Friday 25 May 2018

Force and Facade - Protect Your Home From the Elements

You’ve got the d├ęcor sorted, the fixtures ready and that just leaves the garden party, right? Well owning a home is about more than styling, looks and entertaining. If you don’t set your house up to withstand Mother Nature's unpredictable force, then you may be looking at an expensive and stressful time. Have read of our comprehensive guide and get savvy about what each season brings and how you can safeguard your home from damage.

The Sun
How is it that the sun is always better in our memories? When summer rolls around, we can’t believe we longed for the sweat, the burn, and the overall damage of the sun. You may think your home is tough enough to brave the heat, and you would be right if you were talking about only the exterior. However, the interior may have gone unconsidered. Without aluminium plantation shutters, your beautiful furniture, carpets, rugs, wall paint and even hardwood floors could be in danger of being discoloured by the harsh sunlight. Shutters of this material also have the advantage of keeping the other elements where they belong, outside.

The Rain
Rain can easily get out of hand put your home in real danger of damage. Heavy rain can destroy a garden and in many instances flood your home causing irreparable and expensive damage. Take a look at your garden and see if you can drain out the rainwater with clever landscaping, concrete steps or by utilising a slope.

Building an irrigation system or a rain water tank is another way to divert and control rainfall and make sure it bypasses the areas you don't want it to go to. It also helps you live more sustainably. If you live in a state or area prone to flash flooding, see what you can do to ensure your home is safeguarded from floods and the basement or ground level has hardy furniture and no electrical or irreplaceable personal items.

The Wind
You may not think that the wind packs a punch but the truth is it can be one of the most harmful elements. During the windy months, the number of claims filed for shattered windows, unhinged gates, damage to cars from toppling trees and any outdoor furniture not bolted down would surprise you. Wind erosion near coastal areas can also do severe damage to the exterior paint and roof of your home.

Test the hinges on all of your doors and gates and remember to install exterior shutters or blinds to keep large glass windows and doors safe from the rattling wind. If you have large trees that are close to your home, it might be a good idea to find out how strong they really are and what the likelihood  of it ever toppling over onto your house is. You also may want to get any stray branches cut well in advance of any storms or hurricanes. Any outdoor furniture that maybe in the path of strong winds are best folded or stowed away in a covered garage or shed to reduce the chance of damage to your property.

The Humidity
Humidity is not only uncomfortable, but it can also damage your home. Poor quality paint is known to bubble and peel in humid weather which looks worse than no paint at all. If you have rooms that stay sealed most of the year, be sure to air them out during the humid weather or you may find some unwelcome mould spots on your ceilings and walls. If untreated mould can cause expensive damage to your home and also become unsafe for those living in the house.

Mother nature can be very unpredictable. It is important to weatherproof your home inside and out, and always be working one season ahead so you are never caught off guard. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to get the experts in to make sure you are in good shape for the season ahead.

Till next time... be smart and weatherproof your home in advance!


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