Friday 7 October 2016

Styling Tips for the Home Office!

Whether paying household bills or working from home, every house needs an office space. A space that is beautiful, inspiring and also promotes focus. To add comfort and style to your home workspace, check out our guest contributor Mackenzie's go to style tips that are sure to maximise your productivity.

Yes, the primary function of a home office is to provide you a suitable space to work. But that doesn’t mean the room cannot be stylish, attractive, and uniquely you. A stylish home office that you want to spend time in is one of the primary things that will motivate you to work on days when you dread it the most!

Here are some easy styling tips on how to make your home office a treasured part of your house, rather than just a functional space.

Divide your space up carefully (and creatively)
All the more important if your home office is a fairly small one – but those aren’t nearly as difficult to make stylish as you’d think. You just need a strong focal point, a desk for example, to build your office around.

One thing you don’t want is for your home office to be almost all cupboards and cabinets. That would look terrible! So look into more creative forms of storage. Got a vintage wardrobe that looks amazing in any room? Why not put up some shelves inside to store all the books and files that just look messy anywhere else? Now you’ve got a place for your important papers to go and you’ve got an eye-catching focal point in your office.

Try not to make your workspace look too cluttered or too sparse. Too cluttered, and you won’t be able to focus on your work. (Additionally, you’ll get stressed from never being able to find anything.) Too sparse, and your work environment will feel utilitarian and too clinical. And don’t forget, natural light will make your room look bigger, so keep your windows clear to let the sun in!

Consider colours
Colours are one of the most important aspects of interior design, but be careful when choosing them for a home office. You don’t really want an explosion of bright colour in there – it’ll be overpowering and put you off your work. Save that for living rooms or dining spaces.

That’s not to say you cannot have a home office subtly packed with colour, however, you just have to do it carefully. Balance warm colours (red, orange, yellow) with cool tones (blue, white, turquoise). If your wall is white, hang some colourful artwork on it. If your walls are a soft shade of blue, think hard about the ambience you want to create before adding splashes of bright colours around the room.

If you’ve painted your room to your taste but you still think it’s too drab, choose colourful variations of functional items like desk lamps, desk fans or even pencils and display them prominently. People who visit your office (even if that’s just your spouse and the occasional disruptive offspring) will notice!

Choose the right furniture
The last thing you want is for your lovely home office to be dragged down by unsightly or mismatched furniture. For example, if your home office is all sleek lines and metallic colours, a tatty old wooden chair will really stand out, and not in a good way.

Your furniture should ideally fulfil three functions: it should look nice in the room, it should stand out as an interesting piece of design, and it should be comfortable. Read up on modern furniture design and decide what would fit into the room best and what you’d be comfortable sitting on for up to seven (or maybe even more depending on your workload) hours a day. Don’t forget to purchase furniture in colours that will complement the overall room décor!

Hide those wires
Wires can sometimes be a big problem, especially in a smaller home office. The world hasn’t quite gone completely wireless yet and in a worst-case scenario you’ll have wires draping themselves all over your lovely office, looking unsightly and may even cause a hazard.

There are many ways to hide wires. You could attach them to the inside of a table leg or run them along the bottom of a wall using eye hooks or zip ties or even blu-tack. There are professional products that are available that will help you safely hide them away. 

But if you want to get really creative, why not try something unusual – integrating the wires into the design of the room itself? Some people, instead of hiding the wires away, turn them into wall art! The results are spectacular, and very stylish indeed.

So if your home office is looking tired, it's a good idea to refresh your décor and styling. Whether your home office is just a nook or a spacious room, smart storage, good furniture and a pop of personality is all it takes to create a workable and motivating space. Following these simple styling tips, will help you create a fresh, positive and productive workspace that allows for creative juices to flow! 

Till next time...get creative!
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About the Author
Mackenzie Fox is a keen blogger, plus a mother to a handsome son and beautiful daughter. She loves repurposing spaces and furniture to give them a new lease of life!

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