Sunday 9 October 2016

Creative Ways to Enhance Your Home Appeal

There are all kinds of tips and tricks to enhance your home appeal. Whether it’s a new coat of paint, careful mood lighting, or the addition of an interesting piece of furniture, the possibilities are endless. The good news is that these changes don’t have to cost the earth. With a little innovation and touch of creativity, you can transform an interior space and really amp up your home appeal.

If you are working within a tight budget, the aim should be to opt for interior design tricks that provide a multitude of benefits. Small, simple and subtle improvements are very effective. The current design trend is a fresh and bright look that is timeless. Some clever ways to achieve a fresh look and save cash but boost appeal are upholstering old furniture, hanging DIY artworks, arranging potted plants around bedrooms and the kitchen, and choosing bright, cheery fabrics for your curtains.

These interior design tricks will help you enhance the appeal of your home in no time!

Give Old Armchairs a Second Life
If you have a tired old armchair that is looking a little threadbare on the outside, it could still be rescued and turned into something spectacular. As long as it is structurally sound and the frame is sturdy, you can reupholster it with a brand new fabric. This is surprisingly easy to do and it’ll cost you nothing more than the price of the material.

With so many beautiful upholstery fabrics to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you need a little inspiration, check out the designs available from Wortley Group. The supplier provides retailers all over Australia with the finest furniture and curtain fabrics. If you spot it on their website, you can bet that it’ll be trending in stores very soon. 

Use Mirrors to Create Space
If you position them in the right way, mirrors can substantially enlarge the look of a room. This is a really clever trick and has the potential to transform small spaces. If you combine them with light colours – particularly pale blues and purples – objects will appear to be ever slightly further away. There is sound science behind the method, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Grab yourself some cute mirrors and get experimenting. If you do have rooms that are on the smaller side, steer well clear of dark red shades. They have the opposite effect and bring objects closer. You can apply this knowledge when choosing curtain fabrics well, but do remember that, in small splashes, the impact isn’t quite so intense.

Pick Up a Dramatic Table Lamp
You can find a lot of wonderful items at second hand stores and flea markets. They’ll cost you next to nothing, but you’ll get your hands on something pretty unique. This is especially true for lamps, dressers, and antique furniture. A bold table lamp, with an oversized shade, can act as a stylish and dramatic accent piece in a study, entryway, lounge, or bedroom.

Also, it will add a little variety to the room décor  The most finely decorated interior spaces are those that combine different types of light. Interior designers recognise the fact that different moods warrant a mixture of freestanding, table and wall lights. For even more style and elegance, pick up a coloured bulb. Remember that blues and greens are cool colours, but pinks, reds, and oranges are warm.

Experiment with Printed Wallpaper
Printed wallpaper is all the rage right now, because it offers an alternative to conventional geometric patterns or block colours. In the past, print papers have been seen as quite experimental. They’re a big hit with interior designers, but they can put homeowners off because they worry about matching images and decals with existing pieces of furniture. 

However, an effective way to tackle this is to restrict the use of prints to a single accent wall. This instantly draws the eye to where you want it and provides a natural focal point for the rest of the room. Also, it looks wildly fashionable and is sure to appeal to those with a penchant for the eclectic. Sometimes, a little bit of quirkiness is exactly what it takes to amp up your home décor; just make sure that you pick a design that complements and flows with the décor through the rest of the house.

Why Creativity is the Key to Long Term Appeal
Getting a little creative with your design choices can be a great idea. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, upcycle coffee tables, economise your wallpaper and think strategically when it comes to repurposing or buying furniture, because value doesn’t always come with a luxury price tag. The thing to remember about upping the ante when it comes to enhancing your interior design is remembering to add a pop of personality and a hint of attitude!

Till next time...get creative!
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