Monday 27 February 2017

Gypsy Living - Our Top 4 Tips For the Frequent Mover!

Living a nomadic lifestyle can be fun and rewarding for some and difficult for others. For me personally, the thought of packing up my three bedroom home again and moving, gives me nightmares, however, for those who enjoy the nomadic lifestyle of frequent movers, the adventure of house hunting and moving to a new home, city or country is a thrill like no other!

There are a few things to keep in mind and certain things to lookout for when you are changing homes so regularly. Our moving expert and guest contributor Rebecca, shares her 4 top tips for the frequent mover.

I’m a gypsy - I admit it.

In my lifetime, I estimate I have moved home about 30 times, not because I didn’t like a house or neighbourhood but because I need to change my surroundings constantly so they always appear fresh and interesting to me. After all, life without novelty can be very dull.

Over the years, I have gradually moved further away from the city and graduated from tiny single bedroom apartments, through 3 bedroom townhouses and finally arrived at the double storey luxury end of the market. Sweet! What I can’t afford to buy, I can easily afford to rent. Whilst I do own a small investment property by the beach, my penchant for the itinerant lifestyle seals the deal as a tenant.

With such a history of constant change of address, keeping certain businesses on speed dial has become a necessity. Companies such as Whizz House Cleaning Services and cheap carpet cleaning services are staples for every move I make.

My constant house hopping does have its drawbacks but it also has its rewards. Let me show you how you can make your travelling life, a happy one.

Lightening your load
‘He who travels lightest, travels fastest’. If you are a single or even a couple, there is no need for large appliances and cumbersome furniture.

Appliances: A simple, single door 240L fridge/freezer should suffice for your needs.

Consider the convenience of sending your laundry out to be cleaned. Not only will this save you moving a heavy washing machine and dryer around, imagine the time saved, not to mention the pleasure of receiving your clothes freshly laundered and ironed, ready for hanging.

Furniture: If you are a couple, it may surprise you to know that often a king size bed is easier to move than a double or queen. The base is sometimes comprised of two single size beds. This is especially helpful when trying to manoeuvre furniture up a narrow staircase.

Look for rentals with large storage capacity so you can keep unused personal items boxed ready for your next move.

Try to find houses with built in robes to avoid unnecessary movement of wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Consider renting homes which are already furnished or at least semi-furnished. This will minimise the cost and stress of moving large items.

The Paper Trail
One huge headache I faced when I first began moving house, was the issue of changing the address on bank statements, medicare, insurances and the myriad of other mail offerings I receive.

I solved this issue by securing a P.O. box through my local Australia Post office.

It took some time to change every single address, but at least I only had to do each one once and now have a central point of collection that I never have to amend again.

Cleaning tips
With every single move you make, certain cleaning rituals are going to have to be performed. Things like steam cleaning the carpets, unfortunately, can’t be avoided as you must produce a receipt and this is often the case with other areas of the home, which is why I call in Whizz.

However, prevention is better than cure for the most part. A few cleaning tips you may like to follow are:

Clean your oven and racks after every use to avoid heavy build ups over time

Keep a can of white paint or white-out handy to touch up any scratches or marks on walls. It’s much easier than trying to clean them!

Place lining paper in drawers to prevent marks and dirt build up. These are easily disposed of on moving day.

Have cleaning equipment easily accessible in your bathroom and wipe over surfaces after every use. This avoids having to use the old ‘elbow grease’ down the track.

Place light mats or rugs over high traffic areas of the house. This will cut down on damage or marks to the carpets.

Remove and store expensive or fragile window treatments such as netting. You can pop up some fresh, cheap ones of your own to match your décor.

Personalised décor
Whilst moving house often means that my penchant for gardening rarely bears fruit (excuse the pun) it doesn’t prevent me from personalising other areas of a house. Artwork, cushions, lamps and other décor can be used to bring a personalised colour palette and style to your temporary abode.

If you are a gypsy like me, then you know the joys of frequent house-hopping.

It doesn’t have to be a way of life forever, but till you have to put down roots, experiencing new neighbours and cultures can add colour and excitement to your life. Ready to move on? Try a few of my tips and, before you know it, you will have joined the ranks of the happy gypsy nomads.

Do you enjoy the nomadic lifestyle as much as Rebecca? Have you house hopped a few times? What are your go to tips to make the process as seamless and easy as possible? Share with us in the comments below.

Till next time... don't forget to pack light!


About the Author
Rebecca is a writer living in Melbourne with expertise in creating witty, insightful and engaging content. Her articles have been published widely and she is a prolific contributor on social media platforms.

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