Wednesday 29 February 2012

Iron Art Designs

I was browsing the Internet last night looking for wrought iron designs for our safety door outside and a few inspiring ones caught my eye. From building bridges to wall art, wrought iron has truly made a niche for itself in the world of design. Sharing  some with you.

St. Martin Church doors, Burgundy, France.
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This one is special. It's made of  Tableaux Faux Iron which is a new product. Very innovative product that looks like wrought iron but is actually made from lightweight materials.
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What a pretty clock!!!
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The artwork above the bed almost looks like an intricate iron headboard, but it's a stencil!
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Spanish decor. Abundant use of wrought iron and the end result? EsplĂ©ndido!
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 Wrought iron room divider used as a headboard. What an unique idea!
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Kitchen counter, the brackets are a work of art! Smart idea!
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"French Gate" Wall Art
A beautiful feature piece. I almost feel like I'm in Paris!
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And last but not least, the wrought iron wall art in my home! It was initially bought to be hung as a headboard but I changed my mind and decided it was too beautiful to be stuck in a bedroom! So it now hangs in the dining space as a feature piece! We added the clock in the centre to customise the wall art. The clock is shabby chic and has elements of black which work well with the wrought iron. It now looks like a huge clock wall art!

Hope this post has been inspiring for you as it has for me. 
Till the next post, thanks so much for stopping by!


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