Wednesday 9 May 2012

Work in progress project...A Coat Rack for the Hallway!

Yay Yay it's Wednesday!!! 2 days till the weekend!!!! 

On the weekend, I saw a coat rack in a French homeware store called Raine & Humble (if you are in Melbourne, you have to visit, it's gorgeous!)...... and it's been on my mind ever since.


Last night after work and dinner and laundry, I had a couple of hours before bed.....I decided to make one for the hallway. Okay it's not quite a shelf ..more a coat rack (since winter's almost upon us!) and a little different from the original since I like putting my own stamp on things I recreate. 

I had a long wooden plank leftover from my bathroom shelf project and it was just the right length and width for this project. Sanded it, painted the letters and the ruler lines....and the base is done! Now all I have to do is find the right coat hooks for the rack.
I'm thinking bronze or charcoal black coat hooks...maybe an industrial type design. 
What do you all think?

Work-in-progress....Coat Rack

 This is still a work-in-progress...but I have to say I'm liking what I see!!! 
Will post 'DONE' pictures once I find the right hooks....going thrifting this Sunday! 
Wish me luck!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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