Monday 21 March 2016

Tips for a Budget-Friendly and Stress-Free Home Makeover

Giving your home a makeover doesn't have to be expensive or consume your every waking hour! And you don't have to go all Joanna & Chip (Gaines) on your home (although I would so love that!). A few budget friendly fixes and easy DIY projects are all you need to give your home some instant va va voom!

So here are a list of easy budget-friendly tips, some of which I have used in my home for a quick refresh, mini makeover or some instant gratification!

1. Soft Furnishings
Cushions, throws and rugs are a quick, affordable and easy fix when it comes to updating your space. It's amazing how different a room can look and feel with a few different coloured cushions and a throw or a natural rug like this one here.
Image source
Design Tips: Vintage tea towels and napkins make amazing DIY cushion covers. Incorporate different prints and colours in small pillows and throw blankets for a subtle hint of colour. Introduce texture - velvet, linen, cotton, burlap, sisal, jute...don't be afraid to mix it up! 
A new rug will instantly freshen up your space indoor or outdoor and make it look cosy. Keeping the rug natural gives you a blank yet warm canvas to work with whereas a graphic or striped rug in a white room can be a standout! Have a look at these beautiful rugs from Anthology Home|Garden.

2. The power of paint
Pick a room and paint a feature wall or give your entryway a fresh lick of paint. Pick a piece of furniture in a room and paint it. The options are truly endless.
Image source
Design tip: Half-painted walls will give the illusion of higher ceilings

Or why not paint your interior doors and make them a feature! To create a visual showstopper paint the doors in unexpected shades like 'Broadway Lights' or 'Exotic Sea'.
Image source
Image source
3. Add a Chair Rail
Install a chair rail for instant oomph! Go decorative or go plain, it doesn't matter, since the end result is glamourous!
Image source
There are  stick-on mouldings available that are affordable or you can do it the old fashioned way. Here's a step by step tutorial on How to install a chair rail.
Image source
Design Tip: Paint the areas above and below it with two different shades of the same colour for a 'designer' look!

4. Art
Frame old black and white family photos to create a gorgeous and interesting gallery wall.
Image source
Design Tip: DIY artwork - Frame pressed leaves and flowers, it's easy and free and perfect way to dress up a boring white wall! You could also frame a bunch of them and create a botanical gallery wall. See a step by step tutorial here.

5. Hardware
Freshen up and recycle your existing cabinet handles with some spray paint or decoupage.
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Design Tip: Leather pulls are so easy to DIY. Here's an awesome tutorial by Brick House. For a rich shine or patina you can give it a good rub with shoe polish!

6. Window Dressings
Update your window dressing or add some cute curtain pulls to instantly refresh your home.
Image source
Image source
7. Declutter
We've all heard it...Less is more! Get rid of clutter and take a minimalist approach to really showcase a few feature pieces in the room. In the minimalist room below your eye is instantly drawn to the captivating black and white framed prints. They are definitely the hero in the room.
Image source
8. Go Green
Sometimes a little greenery is all it takes to beautify a room. Indoor plants purify the air and create a softer look so why wouldn't you use them to update your home?
Design Tip: Tiny plants, succulents and flowering cacti lend a pop of colour to any room. Group a collection of tiny plants or create a focal point with one large potted plant.
Image source
9. Collectibles
Everyone collects something - vintage glass bottles, stamps, art, prints, vintage toy cars, old records. Group of collection if items together to create visual interest. Display a collection of coloured-glass jars, vintage bottles of different heights, candlesticks with character, old books, vases or other interesting objects.
Image source
Image source
10. Repurpose
Repurpose and recycle your old vintage or unused furniture and give it new life.
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11. Mirror
Install a well placed mirror on the wall or floor to create an illusion of space and maximise light.
Image source
Image source
Image source
12. Revamp a Lamp Shade
Buy a couple of inexpensive lamp shades or use existing ones and paint the inside with a contrasting colour or gold leaf to create a sophisticated and flattering vibe. 
Image source
Recover an old lampshade with some leftover wallpaper or scrapbook paper for big impact on a tight budget!
Image source
There you go... a few quick and easy budget friendly decorating tips to add instant style and update your home. Hope this post inspires you to give you home a quick makeover to get ready for spring or autumn...depending on where in the world you live!

What is your favourite tip when it comes to decorating on a budget? Share with us, we'd love to know.



This post is sponsored by ANTHOLOGY Home|Garden, however the thoughts & opinions expressed in the above post are all mine.

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