Friday 21 August 2015

HOW TO: PART 1: Paintable Wallpaper - Creating bespoke designer texture on almost any surface!

I just tried out a new product: Paintable Wallpaper...and I'm in LOVE! Apart from just painting, this is an easy way to update those walls, doors, ceilings or even furniture pieces! Easy application and for a klutz who is also a's perfect... because I hate creases and I can pull the wallpaper off and reapply as many times till it's just right! 
Paintable Wallpaper is Dulux’s newest innovative product. Using the latest technology, the wallpaper can be easily applied and manoeuvred for precise application. It can also be as easily removed without the glue damaging the wall. It is simply a case of peeling away. You can create your own textures on walls, wardrobes, doors or ceilings with texture as well as your own colour choice. It is also a great way to cover wall imperfections easily. 
There are 3 gorgeous textures available - concrete (rustic), linen (provincial) & pinstripe (contemporary)! 
And the application...EASY! 4 quick and simple steps that even my super DIY challenged husband could follow!
There's also a very handy DIY video on the Dulux website that I watched a couple of times before mixing the wallpaper paste!
Cost of roll: $34.95/ roll
Size of roll: 10.5m x 0.52m
Available from: Bunnings Stores
Ok so now for the fun bit...the actual project that I used the Dulux Design Paintable Wallpaper and Dulux Paint's a sneak peek...more in the next post! 


Friday 14 August 2015

AMARA INTERIOR AWARDS : Best Australian Interiors Blog Category: La Maison Jolie

Hi Everyone,
I shared some great news a couple of weeks back! My interior design blog, "La Maison Jolie" has been nominated by the coveted & prestigious AMARA Interior Blog Awards 2015. (‪#‎IBA15‬)

I am in the running to win Best Australian Interiors Blog Category & I would LOVE your votes & support so please follow the link & vote for La Maison Jolie: OR click on the Icon Image below to be taken directly to the voting page!

Heartfelt thanks, 

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