Thursday 3 May 2018

Add Stylish Warmth to Your Outdoor Space this Winter!

Apart from ensuring that you can enjoy your garden even when the temperature drops, fire pits are also an aesthetic addition to your outdoor space.

According to Tim Trussell, Category Manager at Northcote Pottery, Aussies are a practical yet stylish lot, with 72 per cent of respondents from a recent Glow survey[*] stating warmth combined with good aesthetics was important to them, and 68 per cent stating entertainment and ambience was their chief reason for choosing to own a fire pit.Northcote Pottery's collection of Glow fire pits are designed with style in mind, not only do they take the chill out of outdoor entertaining, they are a feature piece in their own right and are sure to become the heart of the garden.
How To Choose a Fire Pit

When deciding which fire pit to purchase, remember that as a stand-alone element, it’s important to think how it can be incorporated into a backyard or patio to create a space you’ll enjoy year-round. The space available will determine the size you choose, also integrating the fire pit into an existing style will influence the design.

Whether you're choosing a sleek contemporary model, traditional clay chiminea or a rustic portable wood-burning fire pit, Glow offer a range of 12 different styles of fire pits so there’s sure to be one to light up your garden. 
Considering seating options around the fire pit is essential and some ideas include more permanent seating such as built-ins, as well as sofas, chairs and ottomans which allow for flexible casual seating and the ability for portability of the fire pit in smaller spaces.Cost
The cost of a fire pit can vary from style and size. Just to give you an idea, the Tambo Fire Bowl ($69) is the first fire pit within the range to include a log storage compartment to assist with space conscious areas. It is made from oxidised steel, and its ‘rust’ colouring suits a rustic style setting. Size: 56w x 56d x 40h cm. Its low price also makes it ideal for those who are cost conscious yet still seeking quality.

The Marla Fire Pit ($89) is incredibly compact, and is 49w x 49d x 44h cm and is ideal for small garden areas. It is made from clay (fire bowl) and powder coated steel (top). It comes with a metal stand, poker and mesh lid, and would suit any contemporary outdoor setting.

With a range of 12 different styles of fire pits offered by Glow, there’s definitely one that'll fit your budget. Safety 
If you have little ones running around, take a moment to think where you could place your fire pit. Choose a design that is conducive to your backyard and your family. Also be careful of flying embers with an open fire and dry winter branches and leaves. Placement and safety is key to enjoying your fire pit in covered or open outdoor spaces.As well as being a mesmerising addition to your outdoors, Glow, the outdoor fire pit specialists offer some quick home tips you can do to really amp up your outdoor entertainment space and create a beautiful and relaxing ambience:

1. Burn eucalyptus or fruit tree logs to add a fresh, modern scent to the traditional log fire smell. 

2. Add some simple home / garden ingredients for extra aroma, such as cinnamon sticks for spicy warmth (ideal for any Christmas in July), or dried oranges for a citrus twist. 

3. Keep mozzies away naturally by burning sage or rosemary in your fire pit, alongside adding a delicious perfume to the surrounds.As the longer evenings draw in, you can still enjoy your garden year round, hosting flaming hot parties or toasting marshmallows with the kids with an outdoor fire pit. Stylish and practical,  Glow have a style to fit every Australian backyard!

So which one is your favourite? I simply can't pick which I love more! Fire pits are definitely this season's MUST-HAVE!

The Glow range, part of Northcote Pottery, is available exclusively through Bunnings stores nationwide. To find out more about the range, visit

Till next time... add stylish winter warmth to your outdoor space!


About Glow
Distributed by of Northcote Pottery, Glow offers quality and stylish outdoor heating at affordable prices. Designed with aesthetics in mind, not only do Glow outdoor heaters take the chill out of outdoor entertaining, they are a feature piece in their own right. From ultra-modern Weathering Steel fire pits and sleek Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) models, to traditional clay Chimeneas sourced straight from Mexico, Glow is sure to warm up any space at any time of year.

About AMES Australasia
AMES Australasia develops, sources and supplies innovative products that help enhance the homes, landscapes and lifestyles of all Australians. The company owns a range of iconic lifestyle brands including Cyclone, Hills, Nylex, Northcote Pottery, Tuscan Path, Westmix and Kelso.

[*] Consumer insights survey of 189 people

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