Saturday 10 February 2018

Balancing Your Courtyard Walls with Green Space

Great design is about all about balance. When working with courtyards, every choice must be space-efficient, serve a purpose and work within a harmonised aesthetic, considering the limited space you have.

Green space is one of the most important factors of an outdoor area. Surrounding yourself with nature has known health benefits, including stress relief, an increased sense of connectedness, air purification and increased serotonin levels, which directly relate to happiness and motivation.

Look around your courtyard; do you see a healthy balance? How much green space do you have? Do you feel as though is it the perfect mix of comfort, security and nature? If not, here are some quick and effective ways of restoring your green space.
Perimeter Garden Beds
Lining your courtyard with garden beds enhances your boundary wall with beautiful foliage, offering a lush backdrop to revitalise the space. This is a space efficient way of incorporating garden beds without surrendering too much floor space. Hedging bushes, ferns and shrubs offer dense foliage, whilst tropical plants or flowers can offer statement splashes of colour.
Vertical Gardens
Garden walls, living walls, green walls, or hanging gardens, are taking the design world by storm. Mounting your plants on a wall ensures that you need not sacrifice a single inch of floor space, whilst still harnessing the power of green space.

Trellises and Climbers
In keeping with wall-bound gardens, climbing plants like ivy, wisteria and star jasmine grow beautifully across frames, overhead beams, fencing and trellises. For an added bonus, passionfruit vines will mature and offer delicious fruits for desserts, fruit salads and summery cocktails!

Retaining Wall Planter Boxes
If your courtyard requires retaining, or needs levelling, retaining walls can offer integrating planter boxes to line one side of your courtyard with. A mix of ornamental grasses, shrubbery and foliage can create a thick jungle wall, or treat yourself to a DIY veggie patch!

Whilst masonry can be tricky, expensive and time consuming, there are modular DIY kits that are made of lightweight materials and offer super simple installation (as quick as a single weekend), whilst giving the same premium look of a rendered brick wall. Best of all, you can paint or clad them with stack stone or tiling to match the rest of your courtyard!

Potted plants
If garden beds aren’t possible, pots and plants come in all shapes and sizes! From the traditional floor pots, to wall planters, to hanging plant baskets, there are endless ways to add potted plants to your courtyard.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your pot choices; metals can add a touch of industrial chic, macramé hanging baskets embrace a bohemian coastal vibe and tiled or painted patterns can add a unique flair to an otherwise neutral space.
Introducing these design ideas and expert tips into your courtyard will help transform even the smallest space into a functional, stylish and relaxing space that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Till next time... balance your courtyard walls with green space!


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