at James Hardie Rosehill, NSW. Launched in 2006, Scyon products are made from sand, cement and cellulose. Scyon is manufactured at plants in Rosehill, NSW, Carole Park, QLD and Pernose in Auckland, New Zealand.

Thursday 22 February 2018

Cemento: Raw Luxury at Beaumont Tiles!

If you're looking to renovate or build and you're in the market for high design and low maintenance flooring, take a look at the new Cemento tiles. Exclusive to Beaumont Tiles these are the perfect addition to their concrete look offering.

With a hybrid texture that is halfway between smooth and rough, available with or without subtle shade variations and classic yet rustic look, Cemento tiles are perfect for use in any living space. The large concrete look tiles have an unique texture. They have a matt finish yet are glazed porcelain tiles that epitomise playfulness with serious architectural versatility making them the 2018 design choice for any space and complementing almost every colour palette.According to Beaumont Tiles Strategic Designer Christie Wood, "From your living spaces to your bathroom, this large format tile is a confident, yet classic surfacing choice that combines the beauty of polished concrete with the flexible application of tile."

The Cenero tiles, with their signature matt textured concrete look exude high end style, making them suitable for a range of rooms and uses. On the other hand, Cemento’s Positano is a perfect kaleidoscope of colour and organised chaos. The fun geometric pattern and concrete look in subtle shades of matt colours – greens, blues, yellows makes an understated yet elegant design statement.The organic feel of Cemento makes it the design choice for wall or floor applications for Retro Vintage, Global Fusion and Urban Industrial style inspired projects. You can use these tiles indoors through to outdoors to create a seamless look for a stylish visual impact! 
Till next time... check out the new Cemento collection at Beaumont Tiles and prepare to be blown away!


Tuesday 20 February 2018

House Envy: Minimalist Mediterranean Vibes in Nashville!

Minimalist and Mediterranean? That's an unique combination, isn't it? What would that look like? Well let's not keep you in suspense any longer. Designed by Clare Kennedy and Mitzi Maynard, this Nashville home that we are about to peek into was transformed into a light-filled, minimalist, soothing home that is a must see.

Starting from a pair of fabulous antique English doors that greet you at the entrance to the single oversize brass pendant over the large concrete kitchen counter that creates a glamorous statement, the home has been designed with minimal architecture for a plush yet fuss free and relaxed living. Don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of layers of textures all over that makes this home a study in luxurious minimalism. From the vintage Oushak rug to the towering steel doors, the Beehive pendant and original Addie Chapin painting in the master bedroom, this home is decorated with interesting statement pieces and features that make the overall design unforgettable.

So come with me to Nashville and let's wander through this beautiful and stately Mediterranean masterpiece and see if you too go all white with envy!So what did you think? White hot with envy for this plush and curated interior? I am!

Till next time... check out more house envy posts here.


Thursday 15 February 2018

House Envy: A Grand Californian Dream!

Can you guess where we are off to today? We are off to Kourtney Kardashian's stunning Californian home that was featured in the coveted Architectural Digest in 2017!

Reality TV stars, the Kardashians need absolutely no introduction! Their fashion and style is quite unique and so is their taste in interiors. I personally really like Kourtney's decor style! Every room in her home is styled with restraint yet is absolutely unforgettable!

To create a show-stopping modern family home that is both glamorous and lived-in, Kourtney collaborated with celebrity decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. From classic vintage pieces like the vintage Jules Leleu desk in her office to reupholstered Jean-Michel Frank lounge chairs in her bedroom to the playful neon-light artwork installed above her 5 year old daughter Penelope's pink headboard, Kourtney's home is a treasure trove of modern, vintage and mid-century art and furniture.

So come with me as I peek into Kourtney Kardashian's spectacular home, styled and dressed to perfection and see if you too turn green with house envy!

So what do you think? That art collection is just va-va-voom! Well, could you live here? I could, quite happily!😁

If you want to take a peek into a more Hampton's style home, click here or a true bohemian beauty, have a look here.

Till next time... have a great day and I'll see you all soon!


Wednesday 14 February 2018

Happy Valentine's / Galentine's Day!

Tomorrow is Valentine's/ Galentine's Day and if you haven't got your special V-Day gift sorted yet, then you need to definitely read on! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or Galentine's are my top 5 go to last minute pressies that'll make anyone feel all loved up!💓Luxury Bed Linen
You can't go wrong with super soft, sumptuous, environmentally friendly luxury bed linen! My favourites are the super-soft, pure flaxlinen sheet set from Bedtonic, white linen quilt cover set from Temple & Webster and Dove Grey linen sheet set from Hunting for George. P.S. Hunting for George are offering same day delivery for all orders over $50 and before 12pm tomorrow! #winning

Photoshoot Gift Voucher
A professional photograph is an amazing way to capture special moments. For a special and intimate photoshoot, I love Paula's fresh style of photography and the professional yet fun experience that Verve offers. This Valentine's Day Verve Potraits has teamed up with the Hunger Project to give the gift of love and empowerment to people living in hunger so that they can transform their lives. By purchasing one of their mid-week vouchers you can help do your bit this V-Day as all proceeds go to the Hunger Project! What a great initiative and what better way to celebrate love than with those who need it the most! Book it in!

Favourite Magazine Subscription
A year long magazine subscription is a fantastic last minute gift idea! My favourites... Darling Mag, Adore and Inside Out!

Art that makes your or your beloved's heart sing is a great way to celebrate love and also kickstart your art collection. My favourites are the Whale Bay, Antartica by Zaria Forman and Iris Scott's spectacular finger painted prints! If you're looking for instant gratification then check out the beautiful downloadable designs on offer from PosteraDesign.

Chunky Knit Throw
Winter's coming and a chunky knit throw is a great way to snuggle, cosy up and get your hygge on! There are some plush ones on Etsy! So get going!

And just remember, all above gifts should come with a side order of a big box of chocolates or champagne!😋

Till next time... have a fantastic Valentine's/ Galentine's Day!


Saturday 10 February 2018

Balancing Your Courtyard Walls with Green Space

Great design is about all about balance. When working with courtyards, every choice must be space-efficient, serve a purpose and work within a harmonised aesthetic, considering the limited space you have.

Green space is one of the most important factors of an outdoor area. Surrounding yourself with nature has known health benefits, including stress relief, an increased sense of connectedness, air purification and increased serotonin levels, which directly relate to happiness and motivation.

Look around your courtyard; do you see a healthy balance? How much green space do you have? Do you feel as though is it the perfect mix of comfort, security and nature? If not, here are some quick and effective ways of restoring your green space.
Perimeter Garden Beds
Lining your courtyard with garden beds enhances your boundary wall with beautiful foliage, offering a lush backdrop to revitalise the space. This is a space efficient way of incorporating garden beds without surrendering too much floor space. Hedging bushes, ferns and shrubs offer dense foliage, whilst tropical plants or flowers can offer statement splashes of colour.
Vertical Gardens
Garden walls, living walls, green walls, or hanging gardens, are taking the design world by storm. Mounting your plants on a wall ensures that you need not sacrifice a single inch of floor space, whilst still harnessing the power of green space.

Trellises and Climbers
In keeping with wall-bound gardens, climbing plants like ivy, wisteria and star jasmine grow beautifully across frames, overhead beams, fencing and trellises. For an added bonus, passionfruit vines will mature and offer delicious fruits for desserts, fruit salads and summery cocktails!

Retaining Wall Planter Boxes
If your courtyard requires retaining, or needs levelling, retaining walls can offer integrating planter boxes to line one side of your courtyard with. A mix of ornamental grasses, shrubbery and foliage can create a thick jungle wall, or treat yourself to a DIY veggie patch!

Whilst masonry can be tricky, expensive and time consuming, there are modular DIY kits that are made of lightweight materials and offer super simple installation (as quick as a single weekend), whilst giving the same premium look of a rendered brick wall. Best of all, you can paint or clad them with stack stone or tiling to match the rest of your courtyard!

Potted plants
If garden beds aren’t possible, pots and plants come in all shapes and sizes! From the traditional floor pots, to wall planters, to hanging plant baskets, there are endless ways to add potted plants to your courtyard.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your pot choices; metals can add a touch of industrial chic, macramé hanging baskets embrace a bohemian coastal vibe and tiled or painted patterns can add a unique flair to an otherwise neutral space.
Introducing these design ideas and expert tips into your courtyard will help transform even the smallest space into a functional, stylish and relaxing space that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Till next time... balance your courtyard walls with green space!


About ModularWalls
ModularWalls™ creates stunning wall and fencing systems that are faster, easier and less expensive than rendered brick, for the same premium, modern style. Enhance your home today with designer boundary walls, acoustic fencing, front walls, pool walls, feature walls or retaining walls.

Monday 5 February 2018

Design Envy: A Design Forward Fashion Boutique!

Welcome back & Happy New Year!

I've been away for almost seven weeks and a lot has happened since then. Some great, some sad, but long story short, we're back with a bang!

This year is an exciting one for our design blog... more amazing house/design envy tours, stylish home improvement products reviews, latest trends in wall treatments, flooring options and outdoor furniture, design interviews and definitely more interior design inspiration and affordable décor tips! 

Today were kicking off 2018 with an amazing design envy tour of a contemporary fashion boutique - Gia X. Designed and styled by the bespoke design firm Studio Y., the contemporary fashion boutique is situated in Essendon, Melbourne and boasts of seriously enviable interiors.
The dramatic industrial aesthetics of the boutique embraces a contemporary and sleek design with ceiling mounted display racks, that are definitely the hero of this beautiful space. The clothes displayed on vertically mounted blackened steel frames also support shelving and artwork while floor mounted podiums are placed sporadically throughout the store.

Studio Y. chose to take a minimalist approach to designing the fashion forward boutique, while complementing the clean lines with an infusion of warmth through lush botanicals, green velvet furniture and luxurious floor rugs.

The arched doorways of the pretty change rooms are draped in velvet curtaining while the lighting is indirect and recessed, shedding soft and flattering illumination onto patrons.

If you're interested to know where the beautiful products used to style this gorgeous fashion boutique is from, I've put together a quick 'Shop The Look' section below. 

Not only fashion forward, the unforgettable interior spaces of Gia X is hip, contemporary and design forward. So are you green with envy yet? I am!
Shop The Look

Rug: Everest Rug from Hali

Chaise Lounge and Chaise Lounge with back: James Richardson Furniture

Chaise Lounge Fabric: ‘Jungle’ (velvet) by Instyle Atelier. This fabric is also used for change room curtains.

Joinery: Alpine Haze laminate in Natural Finish and Black melamine in Velvet Finish

Lighting [Downlights, custom pendants, ceiling mounts, directional lighting, joinery lighting, recessed strip lighting]: Ambience Lighting

Stools and planters: Redfox & Wilcox

Flooring treatment: Existing concrete floor was polished

Wall treatment: Subway wall tiles by Classic Ceramics

Wall Paints: Artistic render paint by artist Meg Milton to match Dulux 'Dieskau' and Dulux 'Raku'.
Change rooms: Dulux ‘Lilac Light’. Dulux ‘Natural White’ was used elsewhere.

If I have left something out or if you have any queries, feel free to reach out to me via Instagram or comment below and I'll be sure get back to you.

Till next time... hope you enjoyed this design envy tour and welcome back!


Studio Y. creates bespoke spatial experiences that are a potent mixture of constructive imagination and playful practicality.Their multi-disciplinary team of interior designers, architects and graphic designers, combine their expertise and creativity with client aspirations to transform spaces into tactile reality.

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