Monday 28 May 2012

Story of a Lamp!

This lamp was in the corner of an antique store, old, grungy and a dirty cream coloured base with a even dirtier shade. After I bought it home, I thought I made a huge mistake. Then a couple of days ago, I came across some sisal rope in the hardware store...and that got me thinking. What if....I put the rope on the lamp?...with ideas bursting through my head, I rushed home and got to work! And here is the finished product...of course I had to paint the shade and the base. The base is a shabby black and the shade a vintage white.

It's not perfect, but I like the shabbiness!!!  

I wish I had remembered to take a 'Before' picture....I was so excited, it slipped my mind!!!
What a difference...paint and rope can make!!! A new life!!

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Thursday 24 May 2012

Sweet Antique Chair and an ebay store

Finally I've had some time to write a full and complete post. This is about a sweet antique chair. This chair is made from solid wood, very heavy and guess what... it was made in Yugoslavia! I don't know why, but I think that's so cool!!! hahaha!!

So I made some home made 'robin's blue' paint...totally inspired by the bucket. Chose to go 'whisper white' with the rest, lightly distressed it and added a white rose. And this is how it turned out...

Before....I still have to work on the other one....

 Those are little hearts that I hand stitched and filled with some shabby so chic!

 My inspiration for the colour!!! 
My favourite colour in whole wide world! Funny isn't it, how the colour matches those beautiful Tiffany boxes... (hint hint to husband!)

 That's my abstract take on a rose.

I also want to thank each and everyone for commenting on my posts, following my blog and/or just stopping by to read my posts...I cannot explain in words how much I love reading your comments and heartfelt thanks for the encouragement each word instils.

Also some other news...

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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Coffee table makeover

Hi there!!!

A few weeks ago, I bought an antique coffee table in a pretty dilapidated condition. Here's the coffee table now with a do-over.

The Before

It's a pretty heavy table with beautiful turned legs.

 I tried something different, black glazed table top and white legs....

Do you guys like?

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Chalkboard / Message Board

Hi All

I have been hard at work, working on different products for the product launch. Today I finally got a few minutes to take pictures of a chalkboard / message board I had made over the weekend. Quite useful...writing down grocery lists or mobile numbers when you are on the phone (where is the pen and paper when you need one!) or a To Do list...or just something loving or inspirational to get you through the day!

Here's mine with a grocery list.

I added couple of hooks to hang things...if I use it in the kitchen, I'll hang tea towels on them.
Painted and attached a small wire pen holder to hold the chalks using twine. Embellished with some screws around the chalkboard.

I love the board..! Tomorrow I'll tackle the coffee table.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


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Sunday 13 May 2012

Bed Bench...recycle, re-purpose, reuse!

Hello Hello.....Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Today I woke up thinking that I'll get a lot of pending projects under-way...but it's raining cats and dogs!!! Since I cant't get any painting done...I decided to show you all a small project I just completed...a bed bench! 

I've been trying to find a suitable bed bench/blanket box ever since we moved into this house..I've seen a few....but none seemed to fit what I had in mind....and not to mention the price tags!!!

When I found a wooden bench, I had a light bulb moment! What if...I painted it white (of course!) and stencilled it (maybe)....and used it as a bed bench and when I was tired of it...I could use it in the garden with the outdoor furniture...and the when I was really tired of that setting I could use it as a potting bench....!!! Recycle, Re-purpose and Reuse!!!!! I know the idea is a bit out there....but it kind of works!!!

So Take1, here it is in our bedroom...

I love the rustic simplicity of this piece...

 I think the wreath looks more at home as the focus point in the bedroom...It was getting a bit lost in the living area.

It's not to big, not too narrow...just right for the size of the room! But boy is it heavy!!!

So here's the before....

And After...

Hope you all have a fantastic Mother's Day!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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