Monday 7 May 2018

Renovate Your Kitchen with Custom Printed Wallpaper!

The kitchen is the heart of any home and definitely the deciding factor when choosing a new one. It is the entertaining hub, the congregation centre, a place of solitude to sit and relax with a cup of tea and magazine or a place for the kids to work on their school homework. It is a place where the entire family gathers everyday for meals and where many amazing memories are made!

So it important that the kitchen be a functional and beautiful space. If your kitchen has the perfect layout but is aesthetically outdated or if you're bored with the white subway tiles and want a a quick and affordable change, custom printed wallpaper from Luxe Walls’ can do just that!

I can almost hear you raising those eyebrows! Yes, it is possible to use wallpaper instead of tiles as the splash back! Read on if you would like to know more!

A splashback, whilst functional is a great place to inject your new decor scheme. According to Julia Hill, Director of Luxe Walls, there is an increase in requests for wallpaper for kitchen splashbacks. Industrial, Marble and Botanical wallpapers are really popular in the kitchen and cheaper than some real materials. To make installation super easy, Luxe Walls are able to print the wallpaper in one panel! 

Remember to cover the wallpaper with clear glass, to protect the wallpaper and allow for easy cleaning!

If a new splashback alone won’t give the overall look you are after, why not update the cupboard doors with peel and stick wallpaper?

Adding a textured look, block colour or even a pattern will totally change the look of your kitchen! As Julia mentions, the Wood Panel wallpaper is very popular with customers and the artwork can be easily altered. Luxe Walls can change the colour and the wood panel widths depending on your needs, making it perfect and easy for kitchen renovations. Or for a completely unique look wallpaper the insides of any glass cabinets you might have in the kitchen!

Feature Wall
If it is personality you think your kitchen is lacking, why not add a feature wall? Through their partnership with Alamy, Luxe Walls have access to over 100 million images to choose from, so there will definitely be one image to suit the decor of your home. With their in-house designer, they are able to alter the size and colour of most patterns, allowing a full custom printed wallpaper service.Luxe Walls’ customised wallpaper is the perfect product for renters, homeowners and businesses and it is printed in Australia, to the customer’s specifications.

For whatever purpose you are decorating, Luxe Walls can help you achieve your goals. Luxe Walls’ wallpaper has a flat price of $79 per sqm and can be ordered at

My favourites would have to be the minimalist marble or the monochrome botanical wallpaper! Just stunning! Which is your favourite look?

Till next time... why not update your kitchen with custom printed wallpaper?!


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