Wednesday 23 May 2018

Top Four Tips For Your Next Bathroom Renovation!

Renovating your bathroom is also a sure-fire way of increasing the value of your property. In fact, when done right, property experts estimate a revamped bathroom can add upwards of $100,000 to the value of your home. Now who wouldn't like that?!

For many Australian homeowners or those looking to get into the market, bathrooms are a big deal. From aesthetic appeal right through to ergonomics and storage, there’s a delicate balance between maintaining your style and also making the most of this important space.

While the average new home features 2.5 bathrooms, inner-city apartment living has most Aussie’s dealing with one bathroom – so it’s best to maximise what you’ve got.Successful renovation brothers, winners of The Block 2014 and Beaumont Tiles Ambassadors, Simon, and Shannon Vos, have these four handy tips to help you maximise the return on your next bathroom renovation project:

Simple space savers
If you live in a capital city or apartment, the chances are your bathroom isn’t necessarily as spacious as you would like. Unfortunately, this means you’re still left to play Tetris with your bathroom essentials.

According to Shannon Vos, as a starting point, he always begins by using a toilet with a wall recessed cistern to remove unnecessary clutter from the walls and give the illusion of space. Complimenting this with a clean straight-lined sink like Beaumonts’ Belinda Semi Rec Basin will continue to elongate and streamline the overall look of the bathroom. Pair this look with a floating vanity to further open the ground-level floor plan.

Unfortunately, renovators often choose too many features or patterns in their projects. To create a stunning bathroom- think 'Less in More'! So when selecting your wall or floor tile, consider a tile with movement, colour variation and texture in the design, as opposed to a solid pattern and keep the rest simple.Adding value without the big bucks
A professional plumber by trade, Simon always recommends using the existing plumbing profiles to streamline your choices and importantly, save on overall project costs.

Often the basic layout of a bathroom is fine; it’s the details in the fixtures, fittings and coverings that create unnecessary bulk - dating and weighing down the space, explains Simon. Instead of reinventing, merely refreshing the ‘wheel’ through strategic choices adds an illusion of space.

Replace old outdated taps with new refreshed models, and if in doubt opt for a clean thin model, just remember to keep the tap’s configuration the same. If it’s a splitter tap keep it as is - the same goes for shower heads.
Storage is key
The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the home, but one that demands so many functions to be compressed into the one, often small, space. It is for this reason that storage is so valuable.

It is important to be strategic with storage from your shelving right through to your vanity. Build into the walls of your bathroom if need be, and try building shelving into your shower wall, next to your bath or above the vanity. Choose a profile that won’t add bulk to your overall design.
Magic mirrors
Never underestimate the power of a large and strategically placed mirror. It can open up a space in an instant and also inject a touch of much needed light. When placed in the most effective spot, mirrors also have the ability to expand walls, amplify existing light or break up visual clutter.

When deciding on a size, using a tall and skinny mirror will give a room a more vertical look. However, if the name of the game is making the space seem bigger, a single, wider mirror will open up the room by reflecting more of the opposite walls. 
I love these handy bathroom reno tips by the Vos brothers. Small changes like updating tap ware and shower heads can instantly refresh the space or for more bags of tricks, why not pop into your local Beaumont store!

Till next time... why not plan a bathroom renovation and add value to your home!


Beaumont Tiles is Australia’s biggest retailer of tiles and bathroom ware with 114 outlets across most states. An innovative market leader, Beaumont Tiles buyers travel the globe to bring back the best in tile designs. Beaumont Tiles has company owned and franchised stores servicing trade, home builders and renovators, and the commercial sector.

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