Tuesday 29 January 2013

10 Unique Ways to Redesign Your Bedroom - Guest post by David Glenn

Happy New Year All

I'm back with a guest post by David Glenn to kick off the new year. David contacted me while I was on my holiday in France (more on that later) and I was thrilled to have him guest post on my humble blog.

A little background - David is a home improvement expert of over 20 years!  If not working with his hands, he is offering his assistance online as a freelance writer, and like us he loves to write about home renovation, design, and decor.

10 Unique Ways to Redesign Your Bedroom

Sometimes you are looking for an interesting way to redesign your bedroom, but you are short on money, ideas, and inspiration. It can be hard to know where to start when you are trying your hand at interior design for the first time. As a result, it can quickly get overwhelming as you think of the possibilities and weigh them up against costs and practicality. However, there are actually some really simple and unique ways that you can totally transform your bedroom with minimal effort and cost. Here are ten such ideas to help get you started.

Paint old furniture

Maybe you're sick of your old furniture, but that does not mean that you have to throw it out and buy a whole new set. You can transform anything that you already have with a lick of paint. This is an especially good idea if you have recently repainted your room, as you can use the leftover paint for a piece or two of your furniture.

Give it A Theme

Our rooms are really good reflections of our personalities, which often turns them into a random collection of all of our favorite things. This can work, but a nice way to redesign can be to create a sort of theme in your room. Choose one of your favorite things, whether it is sports, movies, art, or something else, and use it to form the d├ęcor of your room. For example, if you are a movie fan, you could decorate the walls with movie posters, clapboards, and ticket stubs. You could choose a bedspread that coordinates to bring it all together.

Centre Around One Piece

A clever idea for a redesign can be to pick your favorite piece from the room and focus the rest around it. For example, if you picked a particularly interesting lamp, you could use the color of the lampshade as the color of your walls. You could then use the design of it as inspiration for the rest of the room.

Blanket or Wall Hanging?

Patterned quilts are great to keep warm, but have you ever thought of using one as a wall hanging? It can be a good way to appreciate a nice design, as well as giving an interesting feature to an otherwise boring wall.

Try Reupholstering

If you are bored of an old chair or set of cushions or pillows, give them a new look by reupholstering. Old cushions are really easy to refresh by picking a new material and making a new cover out of it.

Use What You Can Find

Be innovative. Look around in thrift stores, and even in your own house, and rather than looking at something as it is now, look for its potential as a feature in your room. If you so this, you can completely redesign your room from secondhand items.

Different Coloured Walls

Rather than just picking a colour and painting it on all of your walls, try painting one or two walls a different colour from the rest. Alternatively, you could paint all the walls one colour and the ceiling another.

Wallpaper or Art?

You might not fancy wallpapering your entire room, but just a little bit can go a long way if you use it in the right way. If you cover a canvas with a piece of interesting wallpaper, or even wrapping paper, it can make an interesting piece of art for your wall.

Reuse, Recycle

As you try to redesign your room, instead of a complete overhaul of everything you own, try to think of new ways that you can use things. Maybe that's to repaint them, or just move them around, it can completely makeover your room.

Turn Your Clutter into a Feature

So you have a lot of stuff. Don’t throw it out just yet. Try to make it work as part of a design for your room. One example is, if you have a lot of books, line a wall with them. You can either use shelves to break them up, or just stack them. Buy a bunch of old-looking books (or make your own) to fill in the gaps. If done right, it can look really good.


Thanks David for an inspiring post and thank you all for stopping by! 
I'm multi-tasking and working on a number of DIY projects at the moment so watch this space!


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