Friday 26 April 2013

Bookcase Turned Display Unit

Hi All

I'm back with a new project. From my overseas trip, I bought back a lot of small antiques from my husband's family home. I needed a display cabinet to display some of my favourite ones. So I turned a pine bookcase into a pottery barn inspired vintage display unit.

I'm a huge fan of two-toned furniture. For my display unit, I chose to go with a walnut stain with a dark grey/almost black background to make the pieces really pop.

The display case currently sits in the dining room, but knowing me, it will be moved every so often from room to room unless it gets sold!

Vintage photos of my husband's great grand parents in an antique wooden frame

A vintage mini desk fan

Couple of Wedge wood framed pendants in antique wooden frames

More photos in a vintage silver frame

An antique crown from Aix-en-Provence

A vintage glass bottle picked up from a flea market in Paris. I made the label. I think I'll remove it and make a proper one soon.

A cherub from Venice

I sanded and distressed the corners of the bookcase to give it a well loved antique look.

Before… (sorry, I'd taken the shelves off to stain)


There you have it my pottery barn inspired display unit.

Stay tuned for more projects.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. So creative and stunning! I just love what you did and those framed cameos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing...this project ROCKS!!! hugs...

  2. Hi Jennifer. I've linked up this post. Thanks!

  3. What a party last week on Friday Flash Blog! Thanks for joining us. I hope you’ve visited some of the other community members and you're having a splendid week.



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