Monday 9 April 2012

Happy Easter and a super busy long weekend!!!

Happy Easter All!!!!

Hope you all had a good break! I know I have been MIA from the blogging world...but I have a good's all due to my new job!!! It hardly leaves me anytime to paint or create anything apart from jotting ideas down randomly on anything I can find and sticking it on the fridge!!! So this long weekend, I spent it productively getting all my creative energy out and more or less completing my endless To Do list!!!!

First things first....I have some news!!! Do you guys remember the feature I did on Castille De Fleur? Nicole Langdon (owner) is  stocking some of La Maison Jolie stuff....shabby chic picture frames and decorative wooden signs!!! Isn't that great!?!!?! I almost cannot believe it...I keep pinching myself to see if it's actually true!!!! (pictures of products at the end of this post!)

Alright now back to my busy week/weekend!!! Last week I found a study desk with good bones and in desperate need for a makeover!!!

I spent Friday and Saturday painting it my favourite colour...white!!!! I have just ordered some drawer pulls and am waiting on them before I post the after pictures. The desk turned out so great after the makeover that I decided to keep it and turn it into my blogging desk in the dining area...the room where I spend the maximum of my time at home .... cooking, cleaning, reading, watching TV, eating, looking at the back garden daydreaming... etc etc etc.

I have a spare chair (similar to the dining ones) that I'll use for the desk. And because I plan on spending a LOT of time on that chair...its important that it's I made a chair cushion. No sewing machine required. I had some French toile fabric pieces and a pillow insert from previous home improvement projects. After stitching it with a simple running/ back stitch (note: stitching is NOT my forte...but I'm kind of learning as I go!)

And at the end of a 15 minute ordeal....the cushion turned out perfect!!! I couldn't be happier!!!! I decided to test it's comfort level ..perfect!!!! However, the cushion kept slipping. So, I needed something that would fix the cushion in it's place but not permanently in case I decided to use the chair at the dining table.

Since I was feeling fairly adventurous, I decided to stitch ribbons onto the sides of the cushion. I tied it up at the back of the chair....It looks so pretty!!!! I have to say I even impressed my mother with my stitching skills!!!! Hahahaha!!!!

Will post AFTER pictures of the desk after I get the drawer pulls...till then I'll leave you with the pictures of my new cushion and a burlap message board (will post on that later too) that I made this weekend.

(You can see part of the new desk) I also made some signs and stuff....but I still have to set it up and take pictures before I can write a post on it. Also working on a customised DIY shelf for our bathroom! A lot going on!!!

Burlap message board

'Before' pictures of study desk

I started painting the desk when I suddenly remembered that in my excitement to get started I had completely forgotten to take photos!!!! So I ran and got my camera and took a few before I happily continued on!

P.S. Photoframes and decorative signs available at Castille de Fleur....

See you all very soon....hoping to get some writing time squeezed into my schedule tomorrow (fingers crossed)...!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!
P.S. If you like my posts I'd love for you to follow along!!! :)



  1. Love the ribbons attached to the pillow! Of course, I've never met a toile I didn't like. Congrats on such a chic outlet for your designs! ~ Maureen

  2. Great idea to attach ribbons on the back. So Chic looking; I love the toile.

  3. Little details like the ribbons really make the project!

  4. What a great idea to "secure" the pillow with the ribbons. I also love toile and love yours also. Loving the look. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  5. I love the pillow and love, love the idea of stitching ties on it so you can tie it to the chair! And the striped ribbon ... love.

    I am so going to do that to some pillows I plan to use in my dining room!

    Oh, and I'm pinning so I don't forget ...

    So very, very happy that you linked up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!



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