Wednesday 4 April 2018

How a Building Pest Inspection Secures Your Property Purchase!

When we were in the process of negotiating and finalising the purchase of our first home, I remember getting a building pest inspection booked in before we signed on the dotted line. It provided us with the peace of mind that we weren't investing our hard earned money in a lemon that would cost us thousands of dollars to rectify later! Today we're chatting with Muzi Tsolakis who heads Protech Pest Control about how a building pest inspection secures your property purchase. Protech Pest Control offer a variety of pest control services for almost every kind of pest and also conduct building and pest inspection services that are extremely thorough and include detailed surveys by skilled experts.

For many people, purchasing a property of their own can be a life-long dream that they save all their earnings towards. Before finalising on the property to invest in, you’ll want to be sure of your decision. Even for those who have purchased a property before, ensuring you’re buying into the right building can be tricky.

While there may be certain things on your list that you’ll want to check and guess, it is quite possible that you might miss out fundamentals that could affect you in the future.

This is where a building pest inspection comes into the picture. It lists down issues and pointers of the building that you would not have been able to identify without expert advice or guidance.

If you are in the process of purchasing a house or building, here are some ways in which conducting a building pest inspection can help you out:

Highlights Structural Issues
Not all property is good property, and to be able to identify the difference can be difficult. One of the gravest problems to discover in a building is its structural issues.

Not only does it raise the chances of accidents and life-threatening incidents but will also require you to constantly invest towards fixing the structural issues. In this case, a building pest inspection report that reveals any structural issues will be a life-saver. 

The scope of repair
While many people feel buying in an older building or home might reduce their costs, they don’t realize that they will be spending more on repair work in the long-term. The trick is to weigh out all the repair work needed and get an estimate of the cost and then pit it against the cost of a new building and only then will you know if the purchase is worth it or not. But of course to know the scope of repair needed, an expert eye needs to assess the building.

A building pest inspection will give you all the necessary data on what repair work is required right down to details on things you cannot see with the naked eye. 

Checking up on the smoke alarm system and electrical work
Although a building pest inspection predominantly checks for the presence of pests or conditions that may invite a pest inspection, it also checks for flaws in the electrical wiring and smoke alarm system that is installed.

There is really no way for a common person to be able to thoroughly check the electrical wiring of a property or the installed smoke alarm system, however, the good news is that the building pest inspection report takes care of this for you.

Pointing out dangerous areas
A home is the last place you want to feel unsafe in. Whether the unsafe quality is attributed to by the presence of pests, structural damages, or conditions favorable to a pest infestation that might lead to health problems – any home-owner of Melbourne will not want to encounter such a scenario in their newly bought home.

A building pest inspection report points out these areas that need your attention to help you make a smart decision on the building you are considering.

Evaluates the main as well as sundry structures on the property
One of the main focuses of a building pest inspection is how thorough it is in assessing not just for pest infestations but for the overall ranking of the property.

One of the rarely known facts about building pest inspections is that the experts thoroughly survey every structure that stands on the property which includes any patios, verandahs, sundecks, pergola’s etc. Even better they assess it to see whether it is in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down by Australia.

Although at first sight, you may fall in love with a property based on its outdoor arrangements you will want to save yourself from the future disappointment of having to remove it because it isn’t legal.

Information like that provided in your building pest inspection report will help you decide whether the quoted price for the property is right and whether you will be able to enjoy the outdoor structure or not.

With all these thoughts in place, they sure point out that though a building pest inspection may cost you it will secure the bigger investment you will make for the property. And most importantly, you need to keep in mind the credentials of the company you employ for the inspection so that they provide you with a report that you can bank on. Ensure their services are reliable and experts skilled in the latest technology and know-how.

Finally, after you’ve gone ahead and carried out this procedure the important thing is to make the most of the results. Below are the top 3 ways the report can benefit you:

· Have the pest or insect infestation treated through the pest control service that carried out the inspection since they will be familiar with the extent and whereabouts of the problem areas.
· Find out whether the said property is a valuable purchase after all.
· Use the report results to negotiate the price. 

To sum things up, opting for a building pest inspection should be a top priority when evaluating houses to buy. After all this decision can be the reason that saves you from future calamities or a bad buy.

Till next time... if you're in the market to buy a property, don't forget to organise a building pest inspection!

About the Author
Muzi Tsolakis heads Protech Pest Control that offers a variety of pest control services for almost every kind of pest. Their termite inspection and building pest inspection services are extremely thorough and include a detailed survey of the said property by highly-skilled experts.

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