Monday 30 April 2018

Trend Watch: Going Modern Retro with Green and Pink!

A popular colour combination of the 70’s - green and pink has had a modern makeover! They have been a subtle trend for home interiors for some time now but we've been noticing a recent emergence. According to latest trends on Pinterest, a massive surge has been seen among designers for the preference of green and pink interiors. No surprise there since Greenery was selected as the colour of the year for 2017 by Pantone. And of course, Millennial Pink has been quite the shade for the past couple of years and it is definitely here to stay!

The versatility of these two colours has had retailers extensively expanding their collection to include furniture, soft furnishings and decor accessories. There are innumerable products that come with different pink and green hues so that you have a range of options to choose from. Apart from the shades and hue, varieties of tones and textures are also available to create a contemporary interior using this retro combination!

Why should you choose pink and green for your home interiors?
The colour combination of green and pink can be versatile in so many ways since both of these colours perfectly complements the other one. If cleverly designed, it is likely to be highly successful in creating a positive and uplifting mood in your space not to mention a highly memorable interior space!

Colour Palettes
There are different kinds of colour palettes available in this combination and today our guest contributor Alise is sharing a few hot favourites:

Millennial pink and forest green create a very glamorous and trendy colour combination. Forest green is a dark hue that forms a striking backdrop which complements almost every shade of pink and soft coppery pink. Add a few pieces in a grey to brighten up the combination and accessorise with gold and brass finishes to add a touch of luxe.

Quirky Bohemian
Peach pink with khaki along with a touch or two of mustard yellow will create a bohemian and quirky vibe, reminiscent of the 70's and 80's but with a modern twist! The mustard yellow and deep khaki hues are earthy and organic that create complementary contrast with dusty peach tones and girly pink. That being said, this specific combination of colours also lends itself as the perfect backdrop for decorating with indoor plants and greenery. Add furniture in natural and warm timber tones to enhance the overall look.

Modern Hipster
Green and pink are also the colour combinations that are being currently used in the interiors of some of the trendiest hipster restaurants and bars in cosmopolitan cities like New York, London, Miami etc. If you're in love with the modern hipster trend, then give this combination a go! To toughen up the look and add a masculine, industrial slant to it, add a touch of black. Furnish with dramatic dark furniture and exposed pipes and accessorise with plants like cacti to create a dramatic desert hipster look.

Unique use of green
In case you are interested in using the shades of green in an unique way in this colour combination and are uncertain about painting your home green, then you have the option of adding just plants. Plants are always considered to be the best way to add a splash of fresh greenery to your home. Moreover, if you like some of us do not have a green thumb, then settle for hardy plants like rubber plant or Devil's Ivy. On the other hand, you also have the option of going full faux and there are some fantastic realistic looking options available readily.

Going Retro with pink and green
Pink and green can be perfectly used for bringing back the retro look. A palm print wallpaper in this colour combination paired with a soft pink velvet sofa would look striking. Or paint a feature wall in blush and accessorise with an emerald green sofa, a striking green terrazzo top side table and plenty of trailing plants in neutral pots to soften the look and create visual appeal.

The trend of pink and green is all about texture - think velvet sofa, crushed linen bedding, a big fabric bedhead, velvet throw cushions, textural throws in either colour, ceramic pots, velvet ottomans, marble vases, terrazzo tiles, embossed wallpaper etc.

Instead of going overboard with just these two colours, choose one as the main feature colour and go big. With the other shade, decorate and accessorise and remember to pare back with soft white, greys, natural timber or neutral shades. As long as you make the right selection of colour combination any design will look perfect. Use just a few vases and cushions, but with the right shade combinations to channel this hot trend. You can utilise a coffee table or a velvet ottoman or even artwork to bring in the colours.

The preference for a combination of pink and green is likely to differ from person to person, but almost everyone likes a specific combination. Do a little research about the various combinations and find out what moves you or choose from our three popular colour palettes shared above.

What are some of your favourite combinations using green and pink? Share with us in the comments below or on our Instagram page.

Till next time... have a lovely day!


About the Author
Always curious to know the best trending interior design ideas, interior design has been Alise's interest since childhood. From renovating her room to renovating huge houses she has explored and gained a lot in this field. Apart from this, Alise is a food-lover and cook who is best at making cookies!

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