Monday 30 January 2012

Master Bedroom

Hello everyone! Thank goodness Monday is over!!!! Four more days to the weekend!

Posting a few pictures of our master bedroom which is also a work in progress. The weather is crazy hot in Melbourne and the winter quilt was too much to bear. So I bought this coverlet today from the Manchester Clearance Store on Burgundy Street, Heidelberg at a great price!!! They sell stock overruns at reasonable prices. You are sure to find a good deal there! All my quilt covers and bed spreads are from there too. They have the most amazing designs though I lean more towards the whites and natural palettes.

The vision I have is to create a sanctuary, somewhere peaceful calm and beautiful to de-stress in. I want a stylish but shabby chic theme to it. Have to keep working on it I guess. I keep adding bit by bit instead of doing it up at once. The foundations have been set now its time to keep building!

I still have to find a way to hide the wires under the bedside tables! And also maybe paint or wall paper the wall behind the bed, not sure though, I kind of like white walls. It gives me a blank canvas to play around with. Hmmmm have to have a think about that one!

The frames above the bed are from a shop called Interior Design Outlet. I was thrilled when I found them. The frames matched perfectly with the bed.

This weekend I'm planning on tackling the dressing table! Will take some pictures during the day.

We are planning on changing the ceiling light. Not sure what to get. The light came with the house and I'm not quite sure that it goes with the room anymore. The throw is from IKEA! I love throws and throw pillows!

Will keep you posted on our progress! If you guys have any suggestions, leave me a comment.
Thanks so much for stopping by!



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