Tuesday 5 March 2013

How to: Give an ordinary storage box a vintage/contemporary look

Hello There!

As you all know from my previous posts I'm trying to redo my entire living room. I was happy the way it looked before but there was something missing. So bit by bit, I'm changing things and trying to bring it all together by adding more details. I'll show you whole living room soon. It's nearly done just a bit of styling left. But before I do that, I want to show you the details that I'm adding to the room. 

So this post is all about how to give an ordinary storage box a vintage but contemporary look.

I started with this ordinary mdf box that had Paris printed all over it. 

I bought it from the Reject Store over a year ago. But it was just too yellow and given that my new living room colour scheme will be all neutral with pops of black, I decided to spray paint it black.

Then the fun part began. Gathering supplies and putting it all together. I bought 2 dark brown faux leather belts from a $2 shop and black upholstery tacks from Spotlight for $4.99.

After I finished, my friend (from the US) told me that it reminded her of a pottery barn storage suitcase that she had once seen. 
Great minds think alike… hahahahaha!!! 

So we set out to search for it online and here's pottery barn's version for over $250 and here's mine for $15.

Well, what do you think of my Vintage Storage Box Makeover?

For a price tag of $15 (makeover cost) I'm pretty happy with mine!

And if you notice the above picture, there's a corner of the new gallery wall!

More projects and living room reveal coming soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. So cute Rani. I love it!
    I did this to a few chests my Mum picked up from the Reject Shop a few years ago too. Such simple changes for serious impact and they are so expensive in designery places. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Kristine. You are so right, small changes, big impact and low costs! Also I took a leaf out of your book and also made a table lamp out of my music stand, although I didn't manage to wire it all by myself! Will post pics soon! Thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. VERY creative & very cute! I have a love affair with chests & trunks & this gives me all sorts of inspiration for some of the more plain ones. Thanks for sharing :)


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