Monday 21 February 2022

Relax, Nourish and Reset with Two Trees Hammocks!

Juggling the demands of today including work, family and friends, not to mention being chained to our devices, is taking a heavy toll on our wellbeing. Burn outs are increasing and stress levels have soared particularly through the pandemic where the expectations of our daily lives have intensified. As well as the physical impact that stress can have on our bodies, such as heart problems and fatigue, it can also contribute to serious mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, therefore the importance of keeping your mind, body and soul regularly in check is more important now than ever.
Letting go of day-to-day stresses is not always an easy task, but adopting a lifestyle that incorporates regular periods of rest is a good place to start, according to Kate Batson, Product Manager at Two Trees. Taking the time to include relaxation in your daily routine can have a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing. By allowing both the body and mind to rest, reflect and rejuvenate you can benefit from the opportunity to reset, which in turn decreases stress. 

Recognising the importance of managing stress and being aware of your limits, Two Trees suggests some helpful ways to refresh the mind, body and soul:

Your body and mind need to recharge regularly in order to function their best, rejuvenating routinely through daily naps, week-end breaks and annual holidays will help to successfully reset, recharge and destress, resulting in enormous health benefits all round.

- Meditation can bring around short-term stress relief as well as long lasting benefits. There are many different forms of mediation whether it’s repeating a mantra or taking a few minutes to practice mindfulness and focus on your breath, each technique can take you away from the stressful moment at hand and build resilience towards any future stresses.

- Walking is a simple and effective way to reset and it has clear benefits for the mind, body and soul, enabling you to take in fresh air and appreciate new scenery while bringing all the physical benefits of exercise.

- Hammocks provide a great way to relieve stress naturally, the gentle swaying motion works to relax both body and mind and reduce anxiety levels by calming the nervous system. Widely recognised as a symbol for rest and relaxation, the iconic image of the hammock immediately conjures thoughts of sun, sea, sand, and snoozing. 
Versatile enough to be used all year round, whether it’s camping in the Aussie outback, snoozing in the garden, or napping on the beach, the humble hammock is a simple and achievable way to replenish the soul and offers a multitude of benefits towards wellbeing: 

- The natural swaying motion of the hammock can help you to relax and unwind from the rigours of a rough day, which leads to reduced stress levels.

- Studies have revealed that the gentle rocking motion of a hammock not only helps you to fall asleep faster but also helps you to have a much deeper sleep.

- A gentle rest in a hammock helps you to feel more energised and it can also remove niggling worries and improve concentration.

- Relaxation gives the body time to repair itself which in turn strengthens the immune system. At a time when keeping well is at the forefront, knowing that a little RnR will help to keep us safe makes it much easier to take the time out to indulge.

- It’s no secret that being outdoors in nature helps to clear the mind, whether you’re relaxing at home in the garden or exploring the best that local Australian travel has to offer, let nature’s chorus gently lull you to sleep.
Designed for the life outdoors or the outdoor life at home, Two Trees has released a brand-new range of stylish and versatile hammocks. Made with 100% virgin cotton to enable you to relax, nourish and reset in luxury, this season’s reversible two-tone prints capture a fresh, light and calming vibe.

Deluxe Cotton Hammocks (RRP Double $51.98 King $62.98) Each hammock comes in a stylish and handy fabric bag, which reflects the print of the hammock and its solid backing colour. The style is available in three prints:

Two Trees take on the classic and timeless Hamptons look, the print features soft muted blues and curved printed lines with a pop of bright blue on the back. The Hamilton is sure to have you dreaming of sunny days at the beach or just relaxing in your own backyard.
Embracing the botanicals interior trend with a tropical twist, Two Trees palm leaf printed hammock has a sunny relaxing vibe to make indulging in a moment of peace and relaxation a rejuvenating and nurturing experience.

With natural, earthy appeal, Two Trees tribal print has taken inspiration from Australian Indigenous trends and is reminiscent of the Australian outback with its earthy and pink undertones. This is the perfect hammock to rest, reflect and reset for the week ahead.
The full range of Two Trees Hammocks is available at Bunnings Warehouse. For further information visit

Till next time... which is your favourite hammock design- Hamilton, Nurture or Tribal?! I think I'm a bit partial towards Nature... those palm prints give me all the holiday vibes!

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