Friday 20 April 2018

Why a Comfortable Living Space Means More Than Décor!

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know how much I value comfort particularly at home. After a long day, a comfortable living space can make a world of difference. It can de-stress you and your family, make you feel safe, loved, as well as nurtured.

There is nothing better than kicking off your shoes and sinking into a soft and comfy couch. It really is a feeling and emotion in one. Which is why getting your living space exactly right is important to all homeowners. I’ve pulled together a few things which I feel make a big different to my living environment and my life. These things I couldn’t be without, for the reason that they give me so much added comfort.

Natural light
Although many people when they think of comfort they think of being curled up on the couch, rugged up with the curtains closed, there are opportunities to make your home feel comfortable throughout the day by incorporating natural light.

Natural light has been shown to improve your productivity, energy levels and mental health. Therefore, having a home with natural light not only makes your home look and feel bigger but it also helps create a happy and positive environment.

Outdoor space
A great way to make sure you and your family enjoy the benefits of natural light is to use your garden as an extension of your living space even in winter. Gas wall heaters have been a dream in allowing us to spend as much time outside as possible.

As well as the backyard creating additional dining and entertaining space we also found that time spent outside reduced our feelings of stress and made us feel much more relaxed.

Bringing the outdoor in, is another way to increase your comfort levels at home. Similar to why being outside reduces stress, plants have also been shown to help reduce stress and improve your well-being. There are certain plants which work well indoors because they help to purify the air as well as being easy to maintain.

Investing in greenery will be one of the best things you can do, not only will it make your home look bright, fresh and beautiful but it also creates a stress free environment for you to escape the pressures of the day.

Now I know texture is technically a component of décor, however, because it is a more tangible aspect, I’ve included it here in my must-have list. This is because textures are a great way to incorporate a forgotten sense into your living space. Comfort and texture go hand in hand, and in my opinion my living room wouldn’t be the same without the feeling of a soft thick blanket on my couch or the plump but welcoming pillows placed strategically next to my favourite spot to relax.

Another way to add texture is through furniture and it is a great way to create a point of interest in any room. By choosing your furniture based on its texture it truly can be a design focal point. Wooden furniture is one of the easiest materials to start playing around with, because of the different grains, patterns and shades of timber. Coffee tables or bedside tables are my favourite way to add visual interest because you can pair them with low level lighting to really showcase the texture in the wood.

If you’re looking for an easy way to start increasing your comfort at home, texture is a really simple way to start experimenting.

Till next time... create a comfortable living space in your home and have a relaxing weekend!


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