Monday 27 February 2012

Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas!!!

Wallpaper is an easy way to add glamour to a room! Wallpapered rooms used to make me shudder when we were house hunting. Old and mouldy designs!!! But now there are so many great options to choose from. Sophisticated, elegant, bright and dark! I have a few personal favourites like the Damask wallpaper. I found a few that I'd like to share with you all. Some very inspiring design ideas with wallpapers!

Love this hallway, so elegant and calming. The two-tone design, just beautiful!

Source: Best Home Gallery

A self install sticker wallpaper is another great  and easy DIY option and how beautiful is this pattern? Picture it as a feature wall in the master bedroom or in the dining room with some beautiful white vintage furniture.

Black Walls

Or how about using wallpaper as a headboard?

Source: Jamie Herzlinger

Or how about this extremely innovative wallpaper idea?
Source: A Place 2 Call Home Blog

Or dare to go all out and bold in stripes? Love the muted red!!! Makes it a lively space!!! And how cute are the matching stools?

Source: Adventures in dressmaking blog

For a bathroom.....? So mysterious!

Houston Estate eclectic powder room

This pattern's making a me a bit dizzy! But it does make a narrow powder room a lot more interesting!
Source: Houzz fun is this wallpaper?

Source: Sand Berg
Pretty in Pink....Florals are coming back in trend! But a minimalist approach is better than overkill! I adore the pattern but the rug is a bit too much for me.
Source: (Not sure, happy for someone to let me know)

A pretty little girl's pretty bedroom....

Source: Sand Berg

Whether vintage or contemporary, eclectic or modern, wallpaper treatment is a simple and easy way to glam up a room! Inspiring designs!

Till next time! Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Very cool inspiration, Rani. Nice patterns, and the book pages are unique.

  2. i am inspired.....thank you !

  3. luv the wallpaper creative!


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