Tuesday 18 October 2016

How and Where to Use Pendant Lighting

Designer pendant lights can do a great deal to add both practical illumination and aesthetic vibrancy to a wide variety of rooms within any home.

There are many factors that can determine the effectiveness of a light fixture's capacity to fulfil roles such as: the styling of the fixture, the colour it emits, where in a given room it should be installed in respect to the room's overall dimensions, and how closely it should hang underneath the ceiling.
In general, the size of a pendant light fitting should be proportional to the size of the room itself. An overly large fitting for a pendant in a small room can impede one's line of sight and lead to a generally cluttered feel for the room, particularly if the pendant is hung too closely to the ground. At the same time, an undersized fitting in a large room can easily come across as lacking in presence and significance.
tom dixon copper pendant.jpg
The primary function you intend for a light pendant to fulfil should be a combination of style, aesthetics and practical function. For generalised lighting purposes, you would not want your fixture to cast prominent circles of light below itself; therefore, the pendant should either use bulbs that are only partially transparent or use a light diffuser in its design, such as a replica Tom Dixon copper pendant. Grouping these beautiful copper pendants rather than hanging solo creates a big style statements and unforgettable interior spaces!

If you need your pendant light to be used for the purposes of accent lighting, a dimmer switch will be necessary to provide the fixture the capacity to be tuned, and the bulb itself will need to be the right colour if you intend to create a specific mood and ambience.
Cecilie Manz Caravaggio pendant .jpg
Alternatively, if you need a pendant to provide focused light for the purpose of performing tasks underneath it without the light oppressively bearing down on you, consider pendants that allow light to flow freely from the top. A replica Cecilie Manz Caravaggio pendant can serve this function quite beautifully.
Pendants come in different styles that apply themselves to meet differing needs, and the style choice therefore becomes important to consider as well. For example, if you want a pendant that glows softly, one with a fabric shade offers the light diffusion necessary to provide this effect; a replica George Nelson Bubble Lamp is an excellent example. This kind of light pendant is best hung a little over five feet above the ground if you plan to have a dinner table placed directly underneath it.

Interior design and light fixtures have an important and intimate relationship. Size, placement and type of lights are all important points to consider when choosing suitable light pendants for your interiors.

Till next time...let there be light!

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