Wednesday 29 February 2012

Iron Art Designs

I was browsing the Internet last night looking for wrought iron designs for our safety door outside and a few inspiring ones caught my eye. From building bridges to wall art, wrought iron has truly made a niche for itself in the world of design. Sharing  some with you.

St. Martin Church doors, Burgundy, France.
Click here for source

This one is special. It's made of  Tableaux Faux Iron which is a new product. Very innovative product that looks like wrought iron but is actually made from lightweight materials.
Click here for source

What a pretty clock!!!
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The artwork above the bed almost looks like an intricate iron headboard, but it's a stencil!
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Spanish decor. Abundant use of wrought iron and the end result? EsplĂ©ndido!
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 Wrought iron room divider used as a headboard. What an unique idea!
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Kitchen counter, the brackets are a work of art! Smart idea!
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"French Gate" Wall Art
A beautiful feature piece. I almost feel like I'm in Paris!
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And last but not least, the wrought iron wall art in my home! It was initially bought to be hung as a headboard but I changed my mind and decided it was too beautiful to be stuck in a bedroom! So it now hangs in the dining space as a feature piece! We added the clock in the centre to customise the wall art. The clock is shabby chic and has elements of black which work well with the wrought iron. It now looks like a huge clock wall art!

Hope this post has been inspiring for you as it has for me. 
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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Dining Room Reveal!

Finally my dining room is coming together. Though this is just the basics, I'm hoping to build on it as time goes by. I love the trestle table and the cross back chairs. The trestle table has steel legs that matches beautifully with the chandelier. A perfect marriage of old world and contemporary style!

So far I'm quite happy with the results.Would love some suggestions on how I could maybe tweak and jazz it up a bit more.

P.S. Rosemary@Villabarnes has another giveaway opportunity! 
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Monday 27 February 2012

Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas!!!

Wallpaper is an easy way to add glamour to a room! Wallpapered rooms used to make me shudder when we were house hunting. Old and mouldy designs!!! But now there are so many great options to choose from. Sophisticated, elegant, bright and dark! I have a few personal favourites like the Damask wallpaper. I found a few that I'd like to share with you all. Some very inspiring design ideas with wallpapers!

Love this hallway, so elegant and calming. The two-tone design, just beautiful!

Source: Best Home Gallery

A self install sticker wallpaper is another great  and easy DIY option and how beautiful is this pattern? Picture it as a feature wall in the master bedroom or in the dining room with some beautiful white vintage furniture.

Black Walls

Or how about using wallpaper as a headboard?

Source: Jamie Herzlinger

Or how about this extremely innovative wallpaper idea?
Source: A Place 2 Call Home Blog

Or dare to go all out and bold in stripes? Love the muted red!!! Makes it a lively space!!! And how cute are the matching stools?

Source: Adventures in dressmaking blog

For a bathroom.....? So mysterious!

Houston Estate eclectic powder room

This pattern's making a me a bit dizzy! But it does make a narrow powder room a lot more interesting!
Source: Houzz fun is this wallpaper?

Source: Sand Berg
Pretty in Pink....Florals are coming back in trend! But a minimalist approach is better than overkill! I adore the pattern but the rug is a bit too much for me.
Source: (Not sure, happy for someone to let me know)

A pretty little girl's pretty bedroom....

Source: Sand Berg

Whether vintage or contemporary, eclectic or modern, wallpaper treatment is a simple and easy way to glam up a room! Inspiring designs!

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Monday 20 February 2012

Sunday Evening DIY: Recycled Art!

I saw one of these once on Sandy's blog (Paint Me White) and since then I have been wanting to make one. I wish I had some French script paper or music sheets to make them as beautiful as the ones hanging in Sandy's shop; but all I had were were some old newspapers and GumStix and away I went. Cut out a cardboard circle, rolled up newspapers and kept sticking them in a circle, layering as I went. And once I was done I tied a cord at the back and stuck it with some sticky tape. Sprayed it with some white enamel satin gloss spray paint, stuck a pretty gift wrapping paper for the circle in the centre and hung it up.

Cost of making this project was less than $5.00 and I think it looks AMAZING!!! Makes a cute feature in my hall corridor. Like a huge sunflower! I'm definitely going to make some more of these...need to get me some nice recycled paper!

(Edit) Just made another one! This one came out beautifully. Who knew recycled gift wrapping paper could make a beautiful wall art!!!


That's one of my favourite finds from a cute little shop in Sheffield, Tasmania.

That's how narrow the hall corridor is! Makes it difficult to take good pictures from an awkward angle!

Do you have some you'd like to share? Would love to hear your thoughts! 
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Saturday 18 February 2012

Chateau Jardin! A Country Cottage Chair Makeover!

Hello All...I'm down with flu and cannot get much work or painting done at the moment. So I thought I'd post the ones I finished last week before I fell ill. I found couple of vintage hand turned cottage chairs in an op shop. Except for the lovely curves and spindle backs they looked quite boring and plain. So I decided to give them a makeover! 

After cleaning, sanding, priming and painting here they are in their new glory! 
Presenting 2 cute little vintage cottage chairs... (Be overload!)

 Hand painted Chateau Jardin!

 Hand painted no 9

And free hand painting of the swallows! I just love them. So pleased with the way they turned out!

I think they'll look super cute in a lobby, alfresco area, in a study, in a child's room with a small round table or even in the living room! Beautiful cottage chairs with renewed life!

Both chairs are for sale. I'm hoping I can find them a loving home!
Contact me here if interested.

Thanks so much for stopping by & have a great weekend!

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