Thursday 17 May 2018

The Essential Toolbox for Home DIY

If you want to add a touch of your personality and individuality to your home, DIY is the way to go. However with the cost of home improvement increasing year on year, handymen often charge through the roof for even the simplest work! Did you know that you could be charged between £30 and £55 in the UK or $80 AUD and $120 AUD right here in Australia just to have a picture or mirror hung up? On top of that, 54% of people have faced trouble when working with tradespeople, so there’s not even a guarantee of a job well done!

On the other hand, DIY will save you money and it gives you the chance to get really creative and learn some useful new skills. But of course, to get started you will need the right tools and equipment. With this in mind, Saxton Blades have put together this helpful infographic for DIY beginners. It shows the most useful tools for home DIY and the sort of tasks and jobs each can be used for. Take a look and get ready to restock your toolbox!

The Essential DIY Toolbox

Hope you found this infographic useful. What are your essentials tools in your DIY toolbox?

Till next time... it maybe time to restock the toolbox!

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