Saturday 6 July 2019

Celebrate 150 years of Matisse with Murals Wallpaper

Murals Wallpaper have recently launched a collection of cut out wallpaper designs in celebration of 150 years since the birth of Henri Matisse.
Henri Matisse invented a new medium with his cut out style, and using this he produced some of his most popular works. Matisse believed that everyone retains a childlike sense of naiveté, no matter how much they study and learn. Matisse is known for his use of wide ranging colour, fluid concepts. and decorative patterns. In the last years of his life, the artist found freedom in creating cut out art, which was neither a painting nor a sculpture giving birth to a new and unique complex art form.
Murals Wallpaper's Matisse-inspired collection aims to echo this naive part of the mind that Matisse speaks of, which is why the designs are hand-made with spontaneous shapes and charming, honest imperfections.

The Naive Shapes collection celebrates 150 years of Matisse, taking inspiration from his papiers découpés (paper cutouts).

These candid wallpaper creations by Murals Wallpaper mirror the playfulness of a method that Matisse described as 'drawing with scissors' and 'cutting directly into color'.
The crafty cut outs have a nostalgic quality, conjuring up memories of creating paper collages as a child. They embody the fun and focus of spending hours cutting out paper shapes and arranging them in just the right places, resulting in something visually appealing and personal.
Murals Wallpaper will be releasing two modern mural collections celebrating Matisse's 150th birthday this year with designs that are evocative of his cut out art; also incorporating trending earthy tones and pops of cobalt blue.
The second set of designs will launch in September and continue the celebration of Matisse's life and most influential work.

The look, colour palette and design approach of the Naive Shapes collection is livable, plays on current colour and design trends, and reflects the simplicity and joyous emotion of Matisse’s own work. Not to mention the iconic and abstract designs are versatile for any room, fun and easy to style!

Till next time... have a lovely weekend!
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