Wednesday 30 May 2018

A Guide To Enhancing Your Outdoor Space With A Fire Pit!

Who doesn't love roasting marshmallows into a gooey delicious mess and sipping hot chocolate with their loved ones around a beautiful fire on a winter's evening? I do! But before we can get down to enjoying a crackling fire, there are a few do's and don'ts to setting up and using a fire pit in your backyard, especially, if like us you've decked your yard and are in a conundrum about what to do!

As you may know, we recently got rid of all the crazy paving, grass, garden beds, literally everything and decked our entire backyard to create a more family friendly outdoor space. The deck's become an extension of our living space and we use it all the time to entertain our family and friends. As we had so much fun enjoying our beautiful deck during the long summer months, we wanted to do the same during winter. Yes it's cold out, but that's what fire pits are for!

When I received a Glow fire pit from Northcote Pottery, I was super excited till I realised that you cannot use a fire pit directly on wooden decking! With my spirits taking a hit, I set out to do some research and found solutions that I'd like to share with you especially if you have a wooden deck. I've also compiled a list of do's and don'ts that are extremely important to keep in mind and follow if using a fire pit on a wooden deck.
A fire pit is a simple accessory that enhances your outdoor living space. It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere for you and your family to admire and enjoy. However, if you’re planning to use your fire pit on a wooden deck, there are a few things you should know. 

Clean Your Deck 
It's autumn turning to winter and if you have deciduous trees in your backyard, I'm sure there are dry leaves galore! Before setting up your fire pit, check for overhanging tree branches and remove all dry leaves, branches and general debris. Start with a clean slate! Also ensure that the fire pit is a fair distance away from your home, the fence and all other flammable structures.
Council Regulations
Some councils and municipalities may have regulations in place regarding the use of fire pits and open flames, for example using fire pits on decks only when they are at a distance of 20 feet or more away from your property. There could be other rules enforced in your area. So make sure you check them before you buy or use a fire pit.

Have Water Handy
Always have a water source close to hand. In our backyard our garden hose and tap are literally one second away from the fire pit in the unlikely event of an emergency. In case you don't have a garden hose, keep a large bucket of water or a fire blanket or fire extinguisher close by. If in the unlikely event the fire starts to spread outside of the pit, douse it immediately with water. Better safe than sorry!

Placing Your Fire Pit 
Do not place the fire pit directly on the wooden deck! When in use, the fire pit becomes extremely hot and the bottom of the pit may singe or burn your wooden deck causing irreparable or at the very least expensive damage! Placing something between the fire pit and the deck will help protect the wooden planks. I've used four thick pavers to cover the spot currently, but before using it, I'm going to speak to someone from Bunnings to ensure that we understand and know exactly what to do. There are heat-resistant fire pit mats available to withstand the extreme temperatures of a fire pit however, I would strongly recommend seeking professional advice i.e. give Northcote Pottery a call or speak to a professional from your closest Bunnings Warehouse before you light this bad boy up!

Ash disposal
After the fire pit has cooled down, dispose of the ash by emptying it into a container or you could use it as garden compost. Also, when not in use, cover the fire pit or store it away. Do not allow water to pool on the surface of the fire pit for extended periods as it will erode the surface. And most importantly do not touch the fire pit till it has cooled off completely!
Using the Fire Pit
Depending on the type of fire pit, cover the bottom of the fire pit with sand and use dry, seasoned wood, to ignite the fire. You could also add some tinder and kindling to get it going. Don't use any lighter fluid or charcoal as it may cause damage to your deck. These fire pits are only ever meant to be used with untreated wood and logs.
Here are some additional elements you can add to create a more festive ambience:
~ Burn eucalyptus or fruit tree logs to add a fresh, modern scent to the traditional log fire smell.
~ Add some simple home / garden ingredients for extra aroma, such as cinnamon sticks for spicy warmth (ideal for any Christmas in July), or dried oranges for a citrus twist.
~ Keep mozzies away naturally by burning sage or rosemary in your fire pit, alongside adding a delicious perfume to the surrounds.

Safety First
Never ever leave your fire pit burning unattended. An unattended fire could easily spark a secondary fire and could cause injury to people or even significant property damage. If you have little ones or pets running around, take a moment to think where you could place your fire pit and never leave them unsupervised around fire. Choose a design that is conducive to your backyard and your family. Also be careful of flying embers with an open fire and dry winter branches and leaves. Placement and safety is key to enjoying your fire pit in covered or open outdoor spaces, so have a quick chat with the experts when you buy your fire pit.

Caring For Your Fire Pit
When exposed to air, the rust-like coating of the fire pit will continue to generate and form a protective layer to prevent natural erosion and corrosion. The fire pit can be left untreated, however an annual coating of Penetrol, fine oil or metal primer can help preserve the rusted surface. This may also help reduce the likelihood of staining of your deck, surrounding pavers and others surfaces. In case the pit gets scratched or marked, do not attempt to fix or sand away the marks. Allow the natural corrosion process of the weathering steel to begin again and heal itself. Since the fire pit has a rust like appearance and texture, over time it will age and weather naturally starting from the very first use. There could be slight flexing or warping of the metal but this is completely normal. So don't panic!

Enjoy Your Fire Pit
And lastly enjoy your fire pit! Whether it be cool summer evenings or chilly winter afternoons, gather your kids, friends and family and roast those marshmallows and make those memories!In case you're wondering I have the VIVO fire pit from the Glow collection by Northcote Pottery. You can see the new range of stylish fire pits here or on their website.

I would always recommend using your fire pit on cemented or paved backyards away from decking or flammable surfaces such as grass, wood chips, leaves, house fence or decorative bark. However, if your entire backyard like ours is decked then ensure that you speak to a fire pit professional about placement and do your research prior to using it. 

**Winter Giveaway!**
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*Giveaway open to all Australian residents over 18 years of age.

Till next time... enhance your outdoor space this winter with a stylish fire pit and Good Luck!

This post and giveaway is in collaboration with Northcote Pottery. As always, all design choices, thoughts and opinions are all mine and genuine and I only ever work with brands that I love and I think you will too.

Friday 25 May 2018

Force and Facade - Protect Your Home From the Elements

You’ve got the décor sorted, the fixtures ready and that just leaves the garden party, right? Well owning a home is about more than styling, looks and entertaining. If you don’t set your house up to withstand Mother Nature's unpredictable force, then you may be looking at an expensive and stressful time. Have read of our comprehensive guide and get savvy about what each season brings and how you can safeguard your home from damage.

The Sun
How is it that the sun is always better in our memories? When summer rolls around, we can’t believe we longed for the sweat, the burn, and the overall damage of the sun. You may think your home is tough enough to brave the heat, and you would be right if you were talking about only the exterior. However, the interior may have gone unconsidered. Without aluminium plantation shutters, your beautiful furniture, carpets, rugs, wall paint and even hardwood floors could be in danger of being discoloured by the harsh sunlight. Shutters of this material also have the advantage of keeping the other elements where they belong, outside.

The Rain
Rain can easily get out of hand put your home in real danger of damage. Heavy rain can destroy a garden and in many instances flood your home causing irreparable and expensive damage. Take a look at your garden and see if you can drain out the rainwater with clever landscaping, concrete steps or by utilising a slope.

Building an irrigation system or a rain water tank is another way to divert and control rainfall and make sure it bypasses the areas you don't want it to go to. It also helps you live more sustainably. If you live in a state or area prone to flash flooding, see what you can do to ensure your home is safeguarded from floods and the basement or ground level has hardy furniture and no electrical or irreplaceable personal items.

The Wind
You may not think that the wind packs a punch but the truth is it can be one of the most harmful elements. During the windy months, the number of claims filed for shattered windows, unhinged gates, damage to cars from toppling trees and any outdoor furniture not bolted down would surprise you. Wind erosion near coastal areas can also do severe damage to the exterior paint and roof of your home.

Test the hinges on all of your doors and gates and remember to install exterior shutters or blinds to keep large glass windows and doors safe from the rattling wind. If you have large trees that are close to your home, it might be a good idea to find out how strong they really are and what the likelihood  of it ever toppling over onto your house is. You also may want to get any stray branches cut well in advance of any storms or hurricanes. Any outdoor furniture that maybe in the path of strong winds are best folded or stowed away in a covered garage or shed to reduce the chance of damage to your property.

The Humidity
Humidity is not only uncomfortable, but it can also damage your home. Poor quality paint is known to bubble and peel in humid weather which looks worse than no paint at all. If you have rooms that stay sealed most of the year, be sure to air them out during the humid weather or you may find some unwelcome mould spots on your ceilings and walls. If untreated mould can cause expensive damage to your home and also become unsafe for those living in the house.

Mother nature can be very unpredictable. It is important to weatherproof your home inside and out, and always be working one season ahead so you are never caught off guard. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to get the experts in to make sure you are in good shape for the season ahead.

Till next time... be smart and weatherproof your home in advance!


Thursday 24 May 2018

There's More To Glam than What Meets The Eye!

No doubt most of you are eagerly awaiting Nine’s fourteenth season of The Block to air. With filming just wrapped it won’t be long till we can all view in amazement the triumphs and tribulations of the contestants who have been able to transform an iconic, gigantic, grungy, run down hotel into eight luxury apartments!

Watching programs like these inspires most of us to transform our homes in some way, shape or form – but unfortunately without The Block’s mammoth renovation budget!

However, before we can move onto renovations and transformations, today we're talking sleep, bed, mattresses and something everyone needs more of... storage! After all there's more to glamorous design and decor than what meets the eye!

How important is your sleep?
Consider the elements in your bed that needs to be replaced or transformed improving your overall health and wellbeing. But I mean – underneath the covers - your mattress. Did you know more than half (63%) of Australian adults have actively taken steps to improve their sleep quality? Are you one of them? This was unveiled in Philips’ recent annual sleep study.
How long since you’ve thought about renovating your bedroom to improve the quality of zzz’s you’re getting or considered purchasing a new mattress? It’s so easy to forget about mundane household items we don’t physically see every day and instead want to transform elements that are on display. But a quality mattress definitely improves the way you sleep and feel the next day.

Buying a new mattress doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank anymore. Buying a mattress isn’t hard anymore either and you’d be surprised at how STYLISH and fashionable they are! Seriously! Search for mattress in a box and you will see what I mean! Who knew high quality, amazing looking mattresses could be delivered to your home in a box?

Giving your wardrobe a mini makeover
Now that we have your sleep quality covered, let’s move onto another area that is usually cluttered and overflowing with items old and new. Wave goodbye to your cluttered wardrobe and consider a mini reno by installing a walk-in wardrobe (space permitting). There are a few things to keep in mind when creating an A-lister dressing space.
The number one mistake we all make when installing a walk-in robe is not doing the prep work. If you use a joiner to design and install without spending time considering your own needs and requirements, they will give you a generic fit-out which is great if you like cookie cutter solutions, however, we know you’re more creative than that or you wouldn’t be here!

You know what your wants and needs are when it comes to getting dressed. If you are unsure what questions to ask or what the essentials of a good walk in robe are, here are a few questions to get you started on your dream wardrobe. Ensure your tradesperson on the job is providing you with a solution that is customised to your individual needs. However, keep in mind that while customised storage is the bees knees, you’re more than likely to be updating your clothes once in a while so, stick to simple and versatile storage layouts with not too many different-sized shelves or drawers, as they don’t allow for much flexibility.

Utilise every inch of space too – no-one ever complained about having too much storage – but make sure everything you use frequently is within easy reach. You could consider incorporating custom built-in or fold out stairs or ladders for higher-placed shelves.

Pull out closet-racks also helps keep things clean and decluttered in small walk-ins.

I hope you're inspired to check your current mattress and order one online should you feel the need for a good night's sleep and of course decluttering and organising is always good for the soul!

Till next time... have a lovely week!


Wednesday 23 May 2018

Top Four Tips For Your Next Bathroom Renovation!

Renovating your bathroom is also a sure-fire way of increasing the value of your property. In fact, when done right, property experts estimate a revamped bathroom can add upwards of $100,000 to the value of your home. Now who wouldn't like that?!

For many Australian homeowners or those looking to get into the market, bathrooms are a big deal. From aesthetic appeal right through to ergonomics and storage, there’s a delicate balance between maintaining your style and also making the most of this important space.

While the average new home features 2.5 bathrooms, inner-city apartment living has most Aussie’s dealing with one bathroom – so it’s best to maximise what you’ve got.Successful renovation brothers, winners of The Block 2014 and Beaumont Tiles Ambassadors, Simon, and Shannon Vos, have these four handy tips to help you maximise the return on your next bathroom renovation project:

Simple space savers
If you live in a capital city or apartment, the chances are your bathroom isn’t necessarily as spacious as you would like. Unfortunately, this means you’re still left to play Tetris with your bathroom essentials.

According to Shannon Vos, as a starting point, he always begins by using a toilet with a wall recessed cistern to remove unnecessary clutter from the walls and give the illusion of space. Complimenting this with a clean straight-lined sink like Beaumonts’ Belinda Semi Rec Basin will continue to elongate and streamline the overall look of the bathroom. Pair this look with a floating vanity to further open the ground-level floor plan.

Unfortunately, renovators often choose too many features or patterns in their projects. To create a stunning bathroom- think 'Less in More'! So when selecting your wall or floor tile, consider a tile with movement, colour variation and texture in the design, as opposed to a solid pattern and keep the rest simple.Adding value without the big bucks
A professional plumber by trade, Simon always recommends using the existing plumbing profiles to streamline your choices and importantly, save on overall project costs.

Often the basic layout of a bathroom is fine; it’s the details in the fixtures, fittings and coverings that create unnecessary bulk - dating and weighing down the space, explains Simon. Instead of reinventing, merely refreshing the ‘wheel’ through strategic choices adds an illusion of space.

Replace old outdated taps with new refreshed models, and if in doubt opt for a clean thin model, just remember to keep the tap’s configuration the same. If it’s a splitter tap keep it as is - the same goes for shower heads.
Storage is key
The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the home, but one that demands so many functions to be compressed into the one, often small, space. It is for this reason that storage is so valuable.

It is important to be strategic with storage from your shelving right through to your vanity. Build into the walls of your bathroom if need be, and try building shelving into your shower wall, next to your bath or above the vanity. Choose a profile that won’t add bulk to your overall design.
Magic mirrors
Never underestimate the power of a large and strategically placed mirror. It can open up a space in an instant and also inject a touch of much needed light. When placed in the most effective spot, mirrors also have the ability to expand walls, amplify existing light or break up visual clutter.

When deciding on a size, using a tall and skinny mirror will give a room a more vertical look. However, if the name of the game is making the space seem bigger, a single, wider mirror will open up the room by reflecting more of the opposite walls. 
I love these handy bathroom reno tips by the Vos brothers. Small changes like updating tap ware and shower heads can instantly refresh the space or for more bags of tricks, why not pop into your local Beaumont store!

Till next time... why not plan a bathroom renovation and add value to your home!


Beaumont Tiles is Australia’s biggest retailer of tiles and bathroom ware with 114 outlets across most states. An innovative market leader, Beaumont Tiles buyers travel the globe to bring back the best in tile designs. Beaumont Tiles has company owned and franchised stores servicing trade, home builders and renovators, and the commercial sector.

Monday 21 May 2018

How to Make the Most of a ‘Fixer Upper’!

Is there anything more exciting to the DIY home renovator than the potential of a genuine ‘fixer upper’? With solid bones in place, the imagination can run wild, allowing you to stamp your mark on a property to create a unique and character filled home or a guaranteed money spinner.Unlike a full rebuild, a renovation allows you to be the creative force behind the project–saving money, time and handing the reins of control over to you. Whether you are buying with the intention to renovate for a fast turnover for profit or looking to create something special for your family to live in, there are numerous strategies you can employ to get the best value out of your purchase.

Size matters
One of the single most costly decisions you can make when looking to undertake a renovation is to buy a house that requires additional rooms to be added. If working within a restricted budget, make sure the property has ample floor space.

A floor plan can always be rejigged, and non-load bearing stud walls added or removed as needed, but extensions cost big money per square metre.

Securing the site
Renovating whilst living off-site may be the easiest and fastest option but any house which is obviously uninhabited increases the risk of vandalisation. To protect your investment, find a reliable home security system in Melbourne which will give you 24 hour protection with the ability to monitor the site remotely on your iPhone or mobile device, from any location.

Monitoring will also protect building materials and merchandise from theft. According to police, some of the most likely items to be stolen from unsecured sites are:
Kitchen appliances
● Bathroom fittings
● Hot water systems
● Air conditioning units
● Electrical cable and wiring
● Timber

Tipping points
The point of a renovation project, unless you simply enjoy a challenge, is to get the biggest bang for your buck. If you have purchased a project with the view to turning a profit, we have compiled a few simple tips, to gain the most return from your investment:

● Appeal to the masses. Keep neutral decor throughout. It may not be to your taste but if you are considering selling, it is the best way to ensure a good price.

● Don’t skimp on bathrooms and kitchens; these are the rooms that sell a house. If the budget won’t extend to new, consider respraying tiles and cabinetry as an effective and affordable compromise.

● Modern homes are all about light and space. Dollar for dollar, paint is one of the most cost effective ways to brighten a home. Additionally, removing a few stud walls to open up living areas can transform the feel and functionality of a home.

Council concerns
Ensure you know what you can and can’t do with your property from a legal and local laws perspective. We regularly hear of investors purchasing properties with the intention of developing a site, only to find that local governance prevents or impinges on their plans.

There can be any number of regulations in your precinct. Just a tip of the iceberg of issues which may derail your plans are:
● Maintaining uniform street frontage
● Narrow driveways limiting rear access
● Second storey; overlooking and privacy concerns
● Heritage overlay restrictions on structures, buildings or trees
● Neighbourhood uniformity and design by-laws to maintain the character or heritage aspect of the area.

Even minor changes such as a new window, require consultation with the local council to ensure they don’t breach any existing laws and to ensure the correct building procedures are followed. Neglect them at your peril as you risk the council demanding the work be removed and re-done in accordance with their regulations which can completely blow your budget!

Don’t be left thinking ‘if only’. With Melbourne’s house prices stated to be doubling every year and home renovation resources more accessible than ever before, turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan can pay off huge dividends.

Look for inner-city ‘sleeper’ suburbs and then slowly extend your search outwards until you find the best prospect for the price. This could just be the recipe which will provide a stunning home for now and a debt-free future in the long term.

Till next time... take your time and invest wisely!


Thursday 17 May 2018

The Essential Toolbox for Home DIY

If you want to add a touch of your personality and individuality to your home, DIY is the way to go. However with the cost of home improvement increasing year on year, handymen often charge through the roof for even the simplest work! Did you know that you could be charged between £30 and £55 in the UK or $80 AUD and $120 AUD right here in Australia just to have a picture or mirror hung up? On top of that, 54% of people have faced trouble when working with tradespeople, so there’s not even a guarantee of a job well done!

On the other hand, DIY will save you money and it gives you the chance to get really creative and learn some useful new skills. But of course, to get started you will need the right tools and equipment. With this in mind, Saxton Blades have put together this helpful infographic for DIY beginners. It shows the most useful tools for home DIY and the sort of tasks and jobs each can be used for. Take a look and get ready to restock your toolbox!

The Essential DIY Toolbox

Hope you found this infographic useful. What are your essentials tools in your DIY toolbox?

Till next time... it maybe time to restock the toolbox!

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Must Haves For An Instagram-worthy Laundry Room!

Doing laundry has to be one of the most mundane tasks unless your laundry room is stunning! If your laundry is a tad boring and not the best room in the house, then a cheaper alternative to undertaking a full-blown renovation is to add style to the space is by treating yourself to stylish and extremely affordable products from home grown laundry innovators, Hills!

Hills, known for the famous Hills Hoist has launched a new range of indoor garment care products and storage and organisation solutions to help keep clothes clean and crisp while looking instagram-worthy!

With a focus on combining quality and functionality the brand is known for its trendy stylish designs. The current laundry range includes three attractive laundry baskets, two hampers, two space saving airers and a beautiful bamboo ironing board. 
According to Natasha D’Cruz – Home Living Category Manager, AMES Australasia, it has been over 70 years since the launch of the iconic Hills Hoist, which became a household name synonymous with durability and practical design. Their latest range of indoor garment care products has been created to combine functionality with fashion. 

So let's take a look at all the essentials for a functional and stylish laundry room that can easily be a part of the décor and don’t need to be hidden away in the laundry closet.

Ironing Board
Showcasing the subtle beauty of bamboo, the Hills Bamboo Ironing Board fits beautifully into any interior design, from modern to traditional - Scandi to coastal. At RRP $129.00, it offers four adjustable height settings and comes complete with a silicon iron rest, stunning reversible cover made of high quality cotton and additional padding to make your iron glide!

Laundry Basket
Available in black, natural and smoke tones, the Foldable Laundry Basket (RRP $29.00) is a heavy duty waterproof laundry basket, providing 35 litres of space and holding upto 8kg load of washing. 

Featuring strong, lightweight and collapsible bamboo frame, the basket folds down for easy storage, or can be left out as a beautiful addition to the Hills Bamboo Ironing Board. Featured below are the laundry baskets in super stylish black and natural. But my personal favourite- smoke! Check it out here!

A must have for large or growing families, the Hills Premium 18m Winged Airer at RRP $49.95 is designed for those who need to dry copious loads of laundry. The airer offers 18 metres of hanging space and a rail hanger for delicates. Handling up to 12kg of laundry, the winged airer combines lightweight aluminium and matte black steel to create a versatile, contemporary look, paired with strength and durability.

If you're tight on space, the perfect solution is the Hills Premium Extendable 12m Airer (RRP $39.95). Offering 12 metres of line space, it can handle 10kg of laundry. It's telescopic extension also means it can be adjusted to a number of widths to suit any space. The airer is constructed from powder coated black matte steel giving it a modern, refined look. It collapses easily due to its concertina design and can be stored away in plain sight. 

Laundry Hamper
Perfect to keep bad smells at bay, this clever, environmentally friendly Premium Aluminium Laundry Hamper (RRP $49.00) features a heavy duty, wipe clean, antibacterial fabric that controls odours. The hamper stores multiple loads of laundry with sleek black fabric on an elegant aluminium frame that’s suited to modern interior styles. 

And... my favourite!
Part basket, part gadget, this clever Autolift Laundry Hamper (RRP $60.00) lifts your laundry up so you don’t have to break your back to reach the bottom of its 99 litre storage space! The hamper’s subtle grey fabric not only looks great, but also contains Hills Fresh technology, which fights bacteria and odours. Worth every penny!!!
The new Hills indoor laundry range will be available through Bunnings stores nationwide and online. To find out more about the Hills range and stockists for its complete range visit their website. Hills Home Living can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. 

So which super stylish product will you be getting for your laundry? I have my eye on the Autolift Laundry Hamper and the Foldable Laundry Basket in smoke!

Till next time... make your laundry instagram-worthy!


About Hills
Hills has been creating innovative, well designed laundry solutions for over 70 years, starting with the iconic Hills Hoist in 1945. Today, the company offers an on-trend range of high quality clothes lines, airers, ironing boards, laundry accessories and garden products to make home life easier.
The household brand is trusted by Australians looking for smart and beautiful garment care, storage and organisation solutions, and has been a Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award winner for five years in a row (2013 – 2017). The brand has also won Good Design Awards in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

About AMES Australasia
AMES Australasia develops, sources and supplies innovative products that help enhance the homes, landscapes and lifestyles of all Australians. The company owns a range of iconic lifestyle brands including Cyclone, Hills, Nylex, Northcote Pottery, Tuscan Path, Westmix and Kelso.

Wednesday 9 May 2018

House Envy: An Edwardian Cottage with Modern Appeal!

Many of us remember Julia and Sasha from The Block 2016. They were my favourite contestants! And who can forget their stunning home that they renovated and sold in Elsternwick, Melbourne. It's one of the most popular articles featured on La Maison Jolie! If you've missed it, then here's the link for easy reading.

Well, these two interior style and property development gurus have just sold their second renovation...a circa-1910 cottage called Little Willow! Originally a part of the heritage listed Rippon Lea Estate, the Edwardian cottage is now a light filled, contemporary home with architectural elements and interesting features, exquisite art; and of course the not to be missed front door painted in Taubmans Lavendula! Overall it's modern, spacious and oh so inviting!

So without much further ado, let's take a walk through this spectacularly renovated modern cottage with just the right amount of Edwardian charm and see if you too get kissed by the green eyed monster!I love how the pop of colour on their front door adds instant curb appeal, much like their previous front door painted in the most amazing Tiffany blue!

As always, an amazing renovation job that's been impeccably styled! What did you think?

Till next time... have a wonderful day!


Monday 7 May 2018

Renovate Your Kitchen with Custom Printed Wallpaper!

The kitchen is the heart of any home and definitely the deciding factor when choosing a new one. It is the entertaining hub, the congregation centre, a place of solitude to sit and relax with a cup of tea and magazine or a place for the kids to work on their school homework. It is a place where the entire family gathers everyday for meals and where many amazing memories are made!

So it important that the kitchen be a functional and beautiful space. If your kitchen has the perfect layout but is aesthetically outdated or if you're bored with the white subway tiles and want a a quick and affordable change, custom printed wallpaper from Luxe Walls’ can do just that!

I can almost hear you raising those eyebrows! Yes, it is possible to use wallpaper instead of tiles as the splash back! Read on if you would like to know more!

A splashback, whilst functional is a great place to inject your new decor scheme. According to Julia Hill, Director of Luxe Walls, there is an increase in requests for wallpaper for kitchen splashbacks. Industrial, Marble and Botanical wallpapers are really popular in the kitchen and cheaper than some real materials. To make installation super easy, Luxe Walls are able to print the wallpaper in one panel! 

Remember to cover the wallpaper with clear glass, to protect the wallpaper and allow for easy cleaning!

If a new splashback alone won’t give the overall look you are after, why not update the cupboard doors with peel and stick wallpaper?

Adding a textured look, block colour or even a pattern will totally change the look of your kitchen! As Julia mentions, the Wood Panel wallpaper is very popular with customers and the artwork can be easily altered. Luxe Walls can change the colour and the wood panel widths depending on your needs, making it perfect and easy for kitchen renovations. Or for a completely unique look wallpaper the insides of any glass cabinets you might have in the kitchen!

Feature Wall
If it is personality you think your kitchen is lacking, why not add a feature wall? Through their partnership with Alamy, Luxe Walls have access to over 100 million images to choose from, so there will definitely be one image to suit the decor of your home. With their in-house designer, they are able to alter the size and colour of most patterns, allowing a full custom printed wallpaper service.Luxe Walls’ customised wallpaper is the perfect product for renters, homeowners and businesses and it is printed in Australia, to the customer’s specifications.

For whatever purpose you are decorating, Luxe Walls can help you achieve your goals. Luxe Walls’ wallpaper has a flat price of $79 per sqm and can be ordered at

My favourites would have to be the minimalist marble or the monochrome botanical wallpaper! Just stunning! Which is your favourite look?

Till next time... why not update your kitchen with custom printed wallpaper?!

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