Monday 6 February 2012

Spray Painting DIY

OK I admit I have gone a bit insane with the can of paint! I have been spray painting anything and everything!!! Yesterday, I painted a old photo frame with beautiful detail work. It didn't quite mesh with anything in our house and it was a 'milk chocolate' brown colour which I am not too fond of. So sprayed it black with golden undertones! And guess what it looks amazing! Thinking of doing up a wall with just empty frames but for now this was phase one: experiment successful!


Also painted the photo frames in our bedroom and I have to say they look beautiful! 

Found a very French wooden decorative carving and again you guessed it - painted it BLACK! Maybe when I'm done with black, I'll paint it all white! But for now I think black looks chic! Not sure where I'll hang it yet but I'm sure I'll find a spot for it!

Till next time, keep painting & thanks so much for stopping by!


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