Saturday 17 August 2019

How to Add Style to a Neutral Living Room!

Essentially, neutral means lacking or without colour. Beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and shades of white appear to be unsaturated with colour, but in many applications these hues often have many undertones and are a critical component of great design.

Because of this, the use of neutral colours in home decorating can offer bags of personality and interest. They provide a certain flexibility and versatility in decorating as trends and personal preferences change. Neutrals also tend to be tones that provide an excellent backdrop — a blank canvas, if you like — to many other colours no matter your aesthetic.

In order to alleviate the risk of this colour scheme from being boring and aesthetically stagnating, below is a guide for decorating with neutrals while maintaining charm, life, and tons of style.

Stay subtle but stylish
Grounding a room in a neutral palette creates instant unity and gives your eye a place to rest, while splashes of vibrant colour move the eye throughout the room to find new and interesting elements.

A room dominant of a neutral palette can form the perfect base for the vast majority of colours and a foundation of countless interior looks while allowing you to be as subtle and as stylish as you desire.

The popularity of beiges, creams, whites, black and greys are linked to the rise of another huge interior trend of the moment, Scandinavian style — and these influences have seen muted tones and subtle pastel accents infiltrate every space from living rooms & bedrooms to bathrooms and kitchens.

Throw in some cushions
The easiest way to create a designer look is to add visual interest and personality using home accessories. A soothing palette of warm, muted neutrals gives you the opportunity to incorporate different accent colours and interesting textures and finishes as your room scheme evolves.

Neutrals are the perfect grounding contrast to a host of throw cushions in vibrant colours — from burnt orange and red, to mustard yellow, teal blue and emerald green cushion covers.

Velvet cushions are also having their moment with inky navy, wine shades and gorgeous blue tones seen in sophisticated interiors across the globe which are perfect pairings to paler greys, off-whites and soft beiges.

Combine interesting textures
A room without texture can feel dull and lifeless, so add tactile surfaces for warmth and interest. Neutral interiors work particularly well layered with texture to really bring the the scheme to life. By offsetting rough with soft, shiny with matte and coarse with smooth, it’s easy to inject rhythm and depth into a living room space.

Consider using various tactile textures in a form of soft furnishings. This could be anything from linen curtains, a large velvet fabric range of cushions, cable knit throws, sheepskins area rugs and more.

Create a luxe interior finish
Many people associate neutral with bland and dreary, but this isn’t the case in a well thought-out design scheme. In fact, all-neutral rooms can be super chic and even opulent.

Just the right combination of d├ęcor elements can create a wow effect. Button tufting on the sofa, the use of reflective surfaces like glass, mirror, chrome, and silver, soft furnishings in sumptuous materials such as velvet cushions and silk window treatments all combine to create a luxurious atmosphere.

In addition, you would want to pay attention to the subtle details such as the textured features, colour combinations and the overall comfort and ambience of your space. Just because a room has a neutral scheme doesn't mean it can't be cosy and intimate with a little sparkle!
So there you have it, a few simple steps and you too could have a stylish living room no matter what the canvas. And just remember...layer, layer, layer!

Till next time... how do you add style to your living room?
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