Monday 14 February 2022

New Iconic Outdoor Electrical Range for Seamless Outdoor Design

Great design is in the details and while new beautiful switch and socket options are available for indoors, outdoor electricals haven’t progressed as far. That is until now, with the launch of Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s (Clipsal) Iconic Outdoor range.
The four aesthetically designed switches and sockets are an extension of the popular Iconic range for interiors. Each model has been expertly developed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions, while boasting a sleek design that will enhance the look and feel of any outdoor entertaining area.

According to Mick Burgon, Operational Offer Manager at Clipsal by Schneider Electric. consumers are now looking to design their outdoor spaces to match the aesthetics and comfort of their interior. However, until now the appearance of outdoor switches have led many to hide them away in hard to see and reach places.
A fresh approach to outdoor electricals, the range has been designed to mimic the look and feel of the Clipsal Iconic range, with smooth-rounded edging, and black or white matte finishes.

While switches and sockets are often overlooked, they hold the power to add an extra touch of elegance to a space. Schneider Electric wanted to fill this gap in the market by creating a sleeker range of outdoor switches and sockets without forgoing on functionality.

The range is also compatible with the Clipsal Wiser Smart Home system, enabling incorporation of smart home technology into outdoor spaces. The new scalable and affordable system allows homeowners to choose where and when they automate their home, according to their preferences and budgets.
Home automation will define the future of the average Australian home. With the average household predicted to have at least 18 connected devices by 2023, it is important that homeowners have the same opportunity for comfort and control in their outdoor living areas.

The new Iconic Outdoor range has been carefully designed to increase functionality with smart home connectivity. More than just a power point, the range’s single connected socket can be controlled through Clipsal’s Wiser Smart Home technology app to run fountains, pool pumps, garden lighting and other appliances.

The Iconic Outdoor range has also been designed to make the installation process faster and easier. By working hand-in-hand with a range of electricians, Schneider Electric was able to create an offering that eliminated many of the industry's common pain points when it comes to outdoor switch and socket installation. 
Iconic Outdoor is the first IP rated outdoor range in Australia that can be installed without the need to seal or drill the mounting holes. The product's large clips remove the need for screws from the assembly, while the use of inline terminals make the process simpler, and faster for trained electricians.

By addressing consumers’ desire for aesthetic, functional products with smart home capability, while also providing a faster and easier installation process for sparkies, Iconic Outdoor is designed to become the new standard for outdoor sockets and switches.

Despite only just launching to market, the range has already won multiple industry awards including the iF Design Award 2021 for ‘building technology’, and Good Design Award 2021 for ‘Product: Hardware and Buildings’.
The product was recognised among a competitive line-up of products from around the world for its innovative and elegant design that has reimagined every element of outdoor electrical fittings to improve the experience for both installer and homeowner.

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Till next time... it's time to revamp your outdoor switches!

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