Monday 31 October 2016

House Envy: Adriane Strampp's Inner City Loft and Offspring!

A few months ago, we took a peek at the gorgeous new digs where Offspring's main character Nina Proudman was living in Season 6. Today we're taking a walk down memory lane to ogle at Nina & Patrick's Fitzroy home in Season 3 through to Season 5 which is the epitome of industrial boho glam!

Tucked away at the end of the eclectic suburb of Fitzroy, originally a coat hanger factory, this gorgeous renovated loft belongs to Melbourne artist Adriane Strampp and her daughter Lucy. Adriane is famous for her soulful abstract paintings, many of which have been featured on the show. The whole house has a distinctive industrial yet intimate lived-in style that would have been a challenge to replicate on set without using many of the pre-loved pieces owned by Adriane.
From the unusual green weathered front door to the vintage 'AGA' stove to the timeworn reclaimed window frames, every corner of this house is filled to the brim with quirky character and Adriane's original design style. Nelson Khoury, Offspring's location manager had scouted thirty to forty houses before he chanced upon Adriane's renovated inner city loft that was ideal as Nina Proudman's quirky industrial abode on the show.
The light filled rooms are peppered with eclectic artwork and layered with unique antiques and recycled furniture. However, the statement piece in the living space is clearly the spectacular painting Ghost Garden by Adriane.The recycled timber beams added to the loft during renovation creates an interesting and unique architectural feature in the lounge room both on and off camera and the neutral colour scheme of Adriane's home was the perfect canvas for the show's arty accents.
The eclectic art gallery featured on the show is Adriane's own curated collection. How perfect is the fireplace in this space?
In the bathroom, the claw foot bath, the antique chandelier and the weathered timber door are standout features complemented by the contrasting black industrial window frames.The Offspring crew bought in the Rosetta Santaucci painting that hangs over Nina's bed on the show to add some colour to Adriane's bedroom and added the gorgeous scalloped bedspread. The exquisite painting now hangs in the master bedroom in Nina's new home in Season 6.
From just an empty shell to an unforgettable and cosy home, this renovated coat hanger factory has come a long way. Featured below is proud home owner Adriane Strampp with Offspring's location manager, Nelson Khoury in her gorgeous kitchen.
Where Adriane Strampp's home ends, Offspring begins. One blends into another and all that is left is one envious interior! Though Offspring is no longer airing, the interior designs of Nina Proudman's homes featured on every season of the show will forever be desired by many.

Till next those reruns!
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Wednesday 26 October 2016

The Secret to Styling Your Home Like a Parisian

I am yet to come across someone who can resist the chic, effortless allure of french inspired interior design. From fashion to interiors, the French have their styling down to a T! And just to bust a popular myth, French design is not all shabby chic. It is the perfect marriage of old world charm and cutting edge contemporary sophistication. It may look challenging to put together, but let me assure you, it is not as complicated as it looks. Our guest contributor, Lana reveals her style secrets to designing a space like a true Parisian!

If you can’t live in Paris, why not bring a piece of Paris into your home? If you’re intrigued by the sublimity and warmth of Parisian interior décor here are a few style secrets to help you recreate the chic, fashionable and timeless style of French interior design.

Start From Scratch
Maybe your apartment building isn’t a coveted 19th century Haussmannian architectural wonder, however, if you’re considering a renovation, consider incorporating classic Parisian apartment hallmarks such as ceiling to floor windows, herringbone parquetry flooring, ornamental cornices or a marble mantelpiece. Even if you don’t reside in an apartment with high ceilings, it is still possible to evoke a sense of grandeur with just a bit of imagination and creativity.

All White
If your living room is dark or your apartment is surrounded by tall buildings, consider keeping your walls white to open up your space and maximise the amount of natural light. White is timeless and it doesn’t detract from furniture and decorative accents. It also creates a neutral base for ornamental cornices and plasterwork, especially if you decide on ceiling rosettes and baroque moulding. All white bed linen is also typically French - it is simple, fresh and affordable and you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. 

Prominent Artwork
Artwork is an excellent way to inject personality in an interior. Display your favourite sculptures and paintings prominently, so that they take centerstage in the room. Move art from corners and place them alongside the coffee table, lean paintings on the wall or create a mixed media art gallery. Also, when rearranging your furniture, use corner bookshelves, side tables, floor lamps and artwork to make the most of unused space in any room.

The Chandelier
The word itself is French, so what could be more French than an ornamental crystal chandelier? Choose a ring and crown design if you want an opulent Versailles décor which looks great in neo-classical interiors, or opt for a more subtle yet exquisite mid-century modern light fixtures and pendants that double up as architectural features.

Mirror and Glass
A mirror is often a quintessential addition atop a French mantelpiece, usually in a gold plated ornate frame. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still hang a large mirror or lean it against the wall in your bedroom or living room. Mirrors reflect light, create depth and help to open up a small space which is an additional bonus. You can achieve a similar 'light and airy' effect with glass coffee tables or ornate glass side tables.

Hit the Flea Markets
French women are always so chic. They know exactly how to match and pair high-end designer shoes with vintage trousers, and they tend to do the same with their furniture! A combination of modern designer furniture with sleek lines and vintage timber furniture is typical for contemporary Parisian interiors. Flea markets in France are a treasure trove of unique antiques, so make sure to explore your local antique and flea markets, to find exclusive vintage furniture and accent pieces to complement your new furniture.

Plants and Fresh Flowers
You’d think that having plants in your apartment is not exclusively a Parisian thing, but if you place lavender plants and herbs on your kitchen window sills, you’ll instantly recreate the rustic vibe of Old World Paris. Lavender is a must-have for a French country theme, as it reminds one of gorgeous lavender fields scattered all around France, additionally it is a natural air freshener. Fresh flowers and foliage add a touch of luxury and helps freshen up the décor in any room.

Parisian interior design style is all about creating a layered palette with unique and complementary curiosities. To achieve a sophisticated and chic French décor, be bold and mix the old with the new to create a cohesive and unforgettable interior while letting each individual piece shine on its own. 

Till next comme un parisien!
About the Author
Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and an editor‐in‐chief at Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration.

Design Your Dream Pergola For Summer Entertaining

With the onset of summer, my 14-month old daughter and I have been making regular trips to the park without all the heavy padding to keep the chilly winter winds of Melbourne out! I, for one, am thrilled that the weather's finally warming up and the days are getting longer. Soon there will be boisterous outdoor festivities hosted in every Australian backyard and alfresco dining parties that will go on long after the evening light has faded away. So it is time to start prepping your backyard to design a fresh and stylish outdoor entertaining space for summer.

If your backyard is a neglected canvas, now is a good time to turn it into a perfect summer oasis. Enjoy the great outdoors all year round by installing outdoor shelters such as timber pergolas. Aside from providing shade from the harsh summer sun, timber pergolas add to the aesthetics of the garden in the form of architectural features. It also boosts the value of your property as it becomes an additional living space.

Pergolas come in all different shapes, sizes and functions. They can be an extension of the home or freestanding, open roof or covered, flat or pitched. Even the pergola’s height and timber choices can vary too.

Depending on your personal taste and the overall design of your home, you may choose to add timber beams and battens to dress up the ceiling. You can also keep it transparent with a clear cladding or maybe have a living, green roof. However, if you have tall trees in the vicinity, it might become quite a chore to keep the transparent ceiling clear from dead leaves.

Think about the light fixtures that you would like in your outdoor garden retreat. You could choose to go with simple downlights or really up the ante and create an inviting retreat with beautiful pendant lights or even go all out and splurge on an outdoor chandelier. If you can, build the pergola on the southern side of your backyard and keep the northern section open. This will allow you to enjoy the cross breeze and make the most of the natural light. You could also install a ceiling fan to make alfresco dining more comfortable on hot and humid days.

Think about enclosing the pergola on two sides using retractable or fixed shutters or even decorative lattices to create an intimate space and protect yourself from severe weather conditions. You may also add fly screens if you think it will go well with the design of the pergola in respect to your backyard.

Focal Point
Consider adding a fireplace to your outdoor space so that you can enjoy your pergola even in the cold winter months. Outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, water features and bar spaces create dramatic focal points and add to the functional appeal of your backyard.

Look at decorating the pergola as an extension of your home. There is an amazing range of weather proof furniture available in the outdoor decorating and design space. When furnishing your alfresco space, reflect on the style of your home and the furniture that has been used indoors. This may help you envision how you could maximise outdoor appeal. Wicker or wooden furniture works well in a provincial country or contemporary industrial setting. You could choose low line furniture to create a more relaxed bohemian vibe or plush lounge seating for a modern take on outdoor design. Don’t be afraid to mix things up when designing. Not all your furniture has to be wicker, rattan, cane or wood. Sometimes, something completely different like transparent ghost chairs paired with a chunky timber table can blend in better with the outdoors.

Create an idyllic and luxurious garden retreat by adding layers of texture through lush textiles, vibrant patterned accent cushions and hanging egg chairs and hammocks. Potted plants of varying heights in large planters can create a beautiful setting in a pergola. Consider a handy outdoor bar cart to house all your summer drinks.

Since you are designing an outdoor entertaining space for the entire family, opt to create a setup that everyone will enjoy. Including a small play area in the backyard is an excellent way to entertain your friends and family whilst keeping the kids occupied at the same time.

As spring blooms into summer, this is the ideal time to design a pergola and spruce up your outdoor space. Cheers to enjoying every minute of summer outside with the people you love.

Till next time...start planning that pergola!

This post was in collaboration with Thomsons Outdoor Pine. All words and opinions are my own. Thomsons Outdoor Pine build and install custom designed pergolas, timber screens, gates, decks, carports and treated pine decking. In addition, they also offer bespoke design services for these constructions as well as balustrades and outdoor stairs. Their products and services are outstanding in design and durability focusing only on quality materials that will give you not just a beautiful outdoor structure, but a sturdy one that will withstand the harshness of the elements.
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Saturday 22 October 2016

Decorate With Your Personalised Map From Mapiful

After living a few nomadic years, Melbourne is where my husband and I chose to build our life together. So when it came to choosing artwork for our newly painted feature wall in the master bedroom, I wanted a map print of Melbourne. When I got introduced to Mapiful, I was totally hooked! And truth be told, I spent quite a few hours (maybe 50!) just browsing different places. It was just wondrous and addictive to watch maps of different places come to life! And I loved that I could zoom in or out of a location anywhere in the world to create something unique, personal and meaningful.
Isn't the map of Melbourne just so pretty? We absolutely love it. The minimalist design creates a beautiful Scandinavian vibe in our bedroom and complements the grey feature wall perfectly. And the tag line...'Home is not a place, it's a feeling' conveys exactly how we feel!

If you'd like to create your unique map print featuring your special places anywhere in the world, or perhaps gift someone something special on their wedding or anniversary, Mapiful is giving all La Maison Jolie readers a 15% discount with the voucher code "MAISON16" plus free shipping worldwide and it's valid until the end of October!

If you decide to get your own map, then don't forget to share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #mapiful and #lamaisonjolie! We'd love to see your special map and how you chose to decorate with it!

I love meaningful artwork. Art that has special memories, like where we lived or where we met our life partners or where our children were born. No matter what our origins, Melbourne is home and for some strange reason ever since we stepped on to the tarmac that is what it felt like to us. And there is no other place that is filled with more special and happy memories other than our very own home. Therefore, it is only fitting that this beautiful and unique map of Melbourne has pride of place in our home and in our hearts.

Till next time...get your map on!
This post was in collaboration with Mapiful. However I only ever endorse products that are genuinely amazing and I love and would personally use. All words and opinions are my own.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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Thursday 20 October 2016

Glamming Up The Joint!

Did anyone else think that The Block's Julia & Sasha's rose gold four poster bed was so on fleek! I was secretly crushing on it the whole time while watching the second guestroom reveals on The Block 2016. So I went looking for other blingy gold four poster beds and found another five to add to my 'sigh with envy' list! Here they are...six glamorous, swoonworthy and all drop dead gorgeous beds!

#1 on the bed envy list has to be the Rose Gold Four Poster Bed as featured on Season 12 of The Block from Incy Interiors. A modern and glamorous take on the traditional four poster, the rose gold feels fresh, light, romantic and ofcourse a touch of bling never hurt anyone! Shop it here.

#2 - The Diego Queen Bed from Oly Studio is pretty much on top of the envy list too. The gorgeous gold leaf canopy bed with a sculpted frame and an upholstered bedhead is truly a work of art! Shop it here.

#3 on the list of bed envy is the gorgeous Retro Glitz Quatrefoil Gold Queen Canopy Bed, a sleek vision in brushed gold, this four poster bed has a fun retro floral metal pattern and is whimsical glamour at its best. Shop it here.

#4 on the list is the elegant Maison Canopy Bed from Pottery Barn. Decorative with gentle curves and a beautiful matte gold finish, this bed is a must have for every tween, teen and even certain grown-ups I know. Shop it here.

#5 is the impressive and definite show stopper Bernhardt Hayworth Golden Acrylic King Bed with four acrylic posts and canopy with brass-plated metal connectors. Shop it here.

#6 and the last on the envy list is the luxurious Mandy Queen Four Poster Twisted Metal Bed. Very similar to the Diego Bed except for the additional details of the twisted rope look and the timeless bronze finish. Shop it here.

So what did you think, is it time to glam up your bedroom? Any of these six make it to your 'sigh with envy' list too?

Just before we go, here's one more look at that Rose Gold Four Poster Bed...sigh!!!

Till next time...glam it up!
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