Thursday 13 October 2016

To Skirt or Not To Skirt?

Historically skirting boards were a necessity in the days when wet plaster was used on the walls. The skirting boards or base boards covered the uneven junction between the wall and the floor where the plasterers failed to achieve a clean and smooth edge. Architraves and cornices had a similar function.

Today, in the age of ready to hang plasterboards with neat and sharp edges, many interior designers are questioning this almost redundant feature. Do we still need the extra expense of skirting boards? Or can we do away with them in favour of modern square set walls that appear to be floating on shadow edged floors?

Well, if you live in a period home or if you are renovating one, then skirting boards are an important feature as they keep the renovations true to period features and maintain the integrity of the design era. However contemporary modern homes, extensions and certain modernised period homes are doing away with skirting boards. In the end, the choice is yours.

If you have wooden flooring or are thinking of installing wooden floors or polished concrete floors, the use of skirting boards maybe an unnecessary feature. And not to mention they can be a bit of a dust magnet. However if you are installing carpets, in my opinion, skirting boards can make the room look neat and finished.

So here are a few inspirational imagery to help you visualise what rooms sans skirting boards would look like.
So what do you think? Like the look?

Have you done away with skirting or baseboards in your home or do you want to or do you think they are still an important feature in modern homes? Share with us in the comments below, we'd love to know.

Till next time...don't forget to dust those skirting boards!

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