Friday 7 December 2012

Rustic Pinecone Wreath Tutorial

Hi there! 

As promised I'm back with a Rustic Pinecone Wreath tutorial. I made one for my front door and it turned out quite cute, so I decided to share a tutorial with all my blog friends! 

Things you will need: 

Lots and lots of pinecones-collect as many as you can or if you are an avid collector like me, you'll already have some handy! 

An old wire hanger 


White paint 

Small paint brush

Paint the tips of the pinecones white to add a rustic effect. 

Shape the hanger into desired shape...I went for a square...just because!

Then start twisting the wire around the pinecones and then twist the pinecone garland around the wire hanger. Once you have the foundation done you can keep adding more pinecones around the corners and keep twisting the wires at the back of the wreath.

And there you have Rustic Pinecone Christmas Wreath!

It looked pretty but I kept feeling that it was missing I put down my camera, ran back inside and brought out my little stars and hung one in the centre! it looks complete!

Wish on a Star Christmas Ornament (click here to see on Etsy)

It's the perfect addition to our front door!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Rani, This is very sweet! Thank you for sharing :) Siobhan

  2. Used to make these in the 70's, glad to see them coming back, yours if especially pretty, not like the old ones, thanks for the lesson!

  3. I recently saw a similar wreath for sale at $60.00. I loved it but no way was I paying that. Thanks for the tutorial.


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