Monday 17 October 2016

Tackling Dead Space... Creatively!


That sounds awfully grim!

Well, let me assure you that it is way less doom and gloom than it sounds.

Dead space refers to a space where there is nothing happening, usually found in corners of rooms, corridors, bathroom nooks, the niche under the stairs, the corner space between two couches, awkward kitchen corners, behind the sofa or even on top of laundry cabinets. Every home has it, but what matters is how you use it!

Well, fear not, here are some creative solutions and design tips (on a minimal budget, might I add) to reclaim and refresh unloved 'dead space' into stylish and usable spaces that you will love!

Design Tip #1 
Turn the empty space under the stairs into a usable and beautiful workspace with minimal budget and add heaps of additional value to your property.

Design Tip #2
Add a simple floating shelf to your laundry wall to display your styled and stacked linen and invest in some pretty felt or wicker baskets to hide washing powders, pegs and other knick knacks away.

Design Tip #3
Corner shelves are the perfect solution to add interest and utility in a living room corner between two sofas where nothing else will fit. You could also get away with a stylish pedestal lamp.

Design Tip #4 
Hallways always have plenty of wasted space. Invest in a narrow table and a flea market mirror or DIY some artwork to create a pretty and usable space.

Design Tip #5 
Narrow bookshelves in an alcove, attic or under the stairs and a couple of floor cushions or a rocking chair can create the perfect reading or lounging corner for kids and grown ups.

Design Tip #6
A creative coat rack in a narrow corridor creates utility in a dead space where nothing else would fit.

Design Tip #7
Bathrooms are a space where there is ample dead space, especially in shower, bath or vanity counter corners. Adding shelves can create pretty styling and storage opportunities.

Design Tip #8
Awkward kitchen corners can be difficult to use. However a simple narrow ladder with DIY shelves can become the perfect space to store and display all your recipe books and pretty earthenware.

Design Tip #9
Use dead space on top of the kitchen sink to display artwork on inexpensive timber shelves.

Design Tip #10
If you have dead space in front of a window, built-in window seats and benches provide extra storage, seating and decorating opportunities in rooms and staircases.

Design Tip #11
If the dead space under the stairs is prominent from your living space, then why not turn it into an eclectic art gallery or display your family photographs creatively?

In smaller homes, dead space can provide options to think creatively and add unique storage solutions, while in larger homes it could well become an additional nook for the kids to hang out in. So, think of dead space as an opportunity to experiment with styling ideas, think out of the box and get creative!

 Till next time...banish that dead space!

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