Friday 25 February 2022

Trend Forecast: The House of 2022 - Beautiful Simplicity and Purposeful Hubs!

Closed borders, lockdowns, and working from home for much of 2021 increasingly helped Australians identify where they want to live and what they want from their homes. As well as greater consideration for locations outside of metro areas, Australians are identifying the benefits of creating purposeful, separate hubs around the home.
Increased savings, low interest rates, and government grants have contributed to the urgency for real estate, resulting in a fear of missing out or paying too much. According to James Hardie’s Marketing Director, Cathleya Buchanan, the quality of Australian home design suffers with such urgency in the market as there’s a gap between what homeowners value most and the homes that are being built. Australians want a place where they can be safe, relaxed, connect with family and make memories - it’s important that the home is designed to be light, bright and spacious. Home builders need to think about orienting living areas toward the North, where the light comes from, and including large windows and openings. Living areas should be open plan and connect to outdoor areas.

As well as a focus on aspect and open planning, Buchanan notes that purposeful hubs around the home will be increasingly sought after in the House of 2022. 
The pandemic has shown us that home is more than a shelter notes leading architect and James Hardie Ambassador Joe Snell. According to him, the home of 2022 must be flexible and not as stagnant as they once were. Homes need to provide for entertainment, eating, working, exercising, and retreat. Work is now ever-changing, but the home remains the hub with flexibility the key.

Below, Cathleya Buchanan and Joe Snell outline the design features of the House of 2022.

Exteriors and Design
On house exteriors, James Hardie believes the House of 2022 is best summed up by the words “beautiful simplicity”. Homeowners are inspired by clean lines and pared-back designs with achromatic colour palettes. Profiled cladding products like Linea™ Weatherboards are being painted crisp white and contrasted with black window frames, black fascia and guttering. Hardie™ cladding with modest details like Axon™ Cladding, which looks like vertical joint timber or large format panel Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding, a fibre cement wall panel embedded with a fine texture to create a modern aesthetic, are becoming a canvas which highlights homes with simple shapes and hidden rooflines. Timber screens and integrated greenery feature strongly as they pop from a receding dark coloured cladding background. 
Joe Snell notes that the Hamptons style is ever popular, but due to the pandemic, the housing look is trending more towards functionality, with houses becoming what they need to be for owners; not what owners think they should be. According to him, essentially it is lifestyle creating the form, not the form dictating lifestyle. Snell notes two trends that will be present in 2022 include resort-style for home holidaying and Scandinavian inspired functionality. Resort-style homes with similarly designed pools, a fresh weatherboard beach look, and a pergola, with no need to add further decoration, will help create a year-round holiday aesthetic. Those seeking more of a pragmatic, industrial working house will opt for the Scandinavian look. It’s pure and highly practical with a clean aesthetic and will suit a lot of people working from home.

According to Joe Snell, homes with little architectural shape can be enhanced by varying lines, textures and colours. Here, the mixed cladding look can reflect a well-known style or a unique personal one. By incorporating a larger range of materials, the look opens almost endless design possibilities, perfect for people who have rediscovered their creative sides during lockdowns.

A Warm (and Safe) Welcome
The pandemic has changed home design. We’re now conscious of preventing the virus entering our homes and we want to feel safe when we’re socialising with friends and family at home. These considerations will influence new home builds as well as renovations. 
We can expect oversized front entryways and covered porches coming into home designs, where couriers delivering packages or visitors dropping-off children for a play date can be greeted. Entry ways will increasingly become a welcoming hub in the home with design opportunities for textured cladding, lighting, and seating to set the right mood. Snell also notes The House of 2022 may include second-living spaces allowing for a getaway from the main living area, which are becoming a big request. 
People have a clearer idea of what they want in floorplans. One example of this is an expanded master bedroom to include a lounge for reading. Working a ‘retreat’ space into the floor plans lends itself to the resort style of home.
The proportion of people working from home was about 8% in 2019 but was estimated to be around 38% in 2021. Working from home has identified the real need for dedicated work spaces that are not bedrooms or living rooms. It’s important to have work and non-work zones to create separation and allow family members to decompress from increasingly busy, long, and stressful work; especially, when we don’t have the commute to put distance between the two, notes Buchanan. Dedicated sound-proof ‘Zoom rooms’ for online meetings are increasingly being identified as needs rather than wants.

Joe Snell notes working from home is now not just one person needing space, but multiple people needing spaces. The traditional open plan layout with study nook is out. Now that the whole family is working from home, a study nook is not fit for purpose, Another trend Snell observes is the home office increasingly being placed in the first room at the front of the house. If you are welcoming work-related visitors, you don’t want people walking through the house to get to the office. He also notes some home offices are including a separate entrance for better access.
One in five (20%) Australians experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress in June 2021. As an antidote to constant connection with work or family while locked down, and improving mental health, the need for quiet alone time become apparent to many Australians. Home designs should consider tranquil, private slow spaces which can be indoors or in a covered outdoor space. These calm, quiet spaces are used to unplug, decompress, or even meditate. Lockdowns made many feel cooped-up and craving a connection with the outdoors, so outdoor spaces need to be integrated with the house for an easy indoor-outdoor flow.
These spaces should be minimalist and uncluttered with an organic feel. Include plants, soft lighting, rich textures and careful colour selection such as neutral, earthy paint colours to aid relaxation. 

Till next time... to find out more about how to build or renovate your own dream home, from inspiration on the latest look to advice on modern materials, visit

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Trend Forecast: Key Bathroom Trends In 2022

2022 will focus on simplicity, functionality and naturalness. We're still spending a lot of time at home and focusing on the form and function of every space we use. The focus for the bathroom, more than any other room in the home, will incorporate the key trends of wellness and self-care, with an emphasis on the importance of creating harmony. Choosing less and focusing on more quality items that last and provide comfort above all else will be the priority. 
Size does play a part in the design for a bathroom, however, regardless of the space, trends for 2022 dictate functionality and eco-friendly as top of the list. “Green” designs coupled with water-efficient and energy- efficient bathroom fixtures are a must-have. Andy Grigor, Head of Design and Innovation at Methven, explains that while water conservation may be at the forefront of our minds, it doesn’t have to mean compromising on the shower experience.

According to Andy, people tend to associate less water with bad experiences. Methven's mission is to change that. They design with the intent to use less but not at the expense of experience. Their shower designs focus on innovation, sustainability and water conservation, and along with leading- edge technology result in a transformative shower experience. Methven offers a number of 4-star shower options, such as The Rua Rail Shower, where the water flow rate is optimised to be water efficient without compromising the luxurious spray performance.
The Rua features the award-winning Aurajet technology. The design is a standout with hidden nozzles generating individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces offering a seemingly floating shower head. The result is a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets.

The future of bathroom design will be the integration of intuitive products that make life easier and use energy efficiently. People's lives already have an overload of information and there is a movement to transition from the smart home to the thoughtful home explains Andy. At Methven, designers are working on hidden technology that helps meet everyday demands, with products that have intuitive features that use several metrics to predict your needs. An example of this is your shower automatically setting your preferred temperature and water flow. Intuitive shower technology will keep track of your habits and will automatically power on the thermostat at just the right temperature for you, and on the preferred water flow.
From an interior design perspective, artistic touches give character to bathrooms with the use of modern wallpaper, wall panelling or warm, moody colours to add personality and harmony to a bathroom. The natural hues of stone and wood dominate. Bathroom spaces, including vanities, walls and ceiling linings are adopting finishes in raw timber, stone and concrete. Sustainable timber is a natural material that brings a sense of warmth and depth to a room, adds texture and movement, bringing nature indoors.
The connection to nature and earthy raw colours and textures provides a calming yet resort luxe feel to an ultimate bathroom sanctuary. According to Andy, overall bathroom design will see a simple palette that center stage with natural materials of stone and wood allowing bathroom fixtures to accentuate the detail and finishing touches. Softer forms will become more prevalent, with clean lines and a minimalist touch will enable other details such as tap ware and shower design, to become the hero features.

Methven’s Futura MK2 rail shower set against a natural stone is a perfect combination. The Futura collection offers streamlined styling that allows you to combine everyday luxury with water efficiency. According to Andy, this one function rail shower features Satinjet® Technology with twin-jets of water colliding to create a full-body shower sensation, whilst also delivering on water efficiency.
Variations of the green colour palette are the colours to look out for in 2022. There is no ignoring the dominance of green which is growing in popularity. There seems to be a renewed zeal for nature and the outdoors, and we see greening in our interiors, bringing the outdoor in according to Andy. Chrome set against darker colours such as Forest Green and dark wood are the ultimate finisher!
Methven products are available from plumbing stores and showrooms nation- wide. For more information, please go to

Till next time... keep these bathroom design trends on your radar in 2022!

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Four Easy Ways to Save Water This Summer

The ReTH!NK range is a new range of watering accessories in which the plastic components of each product are made from at least 70% recycled material – a first of its kind for Australasia. This is achieved during the manufacturing process of Nylex’s current products, where offcuts are collected as a bi-product of their production, saving waste from landfills, and then combined with virgin material to ensure high quality and performance.
According to a study conducted, nine in ten Australian consumers are more likely to purchase ethical and sustainable products, with the survey also revealing that 85% of consumers want retailers and brands to be more transparent about the sustainability of their products. Recycled products such as Nylex’s ReTH!NK range play an important part in reducing the carbon footprint as well as saving waste from landfill. As one of the driest populated continents on earth, water conservation should be a priority for every Australian. For the gardener, being water-wise and decreasing water consumption can help save money and the environment.

To ensure you save water but keep your garden thriving, Alyce Rigby, Nylex Product Manager, shares her top water saving tips.

Water your garden less often, but for longer
Instead of watering plants a little every day, it is more effective to give them a good soak less often, to encourage roots to grow down into the soil, where it’s cooler and promote a good firm, drier tolerant root system. To keep your garden hydrated, use the Nylex 20 Metre ReTH!INK Garden Hose (RRP $25.98). This hose is ideal for basic watering needs, built with pressure resistant woven reinforcement for durability and a polished cover that resists dirt collecting abrasions.
Water at the right time
The optimal time to water your garden and lawn is early in the morning. Watering at this time reduces the likelihood of water loss due to evaporation, so more water can soak deep into the soil. Early morning watering also ensures that water doesn’t sit on the foliage overnight, which can encourage fungal disease. Additionally, make sure you are only watering your garden when it’s needed. For example, avoid watering if it has recently rained and don’t use the mist setting on the nozzle when it’s windy. The Nylex ReTH!INK Multi-Function Spray Gun Set (RRP $14.98) gives you plenty of choice when it comes to watering. With eight different spray patterns, this set will ensure you’re using the right spray pattern for the task at hand.
Anti-leak fittings and taps are best
A leaking tap can mean litres of water wasted every month. Apart from checking your water meter for leakage, it’s important to use a good quality hose fitting that won’t leak or break and waste water. The Nylex ReTH!NK Nozzle Watering Set (RRP $12.98) is the tool for the job. The set includes a watering nozzle with an adjustable spray pattern and two anti-leak hose connectors and a universal tap adaptor to ensure no water is wasted. Constructed with UV protection and with a two- year guarantee, this set is durable, ensuring your hose fitting won’t break with strong water pressure.

Use the right amount of water
Before watering, take some time to analyse your garden and soil. Water is essential for the health of plants and soil. Soil that has been watered holds nutrients that feed the plant and its roots. However, how much water your soil needs may be dependent on the soil type – light sandy soils tend to lose moisture quicker so you might find they need watering more often than heavier clay-based soils which tend to hold onto more moisture and often require less water. No matter what your soil type or watering style, the Nylex ReTH!NK Twin Gun Set (RRP $19.98) is the perfect choice. The spray gun is multi-functional and comes with eight different spray patterns to choose from while the other is adjustable from jet to a fine mist. Both offer an on-off squeeze trigger, continuous spray function and flow control, guaranteeing you can manage the water flow and strength at all times.
Nylex products available from Bunnings Warehouse nationwide. For more information, visit

Till next time... ReTH!NK how you can save water this summer!

Monday 21 February 2022

Relax, Nourish and Reset with Two Trees Hammocks!

Juggling the demands of today including work, family and friends, not to mention being chained to our devices, is taking a heavy toll on our wellbeing. Burn outs are increasing and stress levels have soared particularly through the pandemic where the expectations of our daily lives have intensified. As well as the physical impact that stress can have on our bodies, such as heart problems and fatigue, it can also contribute to serious mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, therefore the importance of keeping your mind, body and soul regularly in check is more important now than ever.
Letting go of day-to-day stresses is not always an easy task, but adopting a lifestyle that incorporates regular periods of rest is a good place to start, according to Kate Batson, Product Manager at Two Trees. Taking the time to include relaxation in your daily routine can have a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing. By allowing both the body and mind to rest, reflect and rejuvenate you can benefit from the opportunity to reset, which in turn decreases stress. 

Recognising the importance of managing stress and being aware of your limits, Two Trees suggests some helpful ways to refresh the mind, body and soul:

Your body and mind need to recharge regularly in order to function their best, rejuvenating routinely through daily naps, week-end breaks and annual holidays will help to successfully reset, recharge and destress, resulting in enormous health benefits all round.

- Meditation can bring around short-term stress relief as well as long lasting benefits. There are many different forms of mediation whether it’s repeating a mantra or taking a few minutes to practice mindfulness and focus on your breath, each technique can take you away from the stressful moment at hand and build resilience towards any future stresses.

- Walking is a simple and effective way to reset and it has clear benefits for the mind, body and soul, enabling you to take in fresh air and appreciate new scenery while bringing all the physical benefits of exercise.

- Hammocks provide a great way to relieve stress naturally, the gentle swaying motion works to relax both body and mind and reduce anxiety levels by calming the nervous system. Widely recognised as a symbol for rest and relaxation, the iconic image of the hammock immediately conjures thoughts of sun, sea, sand, and snoozing. 
Versatile enough to be used all year round, whether it’s camping in the Aussie outback, snoozing in the garden, or napping on the beach, the humble hammock is a simple and achievable way to replenish the soul and offers a multitude of benefits towards wellbeing: 

- The natural swaying motion of the hammock can help you to relax and unwind from the rigours of a rough day, which leads to reduced stress levels.

- Studies have revealed that the gentle rocking motion of a hammock not only helps you to fall asleep faster but also helps you to have a much deeper sleep.

- A gentle rest in a hammock helps you to feel more energised and it can also remove niggling worries and improve concentration.

- Relaxation gives the body time to repair itself which in turn strengthens the immune system. At a time when keeping well is at the forefront, knowing that a little RnR will help to keep us safe makes it much easier to take the time out to indulge.

- It’s no secret that being outdoors in nature helps to clear the mind, whether you’re relaxing at home in the garden or exploring the best that local Australian travel has to offer, let nature’s chorus gently lull you to sleep.
Designed for the life outdoors or the outdoor life at home, Two Trees has released a brand-new range of stylish and versatile hammocks. Made with 100% virgin cotton to enable you to relax, nourish and reset in luxury, this season’s reversible two-tone prints capture a fresh, light and calming vibe.

Deluxe Cotton Hammocks (RRP Double $51.98 King $62.98) Each hammock comes in a stylish and handy fabric bag, which reflects the print of the hammock and its solid backing colour. The style is available in three prints:

Two Trees take on the classic and timeless Hamptons look, the print features soft muted blues and curved printed lines with a pop of bright blue on the back. The Hamilton is sure to have you dreaming of sunny days at the beach or just relaxing in your own backyard.
Embracing the botanicals interior trend with a tropical twist, Two Trees palm leaf printed hammock has a sunny relaxing vibe to make indulging in a moment of peace and relaxation a rejuvenating and nurturing experience.

With natural, earthy appeal, Two Trees tribal print has taken inspiration from Australian Indigenous trends and is reminiscent of the Australian outback with its earthy and pink undertones. This is the perfect hammock to rest, reflect and reset for the week ahead.
The full range of Two Trees Hammocks is available at Bunnings Warehouse. For further information visit

Till next time... which is your favourite hammock design- Hamilton, Nurture or Tribal?! I think I'm a bit partial towards Nature... those palm prints give me all the holiday vibes!

Wednesday 16 February 2022

A Textile Collection that will make you Stop and Swoon!

The Forest Collection - Vanessa Arbuthnott’s 20th Fabric Collection is delicate, simple and pretty and sure to make you stop in your tracks and swoon over the beautiful botanical designs!

Vanessa’s latest creation, the Forest collection has been inspired by her immersion in nature. Ever conscious of the environment, inherent in Vanessa’s work practices and mirrored in her designs which burst with beautiful imagery of the world around us. These new designs are printed on a unique cloth woven especially for her, combining linen with organic cotton. 
Four designs in a total of 26 colourways, have been printed on a unique eco-cloth, woven from 60% linen and 40% organic cotton yarns especially for Vanessa in Lancashire, Britain. The collection features beautiful new colours including Ochre, Lichen, Marigold and Moss. All of these colours have been carefully chosen to compliment Vanessa’s current palette allowing seamless integration with previous collections.

WILD FERN: Is a simple, printed asymmetrical stylised fern leaf – with dots down the centre reflecting the line of dotty structures you see on the reverse of fronds, commonly called fruit dots. As flowerless plants, ferns use these structures as cases that hold their reproductive material. 
LITTLE FERN: This design is a smaller scale negative version of the Wild Fern, reminiscent of Indian block prints.
SOW & SCATTER: A relaxed and fun print using potatoes cut in the positive form. Vanessa scanned in her marks and used the computer to turn it around into a negative pattern.
LATTICE LEAF: The structure of a trellis and with a bud from Vanessa's Life & Eternity design and encapsulated it inside this lattice.
NEW LINEN UNION WEAVE: MALMO Striking and contemporary woven stripe in an earthy soft orange called Carrot. This beautiful new design also incorporates embroidery.
New colourways of existing designs are equally gorgeous!

LAPLAND STRIPE: This woven linen stripe is an old favourite and has been re-coloured to coordinate with these new prints, combining soft blues and pretty pinks.
UP THE GARDEN PATH: New colourway in Cornflower Blue.
LIFE & ETERNITY DETAIL: Another Cornflower Blue.

SIMPLE TICKING DETAIL: New colourways in Marigold, Cornflower, Lichen, Pigeon, Mallow and Peach.
I'm swooning over 'Wild Fern' and 'Up The Garden Path'. I'm literally imagining all my furniture reupholstered in this beautiful collection! The Forest Collection is available to purchase online.

Till next time... which is your favourite design?


Monday 14 February 2022

New Iconic Outdoor Electrical Range for Seamless Outdoor Design

Great design is in the details and while new beautiful switch and socket options are available for indoors, outdoor electricals haven’t progressed as far. That is until now, with the launch of Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s (Clipsal) Iconic Outdoor range.
The four aesthetically designed switches and sockets are an extension of the popular Iconic range for interiors. Each model has been expertly developed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions, while boasting a sleek design that will enhance the look and feel of any outdoor entertaining area.

According to Mick Burgon, Operational Offer Manager at Clipsal by Schneider Electric. consumers are now looking to design their outdoor spaces to match the aesthetics and comfort of their interior. However, until now the appearance of outdoor switches have led many to hide them away in hard to see and reach places.
A fresh approach to outdoor electricals, the range has been designed to mimic the look and feel of the Clipsal Iconic range, with smooth-rounded edging, and black or white matte finishes.

While switches and sockets are often overlooked, they hold the power to add an extra touch of elegance to a space. Schneider Electric wanted to fill this gap in the market by creating a sleeker range of outdoor switches and sockets without forgoing on functionality.

The range is also compatible with the Clipsal Wiser Smart Home system, enabling incorporation of smart home technology into outdoor spaces. The new scalable and affordable system allows homeowners to choose where and when they automate their home, according to their preferences and budgets.
Home automation will define the future of the average Australian home. With the average household predicted to have at least 18 connected devices by 2023, it is important that homeowners have the same opportunity for comfort and control in their outdoor living areas.

The new Iconic Outdoor range has been carefully designed to increase functionality with smart home connectivity. More than just a power point, the range’s single connected socket can be controlled through Clipsal’s Wiser Smart Home technology app to run fountains, pool pumps, garden lighting and other appliances.

The Iconic Outdoor range has also been designed to make the installation process faster and easier. By working hand-in-hand with a range of electricians, Schneider Electric was able to create an offering that eliminated many of the industry's common pain points when it comes to outdoor switch and socket installation. 
Iconic Outdoor is the first IP rated outdoor range in Australia that can be installed without the need to seal or drill the mounting holes. The product's large clips remove the need for screws from the assembly, while the use of inline terminals make the process simpler, and faster for trained electricians.

By addressing consumers’ desire for aesthetic, functional products with smart home capability, while also providing a faster and easier installation process for sparkies, Iconic Outdoor is designed to become the new standard for outdoor sockets and switches.

Despite only just launching to market, the range has already won multiple industry awards including the iF Design Award 2021 for ‘building technology’, and Good Design Award 2021 for ‘Product: Hardware and Buildings’.
The product was recognised among a competitive line-up of products from around the world for its innovative and elegant design that has reimagined every element of outdoor electrical fittings to improve the experience for both installer and homeowner.

For more information on the Iconic Outdoor range, visit

Till next time... it's time to revamp your outdoor switches!

Thursday 3 February 2022

Trend Forecast: Interior Design Trends to Know in 2022

With more people than ever before continuing to work from home and with the increased time spent at home during lockdown, interior design in 2022 will be reassessing the functionality and versatility of spaces. This year we have seen that the functionality of the home has shifted, with kitchens becoming home offices, living rooms turning into yoga studios and bathrooms becoming a private retreat away from the stresses of daily life.
According to interior design expert and Luxaflex National Brand Partner, Neale Whitaker, on a global level, the pandemic has seen most of us spend more time than ever in our homes and that phenomenon is set to continue. There will inevitably be a renewed focus on home offices, second living spaces, dining areas and home theatres. From an aesthetic perspective, we will see a continued emphasis on what is known as biophilic design – seeking ways to bring nature indoors. 
At its simplest biophilic design is our love of houseplants, but at its most sophisticated, it explores the relationship between indoors and outdoors and the creation of outdoor rooms which is especially important here in Australia. This concept is also reflected in the current predominance of natural colours like greens, browns, ochre and natural materials like wood and stone.

The need to create workable living spaces in the home will also reflect the colours, patterns and textures that are incorporated in the home. Contrasting textures add to the aesthetic interest of a room. It’s what we generally refer to as ‘layering’. Layering has become especially important in recent years with the popularity of neutral interiors or interiors where one colour predominates.
When an interior designer creates an interior scheme, they will generally start with a materials palette or mood board that brings together textures and materials that work in harmony together, such as brass and velvet, timber and linen, rattan and leather – and so on.

According to Neale, layering can also apply to window furnishings. A popular trend is floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains used in conjunction with blinds. Pair Luxaflex® Sheer wave curtains with Luxaflex® Duette® Shades to add visual interest in addition to diffusing light. Floor-to-ceiling curtains add softness to a material palette that includes raw timber, stone and concrete.

Trending colours for 2022 particularly for living rooms, will include shades of brown such as caramel, tan, chocolate and latte shades, which are an alternative to grey-based neutrals that have dominated for several years. Shades of olive and eucalyptus are another prominent colour palette.
Another design trend is harnessing the power that light and privacy play in homes. Light can have a transformative effect on our living spaces. In the northern hemisphere the focus is often on adding light sources to counter a lack of natural light for much of the year. In Australia, there is an abundance of natural light that can sometimes be harsh and intrusive. Diffusing and filtering light through window furnishings like blinds, shutters and sheer curtains gives us control over light and allows us to create not only privacy but mood and ambience in our living spaces.

Window coverings are important for not only style purposes, but also in effectively blocking glare on computer screens, managing temperatures and keeping you comfortable. Neale's own home on the NSW south coast is a perfect example of where abundant light needed to be controlled without sacrificing beautiful outdoor views. In the main living area, floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains filter and diffuse the light whilst allowing full access to the view.
In the guest bedrooms, Pirouette® shadings, used in conjunction with sheers, were the perfect solution, allowing privacy without compromising the views. From an aesthetic and functional perspective, the suite of Luxaflex® products in our home provides a perfect backdrop to an interior style that blends classic country with contemporary. The newly launched Pirouette® ClearView™ fabric incorporates an enhanced and patented sheer backing which provides unparalleled clarity and view-through. The vanes appear to float as you cannot see the sheer, giving the appearance of a soft shutter when open. Clearview™ is available in three fabric ranges including Satin, Satin Metallic and Apollo.
Each room should have a justified existence and when considering design elements, homeowners should think about what they love and what they enjoy, and most importantly how they want to live in their home – design it for your needs.

Till next time... when designing your home or revamping a few areas, it’s important to remember your priorities!

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