Wednesday 16 February 2022

A Textile Collection that will make you Stop and Swoon!

The Forest Collection - Vanessa Arbuthnott’s 20th Fabric Collection is delicate, simple and pretty and sure to make you stop in your tracks and swoon over the beautiful botanical designs!

Vanessa’s latest creation, the Forest collection has been inspired by her immersion in nature. Ever conscious of the environment, inherent in Vanessa’s work practices and mirrored in her designs which burst with beautiful imagery of the world around us. These new designs are printed on a unique cloth woven especially for her, combining linen with organic cotton. 
Four designs in a total of 26 colourways, have been printed on a unique eco-cloth, woven from 60% linen and 40% organic cotton yarns especially for Vanessa in Lancashire, Britain. The collection features beautiful new colours including Ochre, Lichen, Marigold and Moss. All of these colours have been carefully chosen to compliment Vanessa’s current palette allowing seamless integration with previous collections.

WILD FERN: Is a simple, printed asymmetrical stylised fern leaf – with dots down the centre reflecting the line of dotty structures you see on the reverse of fronds, commonly called fruit dots. As flowerless plants, ferns use these structures as cases that hold their reproductive material. 
LITTLE FERN: This design is a smaller scale negative version of the Wild Fern, reminiscent of Indian block prints.
SOW & SCATTER: A relaxed and fun print using potatoes cut in the positive form. Vanessa scanned in her marks and used the computer to turn it around into a negative pattern.
LATTICE LEAF: The structure of a trellis and with a bud from Vanessa's Life & Eternity design and encapsulated it inside this lattice.
NEW LINEN UNION WEAVE: MALMO Striking and contemporary woven stripe in an earthy soft orange called Carrot. This beautiful new design also incorporates embroidery.
New colourways of existing designs are equally gorgeous!

LAPLAND STRIPE: This woven linen stripe is an old favourite and has been re-coloured to coordinate with these new prints, combining soft blues and pretty pinks.
UP THE GARDEN PATH: New colourway in Cornflower Blue.
LIFE & ETERNITY DETAIL: Another Cornflower Blue.

SIMPLE TICKING DETAIL: New colourways in Marigold, Cornflower, Lichen, Pigeon, Mallow and Peach.
I'm swooning over 'Wild Fern' and 'Up The Garden Path'. I'm literally imagining all my furniture reupholstered in this beautiful collection! The Forest Collection is available to purchase online.

Till next time... which is your favourite design?


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