Friday 27 April 2018

Get Your Home Winter Ready With Affordable Underfloor Heating!

As winter fast approaches and the mercury begins to dip, most of us will be looking for ways to stay warm and cosy while countering soaring heating costs. Apart from maximising insulation through energy efficient window furnishings, blinds and curtains, investing in underfloor heating can be the perfect way to keeping your home warm and toasty as the colder months roll in. Usually overlooked and often thought as a luxury add-on, it might amaze you to find out that underfloor hearting is actually quite affordable and a home's secret winter warming gem!

Sharing her insights with us to keep your home warm this winter by investing in child, pet, and allergy friendly tiled flooring along with underfloor heating is Beaumont Tiles' Strategic Designer and fellow mum, Christie Wood.Along with paving the way as the hottest tile trend, timber-look tiles will not only give you that natural timber look with all the benefits of tiles, they’re also the most conductive surface to heat. And while it used to be considered a luxury add on, under floor heating has become a budget friendly option with running costs about a quarter of a heat lamp over a year! 

According to Beaumont Tiles’ Strategic Designer, Christie Wood, good conductivity ensures the floor heats up quicker, gives off more heat and is more efficient to run. "Tiles have high thermal conductivity meaning heat travels to the surface quickly and also stays there longer. This not only makes the system efficient but ensures toasty toes even in rooms that have high heat loss,". 

Timber look tiles are hassle free, dent and scratch resistant and they won’t warp - rain, hail or shine. They’re also allergy free, pet friendly and a low maintenance flooring option. Beaumont Tiles has an extensive collection of tiles that will ensure you have toasty toes throughout the whole house, offering a versatile range suitable for any surface, whether it’s the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. 

While the collection certainly ticks all the boxes on practicality, they are also on trend with a range of different wood looks to choose from including Oak, Elm, Blackwood, Acacia wood and more.The suitability of Beaumont’s timber look tiles for the bathroom means that the heat not only warms the floor, it also helps it dry quicker, meaning less mould and therefore less cleaning.

According to Christie Wood, underfloor heating creates a drier environment by radiating heat to all solid objects and the air is warmed by convection. The system is also child-safe with no exposed heaters to burn little fingers. It is silent and there’s no wall space or roof cavity required so there’s minimal impact on your room design. A touch screen wall thermostat makes it simple to use and enables programming 24/7.Beaumont sells the Hotwire system, a 3mm thick, spooled electric heating element installed directly under tiles, not in the slab, and with no need to lay any extra expansion joints.

"It’s not all just about toasty toes, under-floor heating has the capacity to heat a room to a cozy 22 degrees, so you can be toasty from head, to toe!"
Set to be the ultimate power duo this winter, timber look tiles and under floor heating will have you throwing away the woolly socks for unobtrusive and safe whole-of-the-house heating while minimising mould and allergens!
And right now is the best time to investigate underfloor heating and its benefits and why not to overlook it for your next home renovation project!

Till next time... get winter ready with underfloor heating and keep those toes toasty!


Beaumont Tiles is Australia’s biggest retailer of tiles and bathroom ware with 114 outlets across most states. An innovative market leader, Beaumont Tiles buyers travel the globe to bring back the best in tile designs. 

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