Wednesday 25 April 2012

Cushions, roses and cane baskets

New cushion made with calico, toile and bit of ribbon...

I wanted to make a picture looking out of a window.
I love the image of the lady sitting in the garden so lovely and probably being wooed by the love of her life!!! I love the romanticism of the picture and I wanted to capture it forever.... So no machine stitching just some simple hand stitching and you have one pretty picture cushion. I'm making a few more cushions....will post pictures tomorrow!

Vintage roses that I made with paper and baked with cinnamon sprinkled on them.....decorated in vintage bottles and a rustic shabby cane bottle holder I bought at the local flea market... 
The roses look so real and smell of cinnamon!!! 
And the best bit...they'll remain in full bloom forever....! I love that!

I would love to give my mom one of these for Mother's day....a rose that she can enjoy forever....! Pity she's thousands of miles away! I think I'll keep the prettiest one for her for when she visits next.
Perfect gift for Mother's Day....!

 Another lovely "panier de canne" (cane basket)....very rustic French farmhouse...!!! I don't know if I should paint it white or enjoy it the way it is....what do you all think?

That's it for today...Lots more projects on the way!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!


  1. I love toile. What an awesome idea to frame this scene!

    Thanks for linking to the party!

  2. Great idea to add a window frame to the toile! The roses are so pretty, too. I'd put a wash of white on the basket to age it a bit, but it's very nice as it is. ~ Maureen

  3. Those roses are gorgeous!! Love that they are sprinkled with cinnamon!! Thanks so much for sharing! I am a new follower!
    Have a great day!

  4. Pretty pillow and I love those roses!


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