Wednesday 1 February 2012

An overworked mind is a devil's workshop???!!

The title of this post is weird but so apt...!!! I took a perfectly good IKEA lampshade and experimented with spray paints that I bought from Mitre 10 yesterday. Why??? I don’t know maybe because the overworked mind is a devil’s workshop! The lampshade was fine the way it was. Can’t say I loved it because I didn’t, it did not have any character! If that makes any sense!!!! But since I had a brainwave, I couldn't help but run to Mitre 10 to buy a can of brassy metallic paint and a can of black enamel paint.
This was my first time spray painting anything! So can’t say I did a good job or that it was a breeze because I didn’t and it wasn’t! But I think as the evening progressed into nightfall I was getting better or so I thought. Probably because it got too dark to see what the end result was! I was going to for a vintage brassy look with stencilled fleur-de-lis! Well let me tell you this from personal experience: homemade paper stencils, first time spray painter and a windy evening is not a good combo!!!! But by the end of painting, stencilling and repainting over dried paint, it got too messy and I had used up 90% of the spray can on one shade!!!!!! Not cost effective!
If there is a positive side to this, then at least I learnt the "Don’ts" of spray painting! However, I cant wait to go back home and check. Well I’ll give it till this evening before the big reveal!

Truth be told, I'm a bit scared to even look! Will keep you guys posted!!!

Here's the finished product. Cant say it turned out perfect! But not too bad for a first attempt.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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